How to Unroot T-Mobile Galaxy S2 Jelly Bean!

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T-Mobile just pushed out official Jelly Bean update to everyone with a T-Mobile Galaxy S2 SGH-T989.

Now, if you are on custom ROM or have problems updating, there’s an easy way to manually update or “unroot” your T-Mobile GS2 to the latest Jelly Bean updates.

By unrooting to the latest Jelly Bean, you will lose root (but it’s easy to re-root, root method is same for Gingerbread, ICS, and Jelly Bean).

UPDATE: Now there’s a CWM-flashable rooted version so you can install it using CWM Recovery, see here.

Step 1. If you are on stock ROM, you do can skip this step. If you are not on stock ROM but on a custom ROM, reboot into CWM Recovery and wipe data/factory reset.
Make sure you backup your ROM and your apps beforehand as this will erase all your settings and apps (but not contents of your internal storage/sdcard).


Step 2. Connect a USB cable from your T-Mobile Galaxy S2 to your computer. Then hold down Volume Up, Volume Down, and Power buttons together for around 10 seconds until your phone reboots and you feel a small vibration signaling reboot.

At this point, only let go of the Power button but keep holding down Volume Up and Down buttons.

If you see the warning screen, hit Volume Up button to put your phone into Download Mode.

Step 3. Download the Official Jelly Bean Stock Firmware and ODIN, extract both. You should get a file ending with “tar.md5” (this is the stock firmware), and also ODIN program.

Download Official Jelly Bean Stock Firmware for T-Mobile Galaxy S2, mirror

Download ODIN

Download Samsung USB Drivers (if you don’t see yellow highlighted box with ODIN)

Step 4. Run ODIN. Make sure you see a yellow highlighted box with a random COM number. If you don’t, download and install Samsung USB drivers (from above link).

DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING ELSE but hit the “PDA” button then choose the stock firmware you extracted in Step 3, the file T989UVMC6_T989TMB_T989UVMC6_HOME.tar.md5.

Then hit Start button.

Step 5. It should take 10-15 minutes for ODIN to flash the Jelly Bean stock firmware. Once done, you should see a green box with “PASS!” then your phone will reboot automatically and you should be on the official Jelly Bean firmware, congratulations!

If you need to root it, simply follow How to Root Jelly Bean/ICS/Gingerbread on T-Mobile Galaxy S2!

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67 Responses

  1. lethalgorman says:

    Thanks Max. I’m running stock unrommed but I cant seem to get Kies to install the new firmware. When I get home from work I will try the Odin technic. Is anybody else having problems getting Kies to update there t989?

  2. Johnny says:

    so i was using MR BUILD 6 from aokp, saw this update, thought hey let me try it out, i manually did it cause kies wowasnt working on my phone, now im on a boot loop. it just says samsung and flashes it the whole time, my phone is completely useless, i tried downloading and flashing gingerbread AND ICS back on the phone but it still sticks in boot loop? what did i do and what can i do? ive been using for site for a year and always have sorted out my phone fine but this time shit all is working, one thing i didnt do was factory reset it before using odin to flash. please help me man..

    • lethalgorman says:

      Try flashing back to stock using Odin in download mode. That’s what I did every time I would get stuck. You should be able to get into download mode. Follow Max’ video. Let me know how it goes

    • ghost says:


  3. Johnny says:

    but i’ve done that, i used my ICS stock rom and everything

  4. lethalgorman says:

    So your still stuck on a boot loop? I’m confused

  5. lethalgorman says:

    Because if you can get into download mode you will be ok

  6. Johnny says:

    yes but if i flash anything it still boot loops

    • lethalgorman says:

      So you get into download mode. Then flash a ROM using Odin, it should work

      • Neil says:

        when your stuck on boot loop or “SAMSUNG”, go into recovery and wipe data/factory reset and wipe cache. that has fixed the same problem for me

  7. Johnny says:

    i do that, it flashes fine, then doesnt boot

  8. Nestor Sequeira says:

    Waiting months for this….Thanks Max.

