Galaxy SBean ROM for T-Mobile Galaxy S2 SGH-T989!

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For this week’s ROM of the week, check out Galaxy SBean ROM for your T-Mobile Galaxy S2 SGH-T989.

Coupled with full AOKP Android 4.1.2 and TouchWiz launcher, the Galaxy SBean ROM provides a middle ground for those of you who can’t decide between AOKP ROM Control and TouchWiz launcher by giving you best of both worlds.

Some notable features include better JPEG images, higher-quality video recording, battery optimization, 3G tweaks, smoother video streaming, and more performance/battery improvements.

Another hybrid ROM that could be an answer to something you are looking for so if this is something you are looking for, give it a try this week and let me know what you think!


Download Galaxy SBean ROM

For installation, “install from zip” Darkside SuperWipe (this will erase your settings, apps, etc… not your internal sd/sd card contents), then install ROM normally.

Credits – XDA <--- Please donate to the developer if you like this ROM, thx!

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74 Responses

  1. Norm says:

    Wow 3034 emails. Thanks Max.

  2. aaron says:

    wifi works and connects but i cant seem to actually use it any ideas???

  3. Brandon says:

    My clockworkmod recovery recently updated to version v6.0.2.7. Now whenever I try to flash a new ROM, such as this one, the phone hangs. I have never had an issue before the update. Can I go back to a previous version or have I missed something entirely???

    • cross 80 says:

      I would suggest using darkside super wipe, or unroot your phone and root all over again that should bring you back to a clean phone, goodluck

  4. paulinux says:

    same as brandon xda devs diferent instructions

  5. Cody says:

    hmm.. after boot screen “ALL*DEVS” screen blacks out for a while. how long did you guys wait?

  6. bobby says:

    Max, you’re awesome. Im sure i speak for many people on this, in your videos we would like to know/see before we install the ROM how the gallery looks, wifi calling, new settings, new features, camera, etc. Gallery & Camera are big things seeing they vary by ROM. it would just help out your followers to understand what they should/ should not install, before doing so. YOUR THE MAN MAX

  7. paulinux says:

    ok this is what I did, on the instructions on XDA website, its says to do the TWRP RECOVERY RECOMMENDED!!!
    *Wipe data
    *Wipe system
    *Wipe Cache and Dalvik
    (Use Darkside SUPER Wipe if on cwm or below) ———–I DID FROM THIS FORWARD—->
    *Flash Rom
    *Flash PA Pref zip found here—————– DOWNLOAD THIS AND FLASH IT
    THE ALL * DEVS it hangs like 1-2 mins then strats but like it says dont touch it
    *reboot and don’t touch for 10 minutes
    *reboot and let sit for 1 minute
    *Set up device
    THIS IS WHAT I DID AND USE AND ALSO CLOCKWORK MOD 6 did not work so I had to flash the 5 something and it works, so problably if you have 6 thats why not working, by the way wifi it connects by phone dont use it so just like warning but its great rom tho, ciao

  8. Gus says:

    I had the same issue…flashed it..rebooted..everything looks ok, except for the Wifi…doesnt work at all..It connects, gets an IP etc etc…but it seems as the phone doesnt know what to do with it.

  9. Paulinux says:

    Correction there is a post regarding wifi not working, I just follow it and works, turn on and off wifi 3 times, then airplane 2x and reboot, he said keep doing it until works, I did it once. Hope this helps, now it’s complete, great rom

  10. gus says:

    Quick q…there is a funny looking icon below the status bar…looks like a hat…what is it for?

  11. Paulinux says:

    According to settings – rom control-toggles, is for swagger, don’t know what it means

  12. Cody says:

    fixed it. i forgot to use cwm recovery n download the latest for my phone. after reboot, tried again worked flawlessly. i had no issues with wifi, works fine, great job to devs!

  13. Gus says:

    I tried the same..still the Wifi only works if I set the value to fixIp but I can’t do that at work. It seems there are still issues with DHCP.

  14. Steve says:

    Wifi works after restore Wi-Fi access points on Titanium Backup…but still issues with ecco callings…
    I used SwiftKey 3 for texting with friends in english and spanish…this ROM doesnt supported that, you can only use their keyboard. Going back to JMTX4

  15. Paulinux says:

    I’m using wifi on my home only, don’t know how will respond to another access point, SwiftKey WORKS, im using it right now, you have to activate it on settings

  16. Paulinux says:

    One more thing, most of the changes I want to do, don’t are applied right away, I have to reboot for every change,like the hat icon on task bar was removed it just after reboot right after doing change

  17. Steve says:

    I agree,on few changes made, didnt work untill reboot system several times. Galaxy SBean its a nice ROM tho but, i still preffer JMTX4, i have no issues so far with that one. Still waiting for multi-window for SGH-T989 phones (who don’t)

  18. Steven says:

    ROM stinks! Going back to mind trick

    • cross 80 says:

      Completely agree, i have version 4 jedi mind, and I’m not updating lol this version is flawless

      • Steven says:

        The launcher will occasionally freeze but other than that it might be the best rom out there.

