How to Root Jelly Bean/ICS/GB on T-Mobile Galaxy S2 SGH-T989!

So, here’s an updated method on how to root your T-Mobile Galaxy S2 SGH-T989, this root method will work on both Gingerbread, ICS, and Jelly Bean. (Works on all Android 2.3.4,2.3.5,4.0.3,4.0.4,4.1.1,4.1.2)

*Note – This method is for Windows only, Heimdall does not support T-Mobile Galaxy S2.
*Note2 – This method also works for SGH-T989D

UPDATE: You can also use this method to root AT&T Galaxy S2 Skyrocket SGH-i727 by using a different tar file for Step 6!  (See Step 6!!!)

UPDATE: This root method works regardless of Android OS version, works on Jelly Bean.

Step 1. First, plug in a micro-USB cable from your T-Mobile Galaxy S2 to your computer then hold down Volume Up, Volume Down, and the Power button together for about 10 seconds.

Step 2. When your phone resets (you will feel a little vibration), let go of the Power button but keep holding down the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons.

Step 3. When you see the warning sign, hit Volume Up button to enter ODIN Download mode.

Step 4. You should see screen like below:

Step 5. Download and unzip, you should find 4 files in the unzipped folder.


Double click on Odin3 v1.85.exe to run ODIN program.

Step 6. Choose “PDA” then choose the file “recovery-cmw-hercules.tar” and hit the “Start” button.

NOTE: If you are trying to root AT&T Galaxy S2 SGH-i727 Skyrocket, use “SkyrocketCWM6.0.4.3.tar” instead for “PDA”!

Download SkyrocketCWM6.0.4.3.tar


Step 7. Your phone will reset in about 10 seconds.

Step 8. Once your phone reboots, connect to your computer as a disk drive and copy the file to your phone.

Step 9. Unplug the micro-USB cable then hold down Volume Up, Volume Down, and Power buttons together for about 10 seconds.

Step 10. Let go of the Power button when your phone resets.

Step 11. Choose “install zip from sdcard”.

Step 12. Choose either “choose zip from sdcard” or “choose zip from internal sdcard” depending on where you put the file in Step 8.

Step 13. Find the file

Step 14. Choose “yes”.  This will root your phone and install SuperSU superuser app.

Step 15. You should get the following message:

Step 16. Reboot and you will find yourself a fully-rooted T-Mobile Galaxy S2 SGH-T989 with SuperSU app.

Step 17. To verify root, download root app like Titanium Backup app and run it.  You should get Superuser request popup screen like below.


Q: Does this work on other SGH-T989 such as SGH-T989D?
A: Yes, works on all SGH-T989 and SGH-T989D models.   But please don’t try on any other models.

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349 Responses

  1. Michael says:

    Very Nice, quick too. Thanks

  2. Michael says:

    Actually, it’s not working for me. ODIN gives me a “Setup Connection” and sits there for some time, then gives me a Red Fail on the top and in the message box it says, “Can’t Open Serial COM port” but it is connected to ODIN and my drivers are fine. In fact, I used ODIN to go back to Gingerbread to upgrade to ICS.

    • Max says:

      Probably kies? Try killing Kies in Task Manager.

      • Al says:

        Hey, if I root, will it fix my WiFi calling issue that T-Mobile has, which is others not hearing me or I can’t hear them or Dropped Wifi calling? I want to use the Jedi Mind Trick that has the WiFi calling…

      • Gerard says:

        Hi Max

        Im stock on step 6.. I choose PDA, then choose recovery-cmw-hercules.tar but im confused cause the “recovery-cmw-hercules.tar” appears to be winrar format. When I hit Start it doesnt work it says ” All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 0)” Please help..

    • Bob says:

      Check your USB Cable, mine did the same thing and I switch cables and it worked.

      • bram says:

        bob, thanks for your advice…. in my case it works… I thougt I bricked the phone

        • Chris says:

          I am havin a problem getting my computer to recognize my galkaxys2. this is a replacement phone on android 4.0.4. I installed kies and the usb driver and have n such luck. It recognizes my older s2. Please help need root asap

    • Mikey says:

      I had to download the new version of odin for it to work for me. try that.


    • Kyle says:

      Launching as Administrator fixed this issue for me.

  3. Michael says:

    I did both and it worked. Not sure which one fixed the problem exactly, but I’m rooted lol. Thanks.

    • Lincoln says:

      same issue with me 🙂 worked fine so far. Thanks sooooooooooooo much, took me all day but i finally figured it out

  4. Adam Sowa says:

    That works. Thanks!

  5. Adam Sowa says:

    In the written instructions on this page: At step 8, mention to remove the USB cable before putting the phone into recovery.

  6. Patrick says:

    Hey guys, Im new to rooting and I had a question. I successfully rooted my gs2 and already removed some bloat wear, but i’m confused on how to add a new rom. Well specifically I want to remove the touchwiz interface (I cant stand it) and I wanted to load something like a stock ICS rom or cm7. How do I do this? Thanks in advanced.

  7. Abe says:

    Why would I want to un-root then re-root? I am already running Android version 4.0.3 using the custom Darkside Evolution ICS ROM from May. And IF I do, once I root from the new T-Mobile ICS will I be able to use the updated Darkside ROM or will it be going backwards? Is there a difference from rooting once from Gingerbread then using a ROM to run 4.0.3 THAN rooting from the T-Mobile ICS then using another ROM.


    • Max says:

      You don’t have to, it’s only if u want to run stock ICS right now but I think Darkside ICS runs fine.

      • Abe says:

        Ah, I see. I don’t know if I should stay with the stock or try out the new Darkside ICS. The only difference I see visually is the lack of the toggles. Oh and in time probably the battery life, speed (if there is a difference). Think I might just put the new Darkside ROM on my micro just in case I want to flash it and check it out. Really convenient having that flashlight and other toggles up top…

  8. Dirtnap says:

    Thank you for getting this up so fast…. It worked perfectly.

  9. explorer says:

    Hey max .. where is the lick to download the ** :/

  10. Popeye says:

    I was able to root but now the HOME BUTTON & SEARCH BUTTON are disabled!
    HELP? 🙁

  11. Herbert says:

    I did everything until step 17. (no error messages at all) Superuser app is also there. But I don’t get a Superuser request from the apps. (MyBackup Pro or Root Explorer and …..). The programmstart takes 20 seconds and then a message appears: … problems with Superuser …. My Android version: 4.0.3, Superuser version: 3.0.7.

  12. RA says:

    Worked, easy to follow, thanks.

  13. AGL says:

    Thank you! Worked Great for Me. “I just followed the instructions” Great Job

  14. daniel says:

    excellent, just did It, works perfectly, do this just like he said, don’t screw It.

  15. Vic says:

    Hay Max, My Galaxy s2 said thank you… LOL

  16. Robin says:

    Problem here. I was able to put it into download mode once. Then I realized that I didn’t have the correct files downloaded so I pulled the battery while in download mode restarted the phone. Downloaded the file and came back later to root the phone. Now it won’t go into download mode. It just shuts off when I try pressing vol up/down and power buttons.

    Did I screw something up? (Also the LED flashes briefly when the phone shuts off)

    • Max says:

      Make sure u have microusb plugged in otherwise it will not go into download mode.

      • Robin says:

        Yes, I did have the micro usb plugged in. Finally got back into download mode by powering off the phone, holding down the vol up/down and then plugging in the micro usb. Whew! I thought I might’ve screwed something up when I exited the download mode earlier by removing the battery! Thanks Max.

  17. Vic says:

    Hey Max, After rooting everything is working fine, except when i’m trying to shut down. The pink logo stays on saying goodbye. I have to push and hold the power button, they the phone will restart.
    Does anybody has this issue ?

    • Brandon says:

      I also have this problem. The pink “goodbye” screen will not go away when turning off the phone. I’ve left it up for about 20 mins hoping with would eventually turn off. No luck 🙁

  18. Rojah says:

    Dude……I owe you a beer! Thanks man…5 mins and rooted………

  19. Lorenzo Chavez says:

    can you tell me how to update a rom from a previous version?

  20. Mike says:

    WE HAVE ROOT! lol. I debated for ages whether to do this or not. After ICS was released, I finally got fed up with the bloatware eating up battery and resources. (No telling what else those apps do.) Last night, I used your procedure, and voila … it worked like a charm … no issues encountered. All the bloatware is now frozen. Additionally, I can now do some things with Tasker that I could not do before. 🙂 I really do appreciate the detailed procedure and video. It helped a lot.

