How to Unroot T-Mobile Galaxy S2! [SGH-T989]

I’ve had a ton of people ask me how to unroot the T-Mobile Galaxy S2 SGH-T989 so here’s a new stock unrooted ROM you can install over any custom rooted ROM to get back to completely stock Android 2.3.5 ROM.

UPDATE: There’s an updated unroot method here!!!

Step 1. Connect your T-Mobile Galaxy S2 SGH-T989 to your computer via microUSB cable and enable USB storage mode.

Step 2. Download the unrooted stock ROM and put it in your internal storage or external microSD card:

Download Unrooted Stock ROM

Step 3. Reboot into ClockworkMod Recovery(CWM) by holding down Volume Up, Volume Down, and Power button together.

Step 4. As soon as your T-Mobile Galaxy S2 reboots, let go of the Power button.

Step 5. Once in CWM, choose “wipe date/factory reset” and hit the Power button.

Step 6. Choose “Yes”.

Step 7. ¬†Choose “install zip from sdcard”.

Step 8. Choose “choose zip from sdcard”.

Step 9. ¬†Choose “”.

Step 10. Choose “Yes”.

Step 11. When installation is complete, pat yourself on the back, your T-Mobile Galaxy S2 SGH-T989 has been completely unrooted.

Step 12. Choose “reboot system now” to reboot.

Step 13. You should encounter the following screen like the day you received your T-Mobile Galaxy S2.

Step 14. You should find that you have all stock apps, SuperUser and root removed.

Step 15. You can also verify ClockworkMod Recovery (CWM) has been replaced back with stock recovery.

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63 Responses

  1. Rohan Lokesh Sharma says:

    How to do it with I900 unviersal version of sgs2????

  2. Dark Shim says:

    Will I need to reset the ODIN count, or is that for AT&T only?

  3. WinterKid says:

    Will I loose my purchased apps if I go back to stock?

  4. goodberto says:

    Hey man, It worked for me Thanks for teaching us how to do that. I rooted my phone and unroot it too, following your videos. But at the end I had a problem when I turned on the phone (and every time i do) the “Sinery Kernel” (a signature from a rom that I installed) pops up then the Android thing. So it is kinda obvious that my phone has been rooted, Do you have any suggestions how to fix that?

  5. goodberto says:

    I meant. “Synergy Kernel”

  6. Amr Morsy says:

    Hi, I was using BeastMOD II 4.2 that has Synergy 0.10 kernel included and now when I unrooted my device the synergy logo is still there plus the boot animation is just plain “android” word no galaxy sII or T-Mobile 4G. Please can you help me? Thank you.

  7. hector says:

    how can i download the zedomax file from the site that its not letting me download please i would appreciate very much for some info.

  8. MMakoto says:

    if this unroot is meant to go back to stock, meaning all new apps will be removed and bloatwares back, can’t we just do the factory reset?

  9. Mr. Walty says:

    I see that after flashing this through CWM it brings the phone back to unrooted stock, but i noticed you have the T989UVKID, but how about us that the T989UVKL1??? If I use this to unroot my phone, will it put me on “Builder Number” GINGERBREAD.UVKID or GINGERBREAD.UVKL1??

  10. Mr. Walty says:

    Hey OP, can you make an updated flashable ZIP file that supports the stock Android 2.3.6 ROM with the build number GINGERBREAD.UVKL1?? I can’t believe how simple this is to get back to un-rooted stock, except us with the T-Mobile SGS2 that came with the updated build.

    • MMakoto says:

      you can download the 2.3.6 version from the dev section over at xda. although it’d be greatly appreciated if that rom is linked over here as well.

      no offense to the OP/site owner, but he doesn’t seem to reply to much of the questions asked over here. he might be really busy??!!

  11. James says:

    I tried this and its not COMPLETELY stock. My previous rom was Juggernaut rom and after doing this, the bullet startup screen still starts up aswell.

  12. Pat says:

    Is there are any different between US and UK version of T-Mobile Samsung S2? I am trying to unroot my UK T-mobile S2.


  13. David says:

    It should be noticed that using this to UNROOT the phone leaves the phone without WiFi calling AND incapable of being updated with Kies.

    • Jay says:

      It unroots to 2.3.5 in which I don’t think tmo had wifi calling enabled. I connected it to KIES via USB and had no problems updating to 2.3.6, activating wifi calling, then rooted again using
      I had to swap out the SIM card as my original did not support wifi calling. I installed the card that was delivered with the SGSII and had tmo activate it for the service.

      • David O says:

        Agreed on the fact no WiFi included. But Kies would say “this device cannot be updated with Samsung Kies”. When I used ODIN to update to 2.3.6, however, everything worked fine. I found the steps for that over on XDA along with the ROM.

  14. savagepagan says:

    This worked perfectly! Thanx!

  15. _____homz says:

    Hi guyz. I just got my SGS2-Tmo (white) and it came with 2.3.6 firmware, i got curious so i rooted my phone and came successful. Now i did the un-rooted but i noticed that i now have 2.3.5 firmware, can you tell me how to get back to stock 2.3.6 firmware that it came with it before the whole process of rooting & un-rooting?

    • Marco says:

      I have the same one and mine it came out good after the Un-root … tell me what u did, so i can tell you what u probably did wrong …

  16. nickd d says:

    Hey there. thanks so much for the Roms and great work! but since i downloaded bombadier ROM to my tmobile galaxy s2 i havent been able to connect it to computers or anything. it doesnt connect. and to unroot my phone i need to be able to connect it. And whats another great ROM, i seen you posted more. Thanks so much!!!!