        • cross 80 says:

          I usually try to reboot phone atleast twice a week, that usually does the trick for those freezes, but like you mentioned that’s the only issue, i don’t even mess with the cpu, i leave the cpu untouch, i did before and didn’t performed any better, battery life is awesome and phone is really fast paced

  19. adnan says:


    Can anyone tell me how can i get that rom control on my Samsung T989 (jedi jelly rom)

  20. paulinux says:

    rom manager? or clockworkmod?

    • adnan says:

      Hi Paulinus,

      I already have the premium version of the rom manager. But what do i do after that? And one more thing why my baseband version is unknown. Please help me with this.

      Thank You

  21. Paulinux says:

    Hi adnan, it looks like your questions are for other rom, saw you at jedi jelly rom forum, we’ll all you have to do is: ROOT phone, INSTALL rom manager, most of the cases its clockwork mod flashed if not flash one from rom manager just click on flash clockworkmod choose ur phone and It Would install it, DOWNLOAD a rom for your phone, INSTALL ROM from recovery one of the options from rom manager, and enjoy it, now every rom change your phone diferent, I have version 4.1.2 and number would it change until and update from rom come up, there is no other updates, but keep looking on your rom, others roms change it to 4.03 but this version number it’s base on the android version the rom was created, hope this helps

    • adnan says:


      Thanks for replying. The thing is that I’m actually for a better rom. Right now i have jedi jelly rom. I liked the rom very much. So if u know better rom which has no issue like camera,reboot please let me know. I will really appreciate it if you can get the best rom.

      Thank You

  22. Steve says:

    what Pailinux is trying to say adnan is: its your phone rooted? and if is not, follow MAX recomendations from home page “how to root your phone” and the “how to install a ROM from a rooted phone”. its a easy step by step process that you have to follow w/out shortcuts and remember NOTE: PLEASE ONLY INSTALL ROMS INTENDED FOR YOUR VERSION OF Galaxy S2! Otherwise you WILL BRICK YOUR PHONE

    • adnan says:

      Hi Steve,

      Thank you for replying. I followed every instruction carefully. And my phone is rooted. The thing is that my baseband version is unknown. So please tell me that is that a major issue that the baseband version is unknown.

      Thank You

      • Steve says:

        Adnan, do you have IMEI number on your phone?

      • paulinux says:

        if you look on the screen shots of the developer, it also shows unknown, I think its normal, and again you are talking about jedi, right?

        • adnan says:

          Ok so the baseband version is ok. But you know I’m looking for a better rom. If you know anu better rom than jedi jelly then let me know. I tried liquid smooth rom i liked it very much but i had some issues like camer wasn’t working and there was no 4g. It had only 3g. This is why I’m scared to install a new rom. So you know if you know any better rom with no issues please let me know.

          Thank You

          • paulinux says:

            the first rom in this website that I’ve try, was jedi mind trick x3, I messed it up, then miui pretty nice, but way diferent from other UIs, then CM10 I’d like it pretty nice, fast, and 0 problems, then I’m trying this one, I’ll recomend CM10, but I’m having SBean rom for some features from jelly, but it requires lots of efforts, hope this helps

            • adnan says:


              When i looked at the CM10 rom I liked it too. I installed it but i had a issue with the camera. The issue was the picture wasn’t clear at all. And when i take a video it record only the colors like blue,red,green, etc. This is why i moved to Jedi Jelly. Now as you recommend me the CM10 rom i’m gonna install it. But before that let me know am i going to have the same issue with the camera.

              Thank You

              • paulinux says:

                may be was a bad download, my cam works great, actually I’d like it more because you have the esphere picture mode, sooo cool, I’ll go back to CM10 if got bored of this ROM, by the way there a V13, better. SBeam Rom

  23. CAPO says:

    this rom sucks i love darkside it is the best

  24. blubase says:

    How do I change the DPI for the settings. I managed to change the stupid dual view UI but the DPI makes it so tiny and annoying.

  25. dukens says:

    Which is better Jedi jelly or mind trick x4? Currently running Jedi I’ve yet to try Mind trick x4

    • Steve says:

      it depends what you like most, ICS or Jelly bean.
      the good thing about JMTX4 its that you can overclock yout phone to 1728 Mhz.
      just remember that because 4.1 its the newest version of android, you can find more issues than ICS on a galaxy S2 phones. hope this help you.
      P.S. you have to try and compare, some people prefer black than blue, but some people don’t.

    • TheRealJhay says:

      For a full ICS experience, JMTX is the ROM you are looking for. But if you want a ICS+JellyBean ROM with few android experience customizations, JediJelly is the ROM for you. Like what Steve said, your ROM is based off of preference bud.