  21. Zack says:

    Ok, I successfully rooted it, now the problem is ever since I upgraded to ics via kies it randomly restarts sometimes and freezes should I unroot, factory reset and re-root? or may a custom rom solve some of my woes? Also it seems like the wifi is less “powerful” not sure how to word it.

    • Zack says:

      Never-mind, did a few battery pulls installed a few root apps, wifi still not EXACTLY the same but 95% great. Thanks for making the tutorial that step 8 comment near the top is key. I thought I did something wrong because it wouldn’t mount, now it’s perfect.

  22. jacob says:

    The link to download “” is not working at all. Can you please update it so i can root my sexy phone.

  23. Dave says:

    Rooted stock ICS rom, removed some of the T-Mobile junk, and now phone is almost hot to the touch. Anyone else see anything like this?

  24. nick says:

    Hey i got all the way to step 6 on windows 7 OS and it does nothing for me it says in the left terminal
    “threads completed/succeeded 0/unsuccessfull 0”
    Could really use your help thanks!

    • jason says:

      Same here Win7 Ultimate 64 and i get stuck at number 6. Will try with XP. I dont know worth a shot.

    • Colton Weidlich says:

      mine is doing the same thing and the only thing i noticed is the icons are different and on the recovery icon its just the blank paper so idk why its not right. i know im a noob but im not stupid. and then i click odin3 nothing is coming in automatically in the ID:COM.

  25. Mike says:

    Everything worked perfectly but one thing im not satisfied about on ICS is that you can’t take screenshots using the home+power button.. Is there any way to get this ability again? please let me know asap.

  26. Zack says:

    Hey everyone, I unrooted, then factory reseted, and now rerooted. I used all the instructions on here, to do all the before, and it works a lot better than the kies ics update then root, not sure why, anyone that is having problems, I strongly recommend doing that first.

  27. Brent says:

    After scouring the inter-webs for a logical, easy to follow, guide to rooting my two ICS S2’s, I must say this is the best. Thanks a lot for such concise directions.

  28. Zack says:

    Does anyone else have wifi strength problems on ics in general? It seems like it’s definitely alot less powerful than it was on gingerbread, so much so that it makes me want to go back back to it, first off is that possible, second if I root on gingerbread to another ics rom would that make a difference? Thanks.

  29. Robin says:

    Strange. Since rooting my battery seems to drain considerably faster, maybe even twice as fast. I will test further and see if I can nail down the difference. I don’t understand why this would be the case.

  30. elizabeth benson says:

    Hi Max, I wanted to root and then go back to gingerbread. I hate ics. how do I do that. please. thanks.

  31. Jeff Thomas Hassell says:

    my computer is not recognizing my phone as a disk drive…any help is appreciated!

  32. Abel says:

    Not sure if anyone mentioned already, but when i try to run odin i am getting all threads completed but it does not have the blue box and yellow box. when i load the file into my sd card and try to run it in the recovery screen i get
    E:signature verification failed. now i did the root when i had GB using the tutorial on here then when ICS came out it undid my root. do i need to unroot then try again or is there a way to get this working.

  33. Brett says:

    Trying to go through the root phase, but the link is not working. It installs a bunch of ads, like free music and free games. Can you please let me know if I am doing something wrong or how I can download the zip drive? Also once downloaded onto my computer, how do I find the files? Are they saved on the desktop or where on the computer? Thanks!

  34. George R says:

    Rooted my sons Telus GSIIX according to your instructions. It went smooth as butter. Thanks Max!!

  35. angelique says:

    Hi Max,
    Your directions & YT tutorial are fantastic and worked great…it was me that had problems :-P.I foundthat I had ‘glossed’ over ‘…and unzip…’ in step 5/6?, hence as I proceeded to the following steps it was like a dry run.Nothing worked, but I got to do a walk thru w/o brick :-D.Also, when about to download file it wasn’t immediately clear which “download” link was the one you intented. That said, your simple & concise instructions gave me the confidence to perservere & I am now rooted. Now, for me, the motivation is to unlock my phone& todo that plus most other things on a rooted phone I need busybox.Imagine my ‘noob’surprize when I realized the learning curve still ahead of me! This is my lame way of thanking you but also would appreciate any advise or point in the right direction.

  36. Zack says:

    Is anyone else having wifi issues on ics in general? Is there a way I can get the wifi strength that I had on gingerbread back to ics?? Thanks!

    • Mark says:

      I just installed the stock ICS the official T-Mobile way using Kies (I have not yet rooted my phone). Wifi performance is definitely worse than it was under gingerbread. I did a side-by-side comparison with another SGH-T989 handset running stock 2.3.6.

  37. italo says:

    Hey MAx why is my phone not turning off? I press the power button to turn off and it gets stuck on the goodbye logo! How can I fix this. I tried wipe cache, datA/FACTORY RESET. nothing seems to work.

    • Max says:

      You have to ask T-Mobile, it’s their ROM not mine, root doesn’t affect the ROM.

    • Mike says:

      This happened to me after I had rooted and then attempted to flash another ROM. I fixed it by doing a factory reset AFTER I reinstalled the stock ROM and re-rooted.

  38. alex says:

    hi max ive downloaded”” file and also unzipped it and when i get to step 6 i cant find the “recovery-cmw-hercules.tar” to place into the pda slot, is there something wrong with the link?

    • Max says:

      It’s there, look for the file ““recovery-cmw-hercules” you might not see “tar” if you didn’t unhide extensions.

  39. alex says:

    thanks alot max, now i have another problem when im at step 8 i cant seem to find the file to add, sorry for the incontinence

  40. BIg Dawg says:

    max unroot phone from gingerbread to ics. I was useing darkside rom on rooted gingerbread and it put supersu on my phone. so do i just flash it and dont worry about supersu. And can I delete all old root zip files from rooting on gingerbread.

  41. gabbyray says:

    So I rooted using this about a week ago and I literally followed the directionst the letter

    But a few days ago my phone stopped connecting to wifi all together. And no, there is nothing wrong with my modem or router because literally every other device connects with no problem.

    Has this happened to anyone else? Could this be from rooting it or could there be something else wrong with my phone?

    Could unrooting and rerooting possibly help? Also my screen shot is gone….no idea how to get it back.

  42. T says:

    Hello! I upgraded to ICS, factory rest back to GB then rerooted with this method but I cannot recover my roms!!?? Any advice/help with this? I am very upset with this!

  43. CJ says:

    Hello! I upgraded to ICS, factory rest back to GB then rerooted with this method but I cannot recover my roms!!?? Any advice/help with this? I am very upset with this, I lost everything I have worked on over the past few months! In ICS and CB ROMs will NOT recover!

  44. Adam says:

    I can’t find the link to download the

  45. Dayn says:

    Thanks!!!! Worked great!!

  46. Paul says:

    SO EASY…

  47. Ryan says:

    Hi, Max! I was in the process of fixing to root when I suddenly got stuck at step 6. I hit start but it failed. I don’t have the yellow box like you do titled with “0:[COM7]”. Some factors, I’ve never installed kies with the windows computer I’m doing this on (I use a macbook pro), and when I plug in my phone with kies not installed yet, windows prompts me with “Found New Hardware” but when trying to search and install the new hardware, it fails as well.

    I’m fixing to install kies here in a bit to see if this is the issue.

    • Ryan says:

      Got it to work! Sure enough I had to install Kies. Loving titanium backup so far and already did a factory reset on my phone and restored some data I wanted to keep! Also did your tethering provision post. Thanks!

  48. Denisse says:

    I do the process of unroot to ICS and root again two times because everything works, but the old super user icon still there with the new one. Is that bad? I do the factory reset too. I uninstalled the old one anyway.

  49. pfftwhatev says:

    Well your app sucks and so does your site. I see that you have a comment filter in place that insures only comments that are praising you up and down will make here. I guess that’s to be expected from inadequate losers who lack complete and total self esteem. We to go you wads dorks.

    • Max says:

      All comments with links are moderated due to spam but they will show up after moderation which can take a day or two with number of comments we get on the site. But we dont erase comments to make us look good.

  50. everythingsablur says:

    For TELUS T989D users running ICS, holding Vol+ and Vol- doesn’t work to get you into download mode. You only need to hold Vol- with the TELUS version, oddly enough.