  17. Jason says:

    Hey everyone. I used the 2.3.5 zip package above, but Kies said it couldn’t update it to 2.3.6. I had not come across anything that pointed me to a way to update to 2.3.6 via ODIN, but I found stock firmware on XDA. Once it was installed, Kies automatically recognized that I needed to update it. Here is the link to XDA:

    I loved the size and the display on the GSII but I ended up returning mine because the battery was dreadful and it was too difficult to put it in vibrate and true silent mode. I had to get an app to toggle the sounds or delve into sounds each time I wanted to silence my phone or put it back on vibrate. To get my text message notifications to vibrate, I had to turn UP the haptic intensity, and even though I didn’t turn on haptic feedback, when I would type, I would get haptic feedback. I do not want to feel my phone vibrating when I type. I was already dropping 2 percentage points on the battery within 5 min of unplugging it (and the screen was off) and haptic feedback didn’t help. To top it all off, I got tired of my phone buzzing to let me know that it’s fully charged. If I told it to NEVER vibrate (before going to bed), I would have to delve into the sounds again to tell it to vibrate. A youtube video explained how an app called Tasker could help with that. If these minor things could be fixed, I’d get another one in a heartbeat. Til then, I’ll have to stick with HTC because the battery is better and it’s easy to move from vibrate to silent (truly silent-no sounds except media and alarms) to ring by just adjusting the volume rocker… maybe my GSII had a problem, but I wasn’t going to keep going back and forth with it. Just got an Amaze and I’m happy with it. Regardless of my adventure, I hope that the info helps someone.

  18. Tmac says:

    hey guys. I’m stuck. i try to put in new rom, but they said install abort all the time and try to unroot it said the same thing. how can i fix this problem? PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!

  19. RORY says:


  20. kambo says:

    hey max , whenn i unroot my sg2 everything came out right but when i restart the phone it didnt do the stock restart boot up it show darkside boot menu? help

    • vitinj says:

      Hey kambo, i was wondering if you had your issue resolved about the darkside boot up screen, and how did you do it? I have the same issue as you.

  21. yeayea says:

    i tried to unroot my phone and my screen will not show now???!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can anyone help?

  22. reka says:

    Have you figured out a way to unroot it to the updated 2.3.6 (gingerbread.ukl1) version?

  23. mouhcine meliani says:

    sir i really need your help
    i just got a Samsung galaxy s2 skyrocket and i did root it following your process and it did work.
    i also tried to install the Arabic support i loaded a file ( ) and after i installed it, the phone never boots up since, it stuck a the boot blue barre and that is.
    i reset the phone to factory and wipe all cache and still nothing. i download the file from your site ( still didn’t work
    is there any way i can solve this problem and save my $460 i will really really be thankful.

  24. Marco says:

    Hi every body is being a while since i root my phone but Dont Know How To Make Free International Calls using wifi or my regular 4G …. I already Disable My Tethering using Titanium Backup and it works great …. But i cant make those calls …… PLEASE HELP

  25. Josh says:

    after install of this rom i boot my phone and see samsung and then hear tmobile chime but screen stays black and soft keys dont light up….. HELP

  26. marco says:

    Max can u help me with my question …. I’m,Marco right above josh …. Plis help ..

  27. tarush says:

    Hey I was having darkside v8 ROM on my galaxy S2, I followed all the steps but now phone is stuck on battery screen which shows its charging. It is not even going into stock recovery by holding vol up, down and power. Earlier it went into stock recovery but the power button didn’t work as i wanted to select the option for the factory reset.
    Please help as I don’t want this phone to go as m waiting for my nexus s which got some other problem when I unrooted it!!///////ANYBODY PLEASE HELP

  28. tarush says:

    Oki I got into the stock recovery now below the #MANUAL MODE# in yellow it is showing
    E:copy_kernel_file:: Can’t open/ cache/ recovery/recovery_kernel_log
    E: Can’t open/ cache/ recovery/log
    E: Can’t open/ cache/ recovery/last_log

    I ma in deep deep trouble please help!!!!….:(

  29. Jaime Cababie says:

    does this works if you are on ics

  30. jevon says:

    flashed this while on jedi mind trick rom then i flashed zedomax and got stuck on after boot screen with a blank screen then i tried to use odin to recover the root again to root my phone but it got stuck at recovery.img on odin then after that when i disconnect it i get firmware upgrade encounterd an issue

    please help me

  31. justin says:

    Max please help!! I followed all the steps and when I try to start up my phone it doesnt start up it loads the samsung logo and then it shuts off and it wont reboot please help!

  32. justin says:

    Yep the same exact phone showen in the video

  33. justin says:

    Yes same phone and everything

  34. Max says:

    i’m not so sure it could be a hardware failure. i’m experiencing the same exact thing like justin. My phone doesn’t go past the boot logon. It just goes blank. I could manually reboot the phone by holding down the power button and the volume down button and it reboots fine but after that the screen just goes dark.

  35. Max says:

    Max, help us find a solution to this problem please. Thanks.

  36. Max says:

    actually i found a way.
    download T989UVKL1_HOME_SGH-T989user_CL799405_REV00.tar.md5
    download odin 1.85
    then plus usb in your phone and connect to the computer
    reset the phone holding vol up and vol down at the same time. then you’ll get into the download mode
    open up odin and select PDA. Choose the (T989UVKL1_HOME_SGH-T989user_CL799405_REV00.tar.md5) file
    click start
    after this finishes your done dude.
    worked for me.

  37. ko says:

    Where is the file to download if the stock rom was ics 4.0

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