FoxStar ROM for Rooted T-Mobile Galaxy S2! [SGH-T989]

For those of you on T-Mobile Galaxy S2 SGH-T989, you can try the all-new FoxStar ROM, which comes pretty stock but with lots of enhancements like better battery life, better performance and Synergy kernel that allows for overclocking up to 1.836Ghz. There’s also BLN, USB OTG, and more that comes with the kernel.

This is still a brand new ROM but looks very promising and looks really good so try it out (if you have T-Mobile Galaxy S2) and let me know how it works for you.


Download FoxStar ROM

Credits – Link

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36 Responses

  1. Rishi says:

    Is there no way that we can get this for I9100?? :/

  2. N4t3 says:

    That’s the first time I’ve seen a 4000 something score on a S2.

  3. Brian says:

    Do you think this is better than the Juggernaut 4.1 ? I have a pretty good installation of 4.1 would hate to reflash to discover problems… is it worth it?

  4. Mindeb says:

    I am running Juggernaut 4.1 as well, and I really like it. I consistantly get 3300 on quadrant, without overclocking, and my battery runs between 12-20hrs depending on thw usage that day. I have the same question as Brian, does this rom get a better baterry life and how is the stability of this rom, any crashes or apps not working? if anyone tries this rom please help us out. and if anyone can, compare and contrast this rom to Juggernaut.
    thank you!!!!

  5. Kevin says:

    Is there any way to get this rom to display contacts from my sim?

  6. Lorenzo says:

    I have this rom and love it. I have tried all the roms on this site and this is one of my favorites. The battery life far exceeds Juggernauts. Not as customizable as others but definitely solid. No app crashes so far.

  7. RICKY says:

    I installed this rom, so good so far. Good: Battery life, fast. Cons: #1. Application called something like “DSP” to adjust tone treble, bass from the phone (sorry I deleted this app. therefore couldn’t remember correct name) always crashed. Solution is uninstall it. #2. When you make a call or answer a call with speaker phone, sounds from speaker is on and off not like before flashing ROM.
    Does anyone has the same problem? Thanks for reply

  8. michael says:

    Battery life is not good

  9. DJ says:

    This is by far my favorite rom download. I havent had any apps crash besides dsp manager which is not needed, so just uninstall it. The battery life, in my opinion is better than juggernaut. I would recommend to atleast backup your current rom and give foxstar a try.

  10. Savagepagan says:

    This rom is really sweet.

  11. Jeff says:

    Just wondering how this ROM is doing now that it’s been out a little while? Anyone have any new thoughts to share? I am really giving this ROM some thought, just want a little more input. Thanks.

  12. Dante says:

    Hey so this is my first from I have ever tried. I was going to try the paradox first, but the reason I chose this is the ability to overclock your phone. I love that I can do that now. Anyway back to the rom itself. The rom is very stable, no lagging or bugs spotted. The performance to the rom is very smooth and nice customization by the developer. I would definitely recommend this rom to anybody looking for a good rom. Thanks for the video’s by the way! You are 100% reliable! Keep it up.

  13. Luis says:

    I have installed at my tmobile galaxy 2 and my phone is very fas andt nice room, but only problem tha I see is
    SIGNAL…..Using this room I lost 1 bar and sometimes 2 bars…. so SIGNAL is not stable. I returned to Juggernaut 4.1 is not fast like FoxStar but SIGNAL is better and stable, but you can install VOLTAGECONTROL at Market and speed your phone……well I’ll be waiting for new room and Thank You Very Much for the Guy that work and made those rooms…..GOOD WORK…..

  14. Dante says:

    Hey again. I finally encountered a bug! The bug in this rom is on my keyboards! I go to the symbols and the numbers are there but the rest of the symbols are blank spaces! I liked this rom, but i do not know how to fix this problem! If anyone has any ideas on how to fix it let me know. I tried uninstalling the keyboards and re-installing, and it still has the same problem. Even restarted my phone twice to see if that will fix it and nothing has worked!

  15. Ricky says:

    Problem with this ROM, I explained before. Now for more details: When you use speakerphone (outgoing or incoming), we have a feedback, therefore, sound has been on & off. Hope we have a solution for it.
    Thanks for looking into this issue.