  51. fahad naeem says:

    i have problem when i connect my mobile to pc and runs Odin and after selecting .TAR file in clicked start…but it is stuck on “setupconeection” and does not do any thing…help please

  52. Johnny G says:

    I do everything to the T and once i open Odin, it shows that i have the Epic 4G connected. then i hit start and nothing happens. i’m not new to rooting but am lost. help? thx in advance

  53. Paul says:

    does USB debugging need to be checked on!? help!

  54. Jorge says:

    I have a question, I rooted and everything went perfect but Kies tells me there is an update to ICS, can I install the update? will it remove root? is there a chance of bricking the device? I have to put it in download mode in order for kies to install the update but this process changes the download mode screen? will kies still see the phone is in download mode?


  55. Paul says:

    My friend accidentally chose the tar file for the epic 4g and now his phone is stuck in a screen with a phone a triangle and a computer… help! is there a way to fix this problem?! *urgent*

  56. Bin says:

    There is an ad that is covering the download button for the software.

  57. Fernando says:

    where are the download links?

  58. brandon says:

    after doing “STEP 2” i dont see the screen in “STEP 3″… i get “android system recovery “… does this mean its already in rooted?

  59. Zach says:

    hey, my phone starts to reboot, but its stuck. Ive tried rebooting again but its still stuck

  60. Michael Gonzalez says:

    I am getting a fail attemp when trying to root my gs2

  61. Kris says:

    So i had a problem ENDLESS BOOT LOOP and when i tried to enter recovery cwm. it would immediately shut off and vibrarte. So when i hook up the battery it just turns on gets to bootscreen and starts vibrateing. It will shutoff and vibrarte again and again and again. I thought i was fucked. i even went into CWM and it would shut me out.
    So… this is what i did took out the battery and help volume up +volume down while holding power. then inserted battery to make that initial vibrate. then i took my fingers off power once samsung appeared. I was in CWM and immediately.. i mean immediately i went to advanced and then wike cache.. then theis time i let me stay on cwm longer so i wiped every catch and viola i was back on gingerbread paradoxII tuesday rom.

    Gdamn i was about to throw this phone away.

    • Justin says:

      EXACT same problem. I damn near shit myself and still cannot figure out where it went wrong.. Anyhow, thank you for so much for sharing this!

  62. mishyB says:

    Great thanks perfect!

  63. paul says:

    phone is stuck in downloading odin says all threads completed succed 0 failed 0… what do i do?

  64. Bobby says:

    Hey Max, I got all the way to step 15 and my phone says that the signature verification failed and the installation was aborted. Help?

  65. Joe curcio says:

    At step 14 I did not get a yes, but instead got a bunch of options, the first of which was, reboot system now. I selected that, and now the phone is stuck on an icon with a tophat and an orange arrow. What should I do now?

  66. Joe curcio says:

    Please disregard previous post. System rebooted and rooted and all is well in the kingdom. Thanks very much!

  67. Mata says:

    once i open Odin,i chose the file and i hit start and nothing happens. i’m new to rooting but am lost. help? thx in advance
    and it keeps saying ” All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 0)” …
    do I need to have something else installed on my computer to recognize mi phone???
    and im doing it for my phone and 3 of my friends phone too and it say the same for all 3

  68. Robert says:

    The recovery file comes up as blank when I try to open it with the PDA I need help

  69. Jonathan says:

    I was getting all the files ready for the root and I notice that when i extract the file, my recovery-cmw-hercules is not a .tar file. It is just another zip file. I just want to ask you how to fix this because I know you’re always supposed to have .tar files when dealing with Odin. Thanks!

  70. Gary Caton says:

    This website is fantastic !

    With the videos and pics i was able to root, install a custom ROM and then unroot and revert back to stock with no problems.

    Thanks for the great site!

  71. Ann Oyed says:

    Worked like a charm. Thanks so much.

    I removed lots of bloatware and am now troubleshooting the hot phone/bad battery problem with ICS. I would never have been able to do either without root access and your tutorial made the process seem like something I should go ahead and try to do.

  72. Anthony says:

    Where is the ODIN download or how can i get it?

  73. Zack says:

    Does anyone else have wifi strength issues? I have a problem when I am either on stock ICS or rooted, and for that matter any version of ICS with wifi strength compared to gingerbread?

    • Jim says:

      Not strength, but noticed my home wifi signal actually cut out a couple times. Never, in 10 months with original SGS2 running Gingerbread. Haven’t had this one but for an hour running ICS. Actually may flash back to Jugs 5.0.

  74. Ken says:

    Works great. Thanks!

  75. tom says:

    once rooted how do i remove bloatware

  76. David says:

    Thank you! This article is great, I was able to root my phone. The only thing I would add is to recommend that they make a backup immediately once the phone is rooted. This way, if they want to roll back to factory, it is a breeze.

    Thanks again!

  77. yala yala says:

    Works like a charm, THANKS man a million times!!!

  78. Jim says:

    Much easier, from what I remember, to root versus the original SGS2 with Gingerbread. Returned after 10 months. Rebooted and couldn’t turn the phone on. Evidently the power button stopped working. very easy this time.

  79. grigore says:

    thank you ,great work

  80. John says:

    Will this work for Koodo Mobile’s Samsung Galaxy SGH-T989D Android version 4.04?

  81. John says:

    And on a different note, isn’t it advisable to backup your current rom with clockworkmod before your install superuser in case something goes wrong

  82. JERRY says:

    Hey Maxxxx.

    I believe I don’t have to install ClockWorkMod, is it included with this Root? Thanks….

  83. James says:

    i tried rooting this method with the new 4.0.4 update and it doesnt work. odin on my computer states that the procedure fails and doesnt want to install the recovery. is there a work around coming soon?

    • Bonedatt says:

      I was just about to do the same thing by rooting the new 4.0.4 update. Glad you posted this and I hope there is a work around to have you back up and running.

  84. Monto says:

    heyy…..i have a t-mo gs2, its android version is uvlh1, i cant enter into download mode, each time i d the step.1 my phone shows the turn-off option.
    some help??

  85. arydant says:

    Going bu your description of how to place it into download mode, my GingerbreadUVLDE will go into “system recovery” mode.

    The choices are:

    Reboot system now
    Apply update from sdcard
    wipe data/factory preset
    wipe cache partition

  86. Todd says:

    Hi Max, I was prepping to do ICS upgrade, master reset phone, and do the factory upgrade but found the instructions on tmobile horrible with no links that I could find. So back to your site doing the root and darkside rom but have phone in download mode and odin will not start. clicks up for a second and shuts down. was going to restart computer but I have phone in download mode and wondering if it will brick phone?

    • Todd says:

      Okay, so I found that when I unplugged cable, pulled battery and restarted phone everything was fine. I installed newest Kies, plugged in phone and it automatically asked if I wanted to update to newest firmware. Okay, it is not the custom rom yet and looking to root phone, but again when I try to open odin, it pops up and then down. I disabled my virus and firewall in case that was shutting it down but still nothing. I do not have another computer to try on right now. I am suspecting it is my computer and not file. Hate to do a restore right now.

      • Max says:

        Make sure you are not running ODIN when using Kies. Also if you have trouble with ODIN even then, try another computer, that is usually the quickest solution, I have that happen on one of my laptops.

  87. Jason says:

    Hey can someone help me out? I installed titanium backup and clicked ‘open’. Then it says ‘Asking for root rights…’ but super user never popped up. Why is it taking longer than usual? Thanks in advance help appreciated.

  88. Denis says:

    How can i root my galaxy S2 from T-movil if i dont have in my PC winzip ??? help please

  89. keshan says:

    hi, im stuck on step 6!!! everything looks the same as urs did. but when i hit “start”, nothing happens…everytime i hit start, the message showsAll threads completed. (succeed 0/failed 0)

    nothing happens. pllease help 😛

  90. jevon says:

    flashed this while on jedi mind trick rom then i flashed zedomax and got stuck on after boot screen with a blank screen then i tried to use odin to recover the root again to root my phone but it got stuck at recovery.img on odin then after that when i disconnect it i get firmware upgrade encounterd an issue

    please help me

  91. lawrence says:

    do i need to click USB debugging before rooting?
    do i need kies?
    Is it good for 4.04?
    thanks in advance

  92. oscar f says:

    So i have to use PC right? No mac? And do I have anything to be cautious of?