  26. birdman says:

    wipe then install is all i needed. the audio sometimes glitches out for a second but not always lol

  27. Steve says:

    ok, so for the plople that want to have the lates and greatest 4.1.2, im using slim-star V2.2 (JZO54K) and to be honest, its the best Jelly Bean ROM that i have tried so far!!! excelent features, no ecco calling!!!!!!
    once you installed, you need to download gapps from goo.manager already installed, reboot and you’re ready to rumbble!.
    like i said, the best ROM i tried so far. you can download from XDA forum.
    i already sent an e-mail to Max so he can review it for you 🙂

    • Paulinux says:

      Do you mind sharing it? And also what camera and gallery you have? I’m would like to check it

      • Steve says:

        Camera its same as SBeam, Gallery its 1.1.4000 ( i liked Mind trix better but…)
        just need to click on downloads:
        i installed yesterday over by phone during work :/ and installed w/out issues. but if you prefer you can download to your PC or laptop too.

        • Steve says:

          Camera its same as SBeam, Gallery its 1.1.4000 ( i liked Mind trix better but…)

          just need to click on downloads:
          i installed yesterday over by phone during work :/ and installed w/out issues. but if you prefer you can download to your PC or laptop too.

  28. Steven says:

    I had a few issues with slim star. Couldn’t use the torch toggle and tesla led wouldn’t work properly. The notification lights also didn’t respond properly. I might give it another shot since it’s working well for you.

  29. Value Theory says:

    Is wifi calling available on this ROM?

    • TheRealJhay says:

      Sorry buddy but all of the AOKP ROMs don’t have WiFi calling as a feature. If WiFi calling is a necessity for you, I advise using ICS based roms. Hope this helped

  30. Andy says:

    Flashed this ROM just yesterday. Looks great but have got multiple issues.
    – Gallery sometimes shows all files but many times shows nothing at all … too often
    – May not be related to this ROM, but during this last 1 day, it happened once that the phone could not connect to network at all. Rebooted and its working fine now.
    – Biggest problem for me, an issue with Super User. When I try to use Titanium Backup, I get the message “BusyBox works but the su command does not elevate to root. These’s something wrong with your su binary and/or Superuser app” . I reflashed, rebooted, reinstalled SU, reinstalled Titanium but nothing has fixed this issue.
    – “Theme Chooser” in Settings is not working for me. When I apply any theme, “Theme Chooser” unexpectedly closes with message.
    – Dolphin Browser that came with the ROM never even started. So uninstalled and downloaded new from play store.
    – Having issues with Vibration mode (or maybe I am not able to figure it out). I always use only “Vibrations” for all my notifications and never use “Sound” for them. Somehow I am not able to set this especially for Whatsapp. It seems like I have to turn on the ringtone too for vibration to be active.
    – My GPS used to work well before flashing this one. After this flash, it shows “My current location” way too off (once it showed even outside US). I am planning to flash UVLI4 radio (hopefully it would fix the issue).
    – Having trouble connecting my bluetooth earpiece during calls. Happened multiple times that even after selecting Output to bluetooth, it still kept sending it to phone earpiece though the keypress on my bluetooth was being recognised
    – I have synced all my Google, FB contacts but why I cannot see their display pics in contact list.
    – Where is the Speed Dial setting hidden?

    Except for the above issues, rest all seems fine for now. If the SU, Gallery and GPS gets fixed, I would probably remain on this ROM for sometime since I liked it from speed and battery life point-of-view.

    • Paulinux says:

      After installing rom Did you wait the 10 mins before setup and then 1min?

    • TheRealJhay says:

      I’m currently running SBean 13.5 and when I first flashed this ROM, superuser was giving me problems as well; a prompt saying proper binaries for root weren’t installed. I even downloaded a root checker from the market and apparently, my phone was rooted without a functioning superuser.

      What I did to solve this was, I downloaded SuperSU by Chain fire on the market and downloaded a SuperSU zip from xda and flashed it. Supersu had over-written Superusers script and it became the dominant root tool. Then I downloaded titanium backup to freeze and uninstall superuser. Hope this helped bro

  31. ken says:

    anybody ever have problems with the lock screen or home button for this Rom. for some reason lately I’ve had issues with all touchwiz roms with these issues

  32. TheRealJhay says:

    The only problem I seem to be having on SBean ROMs is that when I go into settings > apps, the screen seems to freeze. I normally do cache cleaning on my apps about every other day or so and when I do this, the page freezes. Other than that, this ROM is one of the best with excellent battery life.

  33. Robby says:

    I’ve still been on the malice rom,i know im on the minority on this…i cant find another rom i really like :/

    • Steve says:

      Have u tried 20.1.0? That’s the one I’m using
      it’s a combination of AOKP, Paranoid android and CyanogenMod 10.1
      There’s another one from the creator of JMTX4 and I heard that it’s a great ROM too. Check on the XDA website.

  34. rafique357 says:

    hi. does anyone know how to make a jig to unbrick a hard bricked samsung galaxy tab 8.9 ? thanks…

  35. Henrique says:

    I AM há ing issues with google play? Mine open and after a few seconds it is closed by the OS.
    Does anyobe is há ing this problem?

  36. androidsoup says:

    I’m currently running Embryo 6.11 and love it, flashed cymbaline 3.8(3.0.74) O.C’d to 1.78mhz, ROM is super fast, benchmarked at 11,873 on T-Mobile t989 s2 Hercules…. Best ROM I’ve found for the Hercules, for anyone who is as much in love with the touchwiz Roms as me go flash Embryo 6.11

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