  16. Lithium says:

    Just flashed the rom… but the keyboard would not come up for any text field: email, fb status, sms, etc. Everything else appears fine. Anyone know what’s going on? Did I miss something? Thanks!

    • Lithium says:

      Odd… it was related to either reboot or have to manually select/enable the keyboard setting before it’ll work. Well, I guess FYI for anyone else with this issue.

  17. oopbuddha says:

    This rom is fantastic. Super fast, awesome battery life. Is anyone else having problems with visual voicemail? Everything I try to open the application it says it experienced a problem, and asks me to force close it.

  18. Danl Hall says:

    Hi guys, Yeah I was asking for help after trying to run my backup stock rom. I still can’t get my stock to run but guess what Foxstar is running, it took away my swype and my google mail won’t download my contacts. I’m with t-mobile and my contacts has a lot of AT&T crap in it but none of my contacts downloaded, what’s up with that?
    This rom is smooth a likeable rom, I don’t know I’m pissed I lost my stock. Does anyone know how I can get my stock one back?

    • Brian says:

      Just put EaglesBlood instead, pretty much like stock. I used that initially but later put on juggernaut 4.1, which is more customizable. I put this foxstar on a friend’s s2 but wasnt too impressed with it.

  19. Chris C says:

    I bought this phone out right at $601.09 with tax, t-mobile branded. Walmart, gotta love it. Anyway, I set this phone to prepaid t-mobile, 100mins unlimited text and data (5GB at4g) but unlimited after I use that,,but never will. If your interested in getting that deal you need the special (think it was a christmas deal but you can find them) prepaid T-mobile Exhibit II 4g,but may be on other phones. But return the phone keep the sim. All good from there. Add$10.00 0r 20, for 100, 200 extra minutes. 10cent, But you cant get that 5GB with out this deal unless you get the $70 plan on prepaid. I like to save some money seeing i run 3 phones at times.
    Hope it helps anyone, iphone4s can be done the same way.
    If anyone has prepaid on their Galaxy s2 T-mobile T989, any troubles? Cause I need this bloat off here asap but dont want to screw the deal up if I can avoid it. Also I need some skill rooting a samsung captivate at&t, only phone I just cant get to pop.
    Thanks all

    • Chris C says:

      Didnt explain it all to good at the end, just wandering if any prepaid users had any issues on root. About that Captivate at&t, help me and I’m buying the beer.

    • Jeff says:

      You paid $600.00 for the S II??? Dude… try New Egg. I got this phone shortly after it came out for less than $200.00. And I know people who have gotten it for $140-150. And I was mad because over Valentine’s w/ end, T-Mobile was giving these phones away for free w/ a two year contract! Look around my man, there’s much better deals than $600.00… unless you live in Bolivia or somewhere… and I don’t believe Bolivia has any Wal Mart’s…

      • Tmac says:

        well i rather pay one time for $600 dollars than pay about $60 every months for 2 years. $600 dollars at once can seems to be a whole lot, but think about the money for 2 years contract. $200+$60×24=1640(plus your family members if you have any. i can use the phone for other cheap paid phones carriers or cheaper plans ($40). dude Tmobile have calculated everything. either way, they will rob your wallet no matter what. besides you will bored of it after a year. then you have to stick with it for another year before you can get a “newer” high end phone.

  20. jimmy says:

    This is a great ROM, I can run on full charged battery for 2 days on moderate data usage!

  21. Michael says:

    I installed this ROM and it’s super stable and super fast. No issues after putting the phone through it’s paces. I also have the ICS theme for Foxstar overlayed as well as the Xperia Arc S Cosmic Flow Live Wallpaper and custom icons and system font. Super fast and looks sick. Great ROM.

  22. Paul says:

    Well after the disaster with the latest ICS rom– I was unable to recover my stock backup (m5 mismatch)–I installed this one. It is great! Fast and stable, everything works–though I did have to download and install swype from

    • Paul says:

      Everything still running fine and quite stable, but any advice for maximizing battery life? It’s definitely no better than the stock rom for battery life so far….

      • Paul says:

        Just an update, since it seems like we’re waiting for Max’s next post, hehe, I’ve tried several roms, including the cyanogenmod for tmobile (cm 7) and keep coming back to this one. It’s got everything I need, including the toggle switches and, it turns out, excellent battery life. After 24 hours of fairly moderate use I still have around 35%. I can deal with that.

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