  93. rusty says:

    Hi guys,
    i am a total newb. I had a gs2 4.0.3, uvel1. Inoticed there was no calibrarion. Since i have had so much trouble i was sent a new one. This one has4.0.4 and uvhl1. I noticed the wifi sucks and serious battery drain. Now keep in mind this is right from TMO. i was told this was normal with ICS. SO those wondering about the battery and qifi. It is just ICS . I even called Samsung. I actually have been afraid to root for fear of messing up. So to those expecting ICS stock to be miracle. It has plenty of glitchez. Affter reading this i am really tempted to try to root.
    i actually tried the other night and the phone was stuck inODIN and ahowing a message to doloading and not to turn off power. But what it was d/l i have no ideA. Also the pc running Vista Home Premium displayed a message to aearch for a driver MM6x80. is this normal. Really i linda did all this accidently. I had to turn the phone off. This was the older one. So i dont know if there was anydamage. It appeared to power up fine and start the whole set up process. Is it normal for the pc to aak for MM6x80.
    i’d love to get rid of bloatware and some of the battery eating processes. But i fear i ruined the phone. It was going to be a guinea pig lol and sold. But i dont know if it may be gamagednw r not. Any ideas and wth is this MM6x80 that vista wanted. Would rooting allow better battery performance and allow me to get rid of some of the background processes. Or at least maybe have the processes start on demand. Sort of like the proceses in Vista.

  94. rusty says:

    Oh man i didn’t realize how long that was. I would edit but i cant i am using my phone. My apologies.

  95. rusty says:

    actually max i am not sure where to get a custom rom. Or if i did k ow i dont k ow if it would get rid of aome of the excess crap. On the phone. I dont have the advantage of having a TMO store here. I may attwmpt the root but i kinda freaked qhen the gs2 was atuck in odin mode. I just was chRging tbeough usb and happen to have both keys pushed. The wY i grabbed it.
    i would think updates and installing a new OS qould be left up to us. However Samaung does give ua more control than i had qith my HTC. Where would you reccomend i find a custom rom that can get rid of the ju k apps and some backgrpund processes. Yet be virus free? i read your directilns and the comments. N But it looks like the peep who have successfully rooted thier phones are more tech savy than me. it only takes one screw up to brick the thing. And honeatly i am one that would probably have every issue possible lol. I am not sure the other gs2 is atill good. Id love to root it and the 2 htc and sell them.
    Do i need it unlocked for all this?

    • Max says:

      Sorry I don’t get the question. Could you clarify?

      • rusty says:

        Not to spam . But i guess i am afraid that since i had to unplug the phone it may be screwed up. i cannot stand all the background processes running and useless apps. i have look over a couple of the custom roms and really its hard to make a choice. The rooting process although you have great directions, seems like alot could go wrong especially with an older lap running VHP. ATM i dont really even trust this PC.
        As for the message to install MM6x80 from my laptop. i had no idea what the machine wanted. usually when i plug in the phone the PC cannot find the driver. Since the PC wanted to install MM6x80 and the phone never stopped telling me to not unplug it was downloading, I assume the MM6x80 was for the phone?

    • rusty says:

      i was trrying to say. i accidently entered odin on my GS2 i have 2 of them. one with 4.03 and one with 4.04. i am using the 4.04 one. Anyway i acccidently entered odin on the older phone. It just stayed there with a message showing “downloading do not shut off power etc.” I also had a pop up on the PC asking to look for MM6x80. Since i really was not sure what was going on. I knew i had entered into the master menu or what ever you call it. Nothing seemed to download to the phone. like it was stuck in odin. After some time i finally HAD to unplug and shut it down. It seems to poweer up fine. I just dont know if it is messed up or not. i guess i woould have to set it up for use to see if everything works. Although it is a spare i dont want to screw it up. As for installing a custom ROM i am not sure which one to install lol.
      i guess iam in a catch 22 i want the control of a rooted phone i am just to chicken to do it lol
      There are so many things that can go wrong and i may not be able to fix it. From what i have read i have a feeling my root would not go smoothly.
      As for the GS2 i entered into odin it seemed stuck there and i was not sure what to do except eventually unplug it . I also have 2 HTC sensation 4g I would like to try to root but that is totaly different than whaat we have here.
      Your directions seem easy enough, well written. My concern is getting nto a situation i cannot fix like the WIFI not working etc. Right now i am mainly worried that turning off the phone in odin mode may have screwed it up

      • Robin P says:

        I think in your case your fears have become a self fulfilling prophecy. You are expecting things to go wrong and so they do go wrong. This should be a relatively easy process. I was intimidated by the rooting process as discussed over at xda developers forum. I think they intentionally make things more difficult to add to their “coolness factor.”

        Max on the other hand makes things very easy and will even answer specific questions regarding the process. I can’t say enough about how helpful and cool Max is – he’s the best.

        I got my SGS 2 rooted, have Titanium Backup Pro (worth a few extra bucks for the paid version) and am now in much better control of my phone. Max also helped with a how-to recipe on tethering the rooted phone which is very valuable. Especially now that I am having a connection problem with my home Internet. It’s nice to know that even if the home Internet connection fails I have a backup connection readily available with the SGS2.

        Try to shorten and prioritize your questions for Max and I think you will have better luck getting answers here.

  96. kieran says:

    can you tell me where can i download the “” and “recovery-cmw-hercules.tar”

  97. dennis g says:

    where do you find odin or dowload i am not able to get to tht file? also the file? need help

  98. rusty says:

    @ Robin I agree,

    I downloaded the zip file. Having winrar on here winrar took over. I fixed that and installed 7zip. I did not stop to think these were self extraacting. Anyway, All looks the same as your screen pic except Hercules is showing as just a blank icon like a blank piece of paper. Now the file extensions are not showing. But i dont think that is the issue. Even when i extracted with 7zip and allowed 7z to integrate with tar files it turned Hercules into a 7z folder of course , but the Hercules was showing as a blank page and an image file
    Now i just downloaded the files i did not hook up the phone. Is this the issue possibly?
    i still never figured out why the phone stayed tryiing to download and VHP wanted to install MM6x80. If i were not having issues with the puter. i would be much more confident. SO is 7zip needed after all. i wouldnt think so. Even when 7z was installed the Hercules icon was just a blank piece of paper. The ODIN file opened fine for the pc it just showed Epic 4G . Nor meaning to be a pain in the butt. But i was unsure as to why the puter is not showing the Hercules icon as Tar like in your pic? Of course nothing on this machine seems to display it properly. Since this is basically a fresh restore but acting quirky i am wondering if i neglected to install something. Or is there any program i need on the phone. Thanks for the patience. i hope my question is clear?

  99. Bardouns says:

    Hey so this is my second SGS2 – 989. My first one had a bad charging port. I had rooted that one with no problems. But this one has ICS on it and I keep getting the same error.
    All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 0)

    What am I doing wrong this time? Please help

  100. daw1978 says:

    Hi i just got my hands on a sgh t989 tmobile and have just had it unlocked to o2. If i root my device will it still be unlocked??? 🙂
    Many thanks

  101. rusty says:

    Having samsung fdriver issues as well. Windows tries to find CDC drivers and just waits but the internet sucks here.
    Max is it an issue that the .tar file is showing like a blank page. Windows seems to not recognize it. Last time something similair happened a registry cleaner had deleted a file. I found .tar in winrar set up. So fo everything to display properly like in your pic is there somethingi need. Sorry i have been confusing. To clarify
    When pluggin in and goin into odin the phone is in the download screen and stays there
    The pc wants to install MM6x80?. i have looked for this and havent a clue.
    Then the .Tar file look blank like its not recognized.

  102. rusty says:

    Well it looks like i typo’d it was MSm6x80 the pc was lookinng for. A driver of course. That wass throwing me. It looks as though this worked like a charm so far. The SGH T989 is a spare no sim or sd card so a couple steps weree a teeny bit different. Now that it appears to be rooted. i made one critical error!!! I did not back everything up all the original apps etc incase i should want to unroot or go back. I am about to install my SIM and try out the phone. Max i never doubted your method that stupid error i made on the MSM6x80 was throwing me. i had just misread it so of course i could not find anything on the net, about to try it out

  103. rusty says:

    i installed the free version of titanium back up since i dont know if i am keeping this phone. Now that it looks like its rooted. Do i need to unlock it if i decide to sell it and can it be used on ATT if it were flashed.???? Damn titanium seems loaded with things. I could mess up lots of stuff
    WOW!! MAX!!!!JUST F@#@%ng WOW!!! Id have done this sooner if i had not misread the messaage the computer was giving me. I knew it was a driver but its hard to find when you typo the darnn thing

  104. rusty says:

    Odd Max i had not heard from a friend in days and when i switched phones to the rooted one i found her messages. i wonder you know easy way to root a htc sensation 4g. So far i have not found anything not working on the new root. its titanium free since i did not know what titanium did but i wil upgrade i wonder what superuser pro does. I do want to know how to back this up before i start uninstalling things incase i decide to sell it. And i assume i still need it unlocked to use on ATT. Great job i dont feel like i have no control anymore I really did not know how much difference a root made

  105. Alex says:

    Hi, I just have a quick question about unzipping the files, for some reason every time I try to unzip the files, the recovery-cmw-hercules.tar file unzips into a .img file instead of what you have shown. And I’m not sure how to fix that. Anyone have any pointers to help me out?