  9. Johnny says:

    just tried GB stock rom and does the same thing, flashes fine and now it just says samsung and nothing happens.. seriously think my phone is messed up now

    • ghost says:

      mine tooo…….. the same, only stuck on (samsung)

    • lethalgorman says:

      hey johny. just updated my sons s2 worked just fine. Hope you are having better luck. Are you sure you have the right drivers, Odin and unzipped tar file.

  10. Mike says:

    Any idea on how to unlock wifi tether with the new official JB rom?

    • Jah Son says:

      Same process as before. Run the GB/ICS/JB root, use Titanium Backup to backup (optional) the TetheringProvision file, then uninstall. I just ran it, worked fine.

      • Manuel says:

        For some reason it’s not working for me. I’ve rerooted and uninstalled with titanium backup but then settings error occurs.

        • JT says:

          I’m having the same problem with tethering. Updated a second time with Odin, rooted again, froze tethering provision, and got the same error message, “Unfortunately, Settings has stopped.” That’s a deal breaker. Going back to ICS or a customer JB rom until there’s a way to tether for free with stock JB.

    • Paul says:

      Regular ICS Gingerbread method not working for me neither. I uninstalled tethering manager with Titanium Backup but a “unfortunately, settings has stopped” notice appears seconds after swwitching the mobile hotspot toggle on.
      Please help or I”ll have to go back to ICS. 🙁

  11. ghost says:

    how long does it take to reboot after odin is finish??? the screen only says (samsung) but i wanna know how long

  12. ghost says:

    please help on my question

  13. ghost says:

    why is it still stuck on “samsung”?????

  14. lethalgorman says:

    i have used jelly bean roms in the past but this is awsome anyway. Google Now and project butter, Its like my S3. Samsung, you rock, and this phone is underated.

  15. EDGAR JR says:

    help please!!! can i flash this official rom via clockwork? because is the only way i can, due to the usb port of my phone is fried and only gets charge but no data transfer. I am rooted and running AOKP JB-MR1 Build 6. please help or any other solution????

  16. lethalgorman says:

    You should be able to flash anything as long as it is a zip file

  17. ?@#$%&*! says:

    Here is the order that I always use when installing a rom: If phone is Rooted then perform an Un-Root.

    Boot into Recovery Mode CWM
    Wipe data (Factory Reset)
    Wipe cache
    Wipe dalvik
    Fix permissions
    Wipe battery stats
    Darkside Super Wipe
    Flash Rom
    Wipe dalvik
    Fix permissions
    Wipe battery stats

    Reboot and enjoy!

    • lethalgorman says:

      Wow,that’s crazy. I just wipe both caches and do a factory reset. If I’m upgrading a ROM then I just flash it dirty. Are people still using super wipes?. But better safe then sorry

  18. BobbyPhoenix says:

    I did the update via ODIN, and afterwards I installed CPU Spy. While checking out CPU Spy I scrolled to the bottom where the kernel info is, and it says (prerelease) within the info. Can others check theirs? Am I understanding it wrong? Seems strange for an official OS release with prerelease kernel.

  19. Aaron says:

    If anybody is looking to overclock the stock rom give Tiberius kernel a try. I have been running it for a few days now, seems flawless.

    As always nandroid first.

  20. yara says:

    hi im having a problem im triying to change rom, but my phone says that it can’twipe data cache, im thinking of unrooting it and root it back again to see if the problem solves , but is y do it im hoping to be no need of doing a wipe data because wont work any other ideas suggestions please.

  21. Koontz says:

    Help! I did all the steps and now it’s been stuck on Samsung for a long time

  22. Abdullah says:

    Hey, I tried several times and no go. Fails at SYSTEM within system.img.ext4. I unplug but when I plug in I get “Firmware upgrade encountered an issue. Please select recovery mode in Kies and try again.” I shut off all Kies processes already and still same thing. Now it fails right away and says ” There is no PIT partition.” Please help me, I will be eternally grateful.

    Side notes: had a rooted ICS, then I booted in CWR mode and cleared cache, and did a factory reset prior to trying this post to go to Jelly Bean. I was under the impression this would remove the root and give me a fresh stock Jelly Bean. Also, I canot go into CWR mode any more now. It goes straight to odin mode with the Kies error. Plugged in or not.

