Evervolv ROM for T-Mobile Galaxy S2!


For this week’s T-Mobile Galaxy S2 ROM of the Week, check out the latest Evervolv ROM.

Based on latest Android 4.4.4 KitKat, Evervolv ROM brings you the best in class for stability and speed without sacrificing battery life.

If stability, performance, and battery life is important to you, this is the ROM for you.

Evervolv ROM also ships with customization options for your interface, lockscreen, status bar, and some more.  It’s not as feature-packed as some of the other AOSP ROMs out there but then again, I find this ROM more stable and faster than most AOSP ROMs out right now so definitely dip into Evervolv this week(end) and do let me know what you think!


Download Evervolv ROM for T-Mobile Galaxy S2 SGH-T989

Download Android 4.4.4 Micro Gapps (DO NOT USE STOCK REGULAR GAPPS!!!)

IF YOU HAVE CWM RECOVERY OLDER THAN VERSION, UPGRADE your CWM Recovery to latest version by downloading the zip and installing with your CWM recovery OTHERWISE ROM WILL NOT INSTALL!

Download and install CWM Recovery for KitKat custom ROMs (ONLY FOR SGH-T989!!!)

To install, reboot into recovery, make backup ROM, wipe data/factory reset, install ROM, install Gapps, and reboot. (If for some reason you end up in a bootloop, reboot into recovery, go to Mounts & Storage for CWM, format/wipe /system, then re-install ROM.)

Credits – ROM <— Please donate to the developer of this ROM or hit Thanks button on XDA if you like it, thx!



Q: My 3G/4G LTE data is not working!!!
A: See How to Fix 3G/4G LTE data by Manually Setting APN on Android!

Q: I don’t have Play Store nor any of the Google apps!
A: You forgot to install Gapps, reboot into recovery and install it! (See above for download.)

Q: The ROM is not booting!
A: Try formatting /system and re-install ROM, sometimes the system partition gets corrupt and you may have to try 2 or 3 times before the ROM boots.

Q: My screen is fuzzy!
A: Go to Settings->Developer options and check “Disable HW overlays” is OFF.

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11 Responses

  1. Jill says:

    How can I be sure there is no malware in the ROMs you recommend?

  2. ee-lee says:

    I installed the evervolve rom last night and have it set up pretty much the way I want it now. Ido have one question, how do I enable wifi calling in evervolv rom on my t mobile galaxy s2?


    • Luke says:

      My understanding is that only ROMs based on Touchwiz ROMs will have wifi calling. I guess there’s just too much proprietary stuff involved with wifi calling for anyone to be able to integrate it into an AOSP ROM?

      To Max and the developers of this ROM: I really appreciate the continued work and coverage of S2 ROMs. I’m trying out this ROM after having been on Dirty Unicorns for quite a while, and it’s been a nice change so far!

  3. zephyr says:

    hey guys..i got a really got some noobie questions..how do u guys update jelly bean to kitkat firmware? i been really looking in youtube for a tutorial videos even here in some max’s videos but i got no luck at all..i would gladly appreciate it if you guys can send me a link of a video or a link for an written instructions for updating or something..am currently running on a jelly bean 4.1.2 rooted on my t-mobile samsung s2..thanks in advance..

  4. Wah says:

    I install this rom two days before and notice my Runtastic App could not locate the position anymore. Try other version of Apps still having the same problem. Google maps is OK. Anyone have any clues?

    • BILLJIM says:

      Same problem here. GPS seems to be broken.If you put your phone in GPS only mode it wont locate you. Since these apps use just gps to track ( not wifi , cel signal ect ) It can locate you but not track you. To bad I really liked this ROM. Maybe a different nightly build would work but i haven’t tried yet.

      • wah says:

        Yeah, spend me a week back n forth to trial where go wrong. Eventually choose CM11 that work. I kind of like evervolv ROM that flash the button for miss call/income message.

  5. jmusmc1998 says:

    Help..installed, but it is asking for pin number, locked at screen lock..

  6. Ged says:

    Just installed evervolv ROM. Working OK for now. No problems but no 4G/LTE available. May be im wrong so I need help. I already manually set the APN but nothing.

  7. Ged says:

    I noticed you can’t clear all recent apps when you long press home button.

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