  106. Bruno says:

    Hi, Max. First, sorry for my poor english.
    I am Brazilian and I got my S2 T989 from T-mobile on a trip through the U.S..
    My problem is: My phone is running 4.0.4 ICS and it does not have the language option Brazilian Portuguese (PT-BR). I heard that from version 4.0 the option of PT-BR was already included by default.
    Can you help me to include the Portuguese on my phone? Can we wipe and install a newer system that includes the language PT-BR? Or the same version but that includes the PT-BR?

  107. rusty says:

    alex i had the same issue. I used winrar and 7z both took over the zip file automatically. Final y i just u ticked all fe associations in bot profgrams making them useless and used the windos built i n archiver. I dont know it iwas right but it worked.. The only thing was my .tar extension had no iicon. but it all worrked

  108. GR says:

    I rooted, did everything according to the directions. Root seems fine except it WILL NOT connect to WiFi now. It doesn’t even pick up networks to connect to. I am 100% positive it is not my modem or router.

    Is there anything that could be behind this problem? Or is there a way to fix it, other than just trying to turn it on over and over again?

    • Robin P says:

      That is bizarre, I rooted my SGH-T989 following Max’s recipe and have used wifi from the outset at multiple locations. I have not changed ROM’s as I know that different ROM’s can be problematic in the manner you describe.

  109. patricio says:

    Excelent.. Thanks a lot…. It worked like a charm…

  110. rusty says:

    I still have one phpne stock. I cannot decide what rom to install or juat remove the bloatwRe. All the roms look good. What ia rhe best in yoir opinion. One that all features work and provides best batterylife and least memory?. also i am curious. After rooting if it were unlocked. Could an ATT rom be flashed? i know i had a vonage phone that TMO was able to activate and change a few settings and it worked. Now it was a diffferent model. And there was no TMO store so all TMO was able to do was change settings and remotely didd something to the software. I would think it being the same gsm technology that it could be flashed. But i also found there are even physical differences between an att and TMO GS2.
    I actually have a couple questions. The one i rooted did not have an external sd. I stored the zip file to the usb storage folder. Should i get an sd card and reunroot. Or redo the root in a different folder. i wonder what would happen having the zip file in USB storage and rhen later possibly having to clear the usb storage. I know i shpuld have used an sd card. But i did not have an extra. THANKS IN ADVANCE

  111. rusty says:

    i was able to install adobe flash player on my gs2 running 4.0.3 before root. I have anothe gs2 running 4.04 un rooted. I cannot seem to get flash player on it. I saw on the adobe sight no support for any device running more than 4.0.x . The gs3 is listed as being supported for 4.0. I have 2 htc sensations with 4.0.3 i believe . Both of them came with flash player.
    is this a mistake. I put flash ayer on the other gs2. Yet going by adobe website. It looks as though nothing past 2.3 is supported.
    anyone have any ideas. i know this is not adobe site. But since we all have gs2 running ICS maybe someone has an idea. Thanks

  112. b00m says:

    Seriously this is the easiest,simplest way to root for a noob like me.The only reason i want it to root is being able to tether my ipad at work.Now i think i’ll just start playing with some ROMS.

    Thanks man and keep up the good work!!!!

  113. JohnS says:

    I have the Samsung SGH T989 upgraded to Icecream version T989uvle1 through Kies. It worked for more than 4 months now on Icecream version.

    Two weeks ago I got the message Unfortunately, the process has stopped pop up.

    I follow this article to root . I got Odin said pass. I tried to boot in the CWM recovery but unable too. The phone only boot into the Android System Recovery

    I have attemped many times but unable to boot in to CWM recovery. Please help how to boot in CWM.

    Thank you for your help.

    • Max says:

      reflash recovery then pull battery out as soon as you see “PASS!”. Then boot straight into CWM recovery.

      • JohnS says:

        I followed to pull out the battery and put battery back as soon as I see Pass on Odin. Then press Vol up + Volumn down + power key to boot. But it still boot into the Android System recover.

        Please explain more on : …”Then boot straight into CWM recovery.”

        Thanks for your help.

      • demitri says:

        ive done every step listed but when i did the titaniun back up it said it wasnt rooted , any suggestions?

  114. Will says:

    Thanks for the rooting the instructions & video. Since it was my first time i was not confident but It worked. Still not sure what happened. I removed some tmobile apps with Titanium backup. Now I’m looking for a good rom.

  115. Dave says:

    Odin v.3 engine (ID:5)..
    File analysis..
    Can’t open the serial(COM) port.
    All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 1)

    I’m getting a fail in odin while trying to root… what to do?

  116. austin says:

    I just want free tethering, will this work if i root?

    • Robin P says:

      Yes. Root and Titanium Backup, I highly recommend the paid version. Max has been good enough to provide detailed instructions on this procedure.

  117. Steven says:

    Ok, I have all the files and I have it all on my Virtual Machine. I plug my phone into the usb and get it to the ODIN recovery no problem. When I press the up volume button I get to the proper screen but the virtual machine is not reading my phone. I click on PDA and open the .tar file and nothing happens. I noticed that the small rectangular box on the left is blank. Any solutions? I do not have access to a pc…

  118. Dimitri says:

    Hey Max,

    I did all the above steps but now the phone is stuck on the samsung logo. what do i do??

  119. Gunnar says:

    thanks again, great instructions

  120. Avi says:

    Thanks so much Dude! Everything worked like a charm on my Galaxy S2 T989 running Android 4.0.4

  121. Mikey says:

    i hope someone can help…..tring to root sgh-t989 uvlh1….every time i try to start the odin it pops up then disappears can anyone tell me why and how to fix…….thanks

  122. BM says:

    Thank you! Worked perfectly on ICS 4.0.4 with Koodo.

  123. rusty says:

    Worked first time. For me that is a small miracle. I want to try it on my other gs2 with 4.04 and uvel1

    i wonder othera that have made the jump to 4.0.4 and the uvhl1. Really all it supposedly did was make NCS work bettter and android beam. So has anyone tried keeping 4.0.3 and updating to uvhl1 or using 4.0.4 with uvel1. For me really so far the latest ics is just a battery eater.
    now to choose a rom for the rooted gs2. Its a tough decision.

  124. keith says:

    You make it easy for us noobs, thank you.

  125. rusty says:

    Thanks for such an easy root. i was just playing around when i rooted and have been in the hospital using my unrooted GS2. I saved the zip folder to the phone not SD card. So will resetting to factory or deleting usb storage “BRICK” the phone? Or just pop in another SD card copy the files then delete from usb storage.? Or unroot and reroot. What is the best way to reset to factory or just clean it as if it were rooted out of the box. Its rooted and just messy. But the unrooted GS2 is just annoying at the lack of battery.
    Thanks for all the help !!!!

    • rusty says:

      i just ried to bo the “rooted” GS2 while connected to usb. It went to the regular download screen. Like in step 4. Since this is my first root is this normal. It boots to CWM when not attached to usb. I assume it rooted occrectly . So is this normal? SOOn as i get this right iin my head i want to totaly wipe and try a couple custom roms. Just making sure that all is well and if it is safe to factory reset, wipe USB, etc. If i do have to move the files to a regular SD card and reroot then wil wiping the SD make any difference. MY SD and caches get cluttered quickly. Surely there is an app like CCleaner for android? thanks alot. BTW it was not your method i doubted it was my equipment i just have a quirky pc . Thanks

  126. Miguel says:

    Hi , … got a little problem , on step 6 before hitting the start button I am noticing that my phone does not appear on the ID:COM window (top left) , …. there is no yellow sign up there, … need a little hand here pleeeseses !