  23. Rocky says:

    To the following stuck in boot loop. I had the same problem i started freaking out. I did a nanoid back up to so when i tried restoring from previous rom i got a boot loop. I realized I didnt use super dark wipe. I just did it right now and i think it worked

  24. Robert Villafuerte says:

    anyone having problems with wifi working or turning on cause i am. It also keeps switching to off right when i turn it on. Hope to hear from someone with the same problem as me.

  25. Mike says:

    Has anyone ever seen this issue?
    My wife has the same phone and hers is fine. Mine has this weird text on the screen. We usually update through Kies but I thought I would try updating through Odin and this firmware but I still get this annoying text.
    When I rooted with rootbox the text was gone. Now I want to go back to original tmobile firmware but I can find a way to get this text off of the screen. It overlays over everything. It only started showing after I upgraded to Jellybean from Gingerbread.
    Has anyone ever seen this I can’t seem to find any help?

  26. Alland Timas says:

    help please!!!!!! i unplugged my phone while it was running in odin and now it doesn’t work. it says “firmware upgrade encountered an issue. please select recovery mode in kies & try again.”

  27. andrew flores says:

    help pls I tried unrooting to stock jellybean it boots up to Samsung logo then tmo galaxy s2 logo then stops pls help

  28. Jay says:

    I have a regular non-rooted gs2….Will this cause problems for me? I have to do it this way because Kies is a piece of crap and won’t update my phone.

  29. Michael says:

    Does this restore the stock rom and kernel?

  30. Rudy says:

    Do I need to download Samsung Kies? Or do i just download Odin?

  31. Bin says:

    just follow the steps ( I didnt even wipe data before install ) and it’s work great!

  32. Elaine says:

    This tutorial was a lifesaver…I was rooted and somehow corrupted my EFS files. Up and running again, except with a weird problem: There’s text on my home screen that says this:

    HW: REV0.1
    PDA: T989UVMC6
    PHONE: T989UVMC6
    CSC: T989TMBMC6
    RF Cal. Date: 2011.10.07
    SMD,PBA: N
    Camera: N/A
    TSP: 0x10
    TSK: 0x13
    Unique Number: ___________

    Any idea how to get rid of this?

  33. Jesus says:

    what can i do if my computer isn’t reading my phone even after i successfully installed the samsung usb driver??

  34. Alex says:

    Can I flash SGH-T989D 2.3.5 to JB?

  35. Clay says:

    Worked excellent , to unroot my t989 s2 + add new jelly bean firmware.

  36. xamada says:

    Worked excellent
    This tutorial was a lifesaver…I was rooted and somehow corrupted my EFS files. Up and running again, except with a weird problem: There’s text on my home screen that says this:

    HW: REV0.1
    PDA: T989UVMC6
    PHONE: T989UVMC6
    CSC: T989TMBMC6
    RF Cal. Date: 2011.10.07
    SMD,PBA: N
    Camera: N/A
    TSP: 0×10
    TSK: 0×13
    Unique Number: ___________

    Any idea how to get rid of this?

  37. alex says:

    Is anyone having a problem were the phone just reboots forever. by the way I unrooted it fine, the program works fine, but out of no where it just reboots.

  38. Ahsanmailc says:

    This worked for me. very good piece of work shared man. i did it as guided and succeeded in it. too happy to get my stock OS back. cheers !

  39. Naveed says:

    SGH-I777 can i flash it, bcoz that is not run or boot up just show charging & than off & same show / off after that’s all i have to purchased new battery and put in back in phone so mobile have been run but same issue have shown samsung logo has appear & getting off & again show / off … to resolve it plz help me.

  40. Belen Ramos says:

    Hi, big question i have downloaded everything here, and its all working fine, however when i look for the file through the PDA buttonT989UVMC6_T989TMB_T989UVMC6_HOME.tar.md5. it never shows up even if i look in the correct location? not sure what to do ive tried adding the complete address but it says

    All threats completed; (succeed 0/ failed 1) whyyyyy

    I am stuck in a boot loop and need to install original firmware to work it out,.

  41. Belen Ramos says:

    Thanks! worked like a charm…. lol

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