  127. Augusto4225 says:

    Ok I tried all the way to downloading the Odin MODE I get the green android but on the top where it says product name I have it right, the Custom Binary Download it says NO, I went to my computer(downloads) and the folder is not there, does that happen quick the download or it depends of my speed connection, because i don’t see it in my downloads as now. if it does nor download what I do next?

  128. sayomi says:

    I have the Samsung galaxy s2 T989 4.04 for Koodo my phone won’t go into download mode which doesn’t show the Android our yellow triangle. Instead it shows a dead Android with a red triangle.anytime I try to attempt to root it. Odin doesn’t work for me when my phone is off because it doesn’t read the phone.I’ve tried taking kies off or taking it off on task manager but nothing seems to work. I’ve been dying to root my phone to get Ics but it seems to only show the dead Android. Is there another way around this?

  129. John Lawson says:

    I can’t even get step 1 into recovery mode!
    I’ve tried this at least 10 times.
    Holding power button with vol + and vol – and USB connected just restarts my phone.
    My phone would vibrate once then I let go of power button and keep holding the vol + – then I feel another vibration then my phone just turns off and shows that it is being charged..
    WTF. I’m starting to really hate the s2x..

  130. guy says:

    yes i used your att version on utube to do my straight talk S959G galaxy s2 kernel wiped out my wifi is there a fix i can do or can you give me link to odine that has build for my phone so i can use wifi again please help everything else work great but wifi

  131. rusty says:

    Wantkng to root my 4.04. I am hoping resetting the other gs2 that is rooted will not ruin the phone orr root.
    The files we installed like CWM are now part of the ROM , correct so restoring to factory or reformatting the Sd will not matter. I just want to make sure before i rot the othher Gs2.
    my first root was flawless .probably because i was on a morphine drip and unable to deviate from instructions.
    Thanks in advance Max. My apologiea for being a pain earlier.

  132. cindy says:

    i did exactly what you provided for us and it work 100%. i got some confused but it did when well… thanks you!!!

  133. Ethan says:

    i have done tried using this a couple time but it fails to give me root privileges…it says it’s installed and that privileges have been updated when it’s installed but when i try to install and use titanium backup it say failure to find privileges i don’t know what’s wrong.

  134. rusty says:

    Okay this is a little confusing to explain. On my rooted Gs2 i went to synch email accounts. Both are gmail.
    this AM i had the same emails in both accounts. The rooted one worked fine separating emails but i normally just aynch the one account. So i am wondering if its a root glitch or a difference in runnin 4.0.3 vs 4.0.4? i want to use the rooted phone but need to reaet it. Qhen it synched it added a bunch of new contacts that should not be there. I have noticed the setting for the 2 accounts are different. One seems more settings.
    i cant tell if this is a root issue or ICS. I suspect just a glitch. But i saved the root files to the phone and done want to delete everything for fear of bricking.
    has anyone else noticed emails crossing accounts or maybe a setting i have messed up.


  135. rusty says:

    Sorry i also wondered if anyone elae does not have the option to return to home pagee when on a site. HOME is not an option under menu when online. Both GS2 do this. So maybe a Samsung thing? My HTC alllowed me to return to home page. Anyone else noticed this?

  136. rusty says:

    anyone know an easy way to root a TMO HTC sensation 4g. I ask here because i have seen many different methods and its obviously way different .

  137. Jesse says:

    I have been trying to root my phone for a couple of days now. I did everything that you had on here step by step and every time it says that it has successfully done i go to reboot the phone everything reboots and still no root access. I have just reset my entire phone to factory reset and deleted everything off of my phone. Did the steps again said it was successfully done rebooted my phone and same thing still no root access. I have tried to do this about 40-50 times all with the same turn out. now i have a phone that i lost everything i had because of the reset and i still cant get it to root please help!!!! (weird side note though, i reset my phone to factory settings and it is still saying that i have ics 4.0.4)

  138. thomas says:

    just rooted my phone thanks very much

  139. Ray says:

    Thanks man the steps helped alot to re-root my phone after the jedi mind trick rom messed up my partition or something.

  140. LE4u5 says:

    anyone else having trouble downloading the file?

  141. Jayjeet says:

    My samsung galxy s2 tmobile cannot turn on after i update it..i alreay try enter recovery mode and download mode but it failed?

  142. Jon says:

    Thanks, got it on the first try, took 3 minutes.

  143. Steve says:

    Pardon; at 1:20 you say “go ahead and download tmobilegalaxys2rootICS” – download from where?

  144. jeffry says:

    Hi i just root my samsung Galaxy S2 SGH-T989 (T-mobile) yesterday thanks. Today i recieve new softwer update from t mobile it is ok to update my rooted phone or i just ignor it?

  145. Augusto says:

    Great, man I read a lot of foruns here in Brazil about root in this device, but isnt exist here. Your help was the one way to help me root my cel….thanks and congrats for this briliant job…(sorry for my english)

  146. Charles says:

    Thanks… finally got around to rooting my phone. Failed to install at first then I realized I had to disable my antivirus first.

  147. Ken W. says:

    Hi All, I am new to rooting android!
    I stuck at step 6 after I hit start in Odin3. The message said All threads completed.(succeed 0 / failed 0)
    What should I do next? Help…please!!!

  148. Michael says:

    It worked pertfectly as it said it did, haded problems trying to get my computer to recognize the phone but it all worked out fine. Just follow the simple instrutions

  149. Ryanj says:

    It Worked! Thx… I rooted it with the latest ics 4.0.4 on T-Mobile

  150. mc says:

    after i did the root, it messed up my gps. it went from 30 meters to 700 meters inaccuracy! Help!

    • Robin P says:

      mc, it is highly unlikely that rooting has had any impact on your GPS.

      There are way too many people who have rooted with no ill effects for this to be a possibility. Try the usual GPS troubleshooting and remember, “after this, therefore because of this” is a logical fallacy.

      Good luck.

      • mc says:

        but when i had got this phone originally i immediately rooted and gps was never good, so i sent it for repair, they replaced the motherboard and when it came back gps was perfect, now i decided to root and gps is once again bad.

  151. Robin P says:

    I had the Vibrant in 2010, it never had good GPS rooted or not rooted. I got the SGS II last year and the GPS was amazing when I got it – best, most accurate GPS of any phone I have had to date. I then rooted it and the GPS works just as well now as it did when I first got it. Top notch GPS. Try the GPS troubleshooting. It will be fine.

  152. mc says:

    Trust me i did, sending it for repair was my last resort. Now right after root its back to the way it was.

  153. paul says:

    Hi! I finally rooted after various attempts, lol. Sorry, Im a newbie here. The only problem is that now when I press the power button to turn it off it gets stuck on the pink goodbye logo! Any suggestions or recommendations here??? (w/ links or instructions if possible, please, lol). I read you stated it was a tmobile ROM problem. So, is everyone experiencing this?

  154. benjamin says:

    If I did the small update earlier this week to my tmobile gs2 will this root still work?

  155. roger says:

    dude, u should sue rick ross cuz ur the real boss!!! ez and simple steps. thnx man

  156. Tim says:

    Hey buddy, quick question. I get to “Step 6. Choose “PDA” then choose the file “recovery-cmw-hercules.tar” and hit the “Start” button.” and it says on the odin3 application that it has failed, nothing happens. is there a better place i can download the file or can you send me the one you used via email…. Please, I beg of you!
    Thanks for the help ahead of time!

  157. mcqudavw says:

    Once I double click on Odin3 v1.85.exe to run ODIN program. I recieve the below message:
    Odin3.ini and the only option is to click OK button..

  158. Michael Sta Maria says:

    can’t get superuser permission, i don’t think if i’m already rooted,,
    how can i get root access??
    need help here.

  159. diego says:

    I Have T989 Does Work On Version 4.0.4 ? Please Help Me

  160. diego says:

    how to tar the file or something
    please help me ????? reply

  161. diego says:

    i converted to tar but failedd againnn

  162. Christian Castro says:

    I have a question to see if I can make ROOT, my question is that I update my Samsung Galaxy S2 Version 4.0.4 via KIES, I can do in this case? I can do whatever ROOT? I hope your answers as soon as possible. thank you!

  163. Colton Weidlich says:

    so when i click on the odin 3 v1.85 and i click run and then is comes up with some Chinese symbols and the screen i need briefly comes up and then goes away for what reason i dont know please help. if you have any hints or things im maybe doing wrong please email me at thanks for your help.

  164. fatih says:

    i follow the process step by step when i try to verfy my root access, app says sorry! this device doesn’t have proper root access. But everything seems normal. How i can fix this?

  165. Colin says:

    When I put the .tar in odin, then put it in PDA and run it, it goes through and when I try to boot it into CWM Recovery, it just goes back into ODIN/ the warning screen. Help?

  166. Tony says:

    Hey Max

    I had a black Galaxy S2 it was rooted. I don’t know exactly what happened to it, I left it on my step and couple of hours later went to pick it up and it won’t turn on. I can feel the vibration, so i took the battery out waited 2 mins and put it back on. The Samsung logo came on and the loading screen loaded half way and cuts off. I took the battery out again and repeated, same thing happened. Now every time I put the battery in; it show the logo…load, shut off and vibrate non-strop. Next day i took it to a repair shop he told me the motherboard went dead. Can you help me fix this? Please don’t tell me i need a new motherboard..if so can you post a video on how to assemble the motherboard. Thanks

    • Tony says:

      By the way I forgot to tell you the model of the phone

      t-mobile: SGH-T989
      Sorry i can’t remember all the specific it won’t turn on 🙁

      Ps: the repair guy to sell the phone, the screen itself worth $75 i can probably get $150 for this. What do you think, should I sell it?

  167. safeer says:

    playstore is not working. sgh t989d

  168. Avascar says:

    It’s stuck at the “SAMSUNG” glow startup thingy now :c Wat do I do? I tried formatting from the Clockwork thing and rerooting. Wat I do?

    • Avascar says:

      Btw after I rooted everything was fine, so I installed a custom font and it froze. Then the whole system crashed and I couldn’t properly restart my phone, so I had to remove the battery. Now I can’t even turn it on properly. Any help?

  169. inder says:

    Hey will
    rooting unlock my phone from t mobile

  170. Paul says:

    Update: I finally solved this problem by flashing the Darkside Cache Wipe. Now it’ s working perfectly!
    Pd. I had downloaded Quickboot App to turn on and restart my phone and found it to be very useful. I’m keeping it since it also allows me to go into cwm recovery without having to use the vol and power buttons.

  171. Rob Winters says:

    Just did it for my T989 on TMobile after the Jelly Bean update I installed last night. It still works beautifully!

  172. Robin P says:

    Good call on updating the title to this thread! Thank you! 🙂 I get high with a little help from my friend (Max)
    You’re the best! And Jelly Bean on the SGS 2 is outstanding. I am running the stock ROM so far and loving it since they rolled it out on Kies yesterday. Kudos to Tmobile and Samsung for bring Jelly Bean to the SGS II. And Kudos to Max for supplying the root recipe!

  173. Zhenya says:

    No working on JELLY BEAN. When I installed cwm and tryed to reset to factory settings, it broke starting my device at all! That happened each time as I tried to! So, I hope that you fix it and repost it here…)

    • BobbyPhoenix says:

      It does work on JB. You can’t wipe cache/dalvik, or factory reset through TWRP or CWM recovery while on JB (official). There is a new preload partition installed if you update to the official JB from either Kies or ODIN. You can only do it through stock recovery or through the settings to factory reset. You can use scripts to do it through a custom recovery. See here:

      Hope it helps.

  174. Lyverbe says:

    Got it working on my Telus T989D after my update to Jelly Bean 4.1.2

    But, to enter ODIN, I had to hold Power+VolumeDown (not touching VolumeUp at all) otherwise it would enter some sort of default recovery mode (Samsung’s?)

  175. mike says:

    worked flawless! followed all instructions with a magnify glass 😀

  176. Sunny says:

    My CWM didn’t work anytime I press vol up & down with power button always restarting NEVER get to CWM so I can’t install superuser. I’m running jellybean 4.1.2, help me out please. Thanks

  177. Antonio Newton says:

    My CWM didn’t work anytime I press vol up & down with power button always restarting NEVER get to CWM so I can’t install superuser. I’m running jellybean 4.1.2, help me out please. Thanks

  178. Gerard says:


    Im stock on step 6.. I choose PDA, then choose recovery-cmw-hercules.tar but im confused cause the “recovery-cmw-hercules.tar” appears to be winrar format. When I hit Start it doesnt work it says ” All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 0)” Please help..

  179. BKumar says:

    My S2 which is already on 4.1.2 goes to Download mode. I start ODIN and select the right tar file and nothing happens when I click on Start. It just sits there. The message says All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 0) and nothing happens. I restarted the phone after a long wait and no change is noticed on the phone. Can someone help. I tried with new USB cable and other versions of ODIN also


  180. daniel says:

    Thank you very much, it worked great, was running Android 4.1.2

    Thanks a lot again!

  181. TmmTx says:

    Question for you! It used to be that if you rooted the stock ROM you’d lose WiFi calling. Not a big deal to some, but I have spotty coverage at best at home and use it quite a bit. If I root using this method, will I lose my WiFi calling?

  182. christina peggins says:

    I wanr to root my phone if im able too… will i be able to customize my phone how i want it to have?!

  183. mike says:

    hey guys. whats the difference between backing up rom and having its original zip file(aka installation). Is it the same thing?

    also could someone tell me please if i root my phone and stay with the stock software do i still get updates or no?

  184. Austin says:

    I have a Galaxy S2 running 2.3.6, will this work in rooting my phone?

    • l3roderick says:

      I just did this. You need to install kies and use it to update your firmware to the 4.1.2, then this will work.

  185. ahmed youssef says:

    at step #6 when I do start i get this message:
    All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 0)
    and nothing else?

  186. Muhammad Naeem says:

    Dear Sir,

    I want to ask can i install this Miui rom in My mobile SGH-T989D ?
    I am little bit confused, bcoz my mobile is SGH-T989D not SGH-T989

    I will wait for your kind reply,
    Muhammad Naeem

  187. jim_277 says:

    When you are giving instructions on a video it would be helpful if you would not mumble and ramble on needlessly, it only makes things confusing.

  188. John says:

    I am a newbie and I had trouble with this all day long yesterday. I removed all the files and started over again. I completed all the steps and opened the Super User up scrolled over to the left hand side and updated the binary file and I got finally got root. Super User imediately acked me if I wanted to grant it SuperUser permission. I then went and opened Titanium Backup which wouldnt work for me yesterday because I didnt have root and Super User asked me if I wanted to give it SuperUser permision as well. I am now backing everything up. Thanks – It finally worked.

  189. Alfredo Pretel says:

    Good morning I have a problem between step 2 and step 3, following the instructions, i press vol up, vol down and power button at the same time, it resets and i feel the vibration but in this moment instead of appearing the warning that allows me enter in download mode ,enters in recovery mode!!! what can i do? thanks for your answer.

    • Alfredo Pretel says:

      I get a sign that says:
      verifying internal mmc block …
      checksum confirmation -> check (0)
      check sum not need confirmation
      Already Executed! …

      # MANUAL MODE #

  190. edward says:

    my hercules recovery isnt there? do you know why?

  191. chris says:

    after I installed the .tar file from ODIN. it said it passed and was rebooting but gets stuck on the re-boot screen and does not fully reboot. what should I do? any help would be great!!

  192. Drew says:

    Never had to root a phone, thought I would be a good time to try. Your instructions are very awesome and I have a root phone! Time to go and play with some ROM! BTW I root from jellybean 4.1.2 slick as lemon pie!

  193. C. Mayo says:

    Worked perfectly first time… thanks! This was my 3rd attempt to root my old S2 and sure do wish I’d found this page the first time I tried. Kudos for still having the file available. More often than not, these kinds of files are long gone from their hosts by the time I get around to needing them.

  194. DC says:

    Why is it that when i extract the files the recovery-cmw-hercules gets extracted to a img file instead of a tar file so when i try to load it in the pda it does not show up at all.. Any suggestions?

    • Sandra says:

      Don’t extract recovery-cmw-hercules.tar at all. The only file you should be extracting to your desktop (or some place else you can access easily) is

  195. TroutBum says:

    I used this method it it worked perfectly. I have full root but does that mean my bootloader is unlocked? I want to start flashing custom roms but I don’t want to brick my phone.

  196. Sandra says:

    Thank you for this. As someone who is new to repairing phones, I have found myself reading a bunch of CRAP How-To guides. However, yours is exceptionally easy to understand and follow. I’ve used this guide 2 times now and it has worked both times.

    Thanks again

  197. Dan N says:

    Hi All and thanks for putting this together.

    I have a Telus SGH-T989D, and I read all the stuff about being similar for rooting (other than the different keys to be pressed).

    I want to flash a T-Mobile ROM on it, since I need Spanish (for word prediction) which Telus doesn’t have.

    I know both phones (T989D -Telus- and T989 -TMobile-) are the same, or almost the same; so basically, I’m hesitante to stick a T989 ROM and end up with my T989D bricked…

    Anyone who can tell for good if this would be feasible? or any workaround?

    Thanks in advance 🙂

  198. Chris Hartig says:

    Good evening. I have a Galaxy S2 and I rooted the phone after the firmware update.

    The phone is stuck in a reboot loop and I cannot get it to stay in the recovery mode. I cannot get it to stay in recovery to reflash the root. I take the battery out and the phone just starts to vibrate with the hard drive and just does it over and over.

    If you have any advice I would appreciate the help.
    Have a great weekend.

  199. Tommy says:

    I have the SGH-T989, followed the directions to the letter. The process went smooth as can be. The end result was a failure. No ROOT access. Not blaming, just unsure why or how. I disabled all the AV software and tried with updated SU files but still, no ROOT access. No fail messages of any kind. Someone throw me a bone here…

    • Tommy says:

      I ended up using this page and TWRP Touch Recovery with CWM_Root_Superuser_3.1.3_Busybox and it worked out. Now to start deleting start up programs and bloatware from TMO… Been a long time coming. Thanks to all who provided links and technical guidance so we can take our phones back. -Tommy

  200. dstars33 says:

    After checking root with Titanium Backup, It stated no root access. I had to update SuperSU from Play Store and update binary (select ‘normal’) and then bingo bango! Root!

  201. Shane says:

    Hey, I really want to root my phone (4.0.3), but I am worried to do so as my phone is already unlocked (I paid for it) and I am using a non-American sim in mine. If I root, will the unlock be gone?

  202. Azorean says:

    Worked perfect only difference I used updated version of ODIN3 v3.07

  203. Mark says:

    Can anyone suggest a kernel to use with Android 4.0.3 on a stock rom sgh-t989/t-mobile. Maybe provide a link. Thanks in advance.

  204. Doug Favelo says:

    Hello all,
    I think I’m very close to rooting my phone, and I hope you can help.
    Following the process, I am stuck on step 7. Namely, my phone does not restart. Here is what seems different:
    In the picture on step 5 it says “custom binary download: YES (45 counts).” Mine doesn’t say it; it says NO.
    Also, after I hold the power, volume up and down together and I reboot into ODIN mode, my computer immediately chimes and says, “USB Device not recognized. The last USB device you connected to this computer malfunctioned….” I do have the latest drivers from Samsung for my T989. I’m using Windows 8. If I reboot normally, everything is fine, and Windows 8 recognizes the device.
    Any thoughts? I’m aching to remove bloatware.

    • Doug Favelo says:

      I forgot to mention that when the phone is in ODIN mode the Odin3 program does not show any devices (like COM3, for example), until I reboot the phone into normal mode and the computer recognizes it (and that “USB Device not recognized” message goes away. Then the Odin3 program shows my phone as COM3. Thanks!

  205. TSF says:

    For anyone getting the “All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 0)” error, go to Samsung’s site and download the latest driver for your model. For SGH-T989 you will see three drivers with different letters in the end. In the case of my phone, it did NOT say which of the three it was, only that it was SGH-T989. I had to wing it and downloaded the third and last.

    In any event, once you do that and open Odin, you will see the drive appear (the yellow box in the upper left-hand corner, as it shown here in the screenshot).

  206. TOny Phamille says:

    Hello, Everytime I try to use odin to being the rooting process. It says there is not Pit Partition after I link the PDA. Can you help me fix this please?
    Thanks in Advance

  207. Miranda says:

    I have done everything it says to do but I realized on step 2 it never pops up the warning but immediately poped up step 4. Under step 4 i see that on mine it says under custom binary download it says no. yours on the pic says yes. im completely clueless about phones but can follow these instructions….everything seems to work until i got to the supersu. It didnt show me anything under apps….if you understand this message please help lol

  208. Patrick says:

    The file linked above in the article seems corrupted (I get an “invalid file” error while trying to unzip it).
    I found a working file here:

  209. Lili says:

    I did every step, very easy and simple to follow, for anyone who hav problems with step 6 (the status in the odin is succeed 0, fail 0) then download (i think it’s the driver for samsung phone) it worked for me, ths again

  210. aaron says:

    I know this is an older forum but I am having serious trouble with a phone that isn’t mine …….. I followed the steps perfectly for my t989 and ran ODIN after extracting the .zip file. I chose PDA and chose the .tar. as specified. Odin runs and tells me that I’ve passed (green) and that 1 / 0 has succeeded. The phone begins to reboot (while still plugged in) but then it gets stuck at the samsung gs2 boot screen. It loads up until the very last of that blue bar but no further. I’m not sure why that happened but now, I’m unable to even boot my phone past this screen. Any suggestions would be wonderful!!!


  211. ronl2k says:

    My T989 boot-looped after ODIN auto-rebooted from the recovery flash. The person who fixed it told me that the custom recovery flashed a new kernel, so he flashed a custom ROM to fix it.

    I had just done a Kies upgrade from 2.3 to 4.1.2. Perhaps the kernel mismatch happened there?

  212. Some Guy says:

    if you guys are coming up with a zfile. just leave it and open the odin exc. The click pda and select the zip file. it should still work. 🙂 that’s what I did with mine

  213. Jean Marie says:

    I tried to root bu my phone does not finish the task of downloading. It is still saying downloading for hours and hours.

  214. Shazib says:

    i cant go download mood its sgh t989D please help

  215. madbillygoat says:

    I am sorry to ask this but where is the download link for this zip file
    I can not find it.
    I have to root my phone to get all my data to my new phone this version 2.3.6 is a real pain.

  216. madbillygoat says:

    Hello again,
    I hope someone sees this. I installed carbon 4.4.4, all works ok but I lost root. Does anyone know to reroot. this method does not work anymore.. Something wrong with binary. Get error with supersu no binary.
    Please anyone have an idea? I am supper green at this.



  217. Ja says:

    where are the 4 file odin3 and the others in the zip folder. I cant locate them

  218. MrDreamers says:

    holding both volume buttons and power button does that not put you in recovery not download mode?
    im trying to root tmob sgh-t989 4.1.2 and the other site said i can simply odin twrp and it will ask me to root because it will notice the phone is not rooted is this true?

  219. Axell abo says:

    svp rooter galaxy s2 SGH-t989 san my pc usb connector is damaged

  220. Axell abo says:

    rooter galaxy s2 SGH-t989 san my pc usb connector is damaged

  221. Axell abo says:

    1rooter galaxy s2 SGH-t989 san my pc usb connector is damaged

  222. Axell abo says:

    2rooter galaxy s2 SGH-t989 san my pc usb connector is damaged

  223. Axell abo says:

    3rooter galaxy s2 SGH-t989 san my pc usb connector is damaged

  224. Axell abo says:

    4rooter galaxy s2 SGH-t989 san my pc usb connector is damaged

  225. Axell abo says:

    5rooter galaxy s2 SGH-t989 san my pc usb connector is damaged

  226. Axell abo says:

    rooter galaxy s2 SGH-t989 san my pc usb connector is damaged6

  227. Axell abo says:

    rooter galaxy s2 SGH-t989 san my pc usb connector is damaged7

  228. Axell abo says:

    rooter galaxy s2 SGH-t989 san my pc usb connector is damaged

  229. John Smith says:

    I was trying a couple other how-to guides but they kept failing to give me root. This guide did work. THANK YOU!

    My phone was:
    sgh-t989 (T-Mobile)
    4.1.2 Jellybean
    Date: Sept. 12th, 2015

  230. kgbreezy says:

    Step 8 is not working for me. The files do not show up on my computer

  231. kgbreezy says:

    For some reason step 8 does not work for me. My computer does not show the programs.

  232. Santiago Maldonado says:

    the file cant be downloaded, please re share, or upload to a file sharing service like mega, thanks

  233. Santiago Maldonado says:

    others files like doesnt work with my phone Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.4, so i hope you upload thanks, or send me to my mail

  234. avslappet says:

    I get “Please insert disk”, at step 8. What can I do ?

    ‘Step 8. Once your phone reboots, connect to your computer as a disk drive and copy the file to your phone’

  235. Rodrigo Fadel says:

    Link for download recovery-cmw-hercules.tar please

  236. Kiray ❌ says:

    what should i do?

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