ICS Megamix ROM for T-Mobile Galaxy S2 SGH-T989!

Looking for a good ICS ROM on your T-Mobile Galaxy S2 SGH-T989? Well, try the all-new ICS Megamix ROM for your T-Mo Galaxy S2, which comes with auto-rotation fix, which was the culprit of leaked ICS ROMs.

This one should be near flawless so give it a go and let me know how it works for you!

Download ROM:

Download ICS Megamix ROM

Credits – XDA

Don’t know how to install a ROM?
For all T-Mobile Galaxy S2 SGH-T989, please see T-Mobile Galaxy S2 FAQ here for all rooting, backup, install guides.

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121 Responses

  1. dbcooper says:

    Gonna give this a run, thanks!

    • NormCIO says:

      The ROM install initially failed for me as well. I’m on a rooted TMO G2 which had been running sweet with other custom ROMs. Used the wipe tool suggested and repeated the install without a hitch. Works great. Thanks to all in this forum. .

  2. curtis says:

    downloading now gonna give it a try..hope everything works better…..

    • curtis says:

      After running darkside cleanser then installed the zip file and everything loaded good..bugs still with the gallery..and a few other minor bugs..went bak to beastmod, runs better gonna wait for the offical Tmobile.ics to come out

  3. bobbo says:

    ok im not a noob at flashing, but it is stuck in boot loop. I already factory reset wiped cache and dalvik cache…it gets to the android sign then turns off. bootloops a few more times then gives up and turns off.

    • Paul says:

      Hi Bobbo, try darkside super wipe. I had a similar issue once ran this and was back in business. Good luck.

      • bobbo says:

        OK Paul…I think I love you!!!! hahaha. I did it and it worked. I saw darkside on other forums but never thought it would make a difference. But it does!!! Thanks. Now if I could just get my MLB at bat video to work I would be complete.

      • daddyhall says:

        Paul for some reason by letting my phone sit after flashing everything worked fine, it took about 20 to 30 minutes but that was the ported rom for ics not this one. Are people still getting issues even with this rom. Where did you like about the darkside wipe cleanser?

        • TdotGUY says:

          had same issue (loops) as bobbo… did darkside wipe from this link http://goo.gl/rvsQ2 (@daddyhall) installed it…did wipe then reinstalled ICS Megamix ROM and booya…WORKS!
          im a happy first time rooter & romer 😀

    • Vendella says:

      I have the same issue! Phone stuck in loop after flashing the rom and won’t boot at all. Anyone please explaine darkside wipe.

    • Mitch says:

      Hi. I’m stuck on the boot loop. How did you restore back to stock? I can’t even access my recovery screen, it goes to my downloading screen for some reason

      • Ledion says:

        Remove the usb cable. Remove your battery pres power and volume up and down and release power button after 2 seconds and you should go in clockworkmode and if u save your stock backup you could go in stock rom.

  4. bfloFBR says:

    Is there any way to take screen shots on this ROM other than downloading an app?

  5. rob says:

    Can’t get Swype to work. Everything is running pretty smoothly though other than that. Any suggestions for getting Swype to work? It tells me this version of Swype has an invalid license and that it will have limited functionality. I don’t know if i can live without Swype!

    • rob says:

      I got this working. Used TItanium backup and uninstalled swype. Went to the swype website (www.swype.com) and jumped through the hoops (registered and confirmed my email address) and then install swype beta. I am now swyping again and loving this ICS ROM. THANKS MAX!!!

      • daddyhall says:

        How did you get root? I lost root when I went to ICS everything works fine but I can’t get root.

        • Robert says:

          I didn’t lose root, I still have SuperUser app and it still prompts for root access. Not sure how you lost root. That was an issue with the ICS Rom aka the AT&T port, but I haven’t had that issue with this version. Been using it for almost a week now and still going strong.

      • Jeremy says:

        Just wanted to say that this method also worked for me. I was unable to uninstall swype itself from the application settings, but Titanium was able to.
        I should also add that the licensing for the swype beta only seemed to work for me when I also rebooted after deleting the preloaded swipe, and cleared the dalvik cache before installing the beta.

        Hope this helps other swypers! Really liking this rom so far
        (P.S. I also did not lose my root or superuser access)

      • daddyhall says:

        I got everything working but not swype, they are saying the don’t support rooted phones. Can you help me find the uninstall procedures so I can get swyping again.

  6. LoopDoGG says:

    I prefer IML74K_Ics_Perfection RC3 (ICS Themed Revamped). It has that ICS look and a working camera that records!! One more tip concerning the freezing when one trys to power off or reboot thru the menu. Do a nandroid backup of the rom, then restore that rom, without deleting anything. That will fix that. (If someone out there can explain why, that will be nice!!) Happy flashing!!

    Link to that ROM

  7. Manny says:

    Phone will not shut off or reboot. I have to keep removing the battery. My Facebook will not sync. Some of my widgets I like to use do not work. I love the look of the apex but there’s too many other things that don’t work for me right now.
    I’ve flashed quite a few roms and use the super wipe method so don’t know what’s wrong. I’m going back to Malice for awhile.

    • rob says:

      You might try kernel cleanser. i used darkside superwipe and kernel cleanser and this new rom is running great. Both can be download from xda forum, just do a search

      • Manny says:

        Did both before the flash. Like I said, I’ve done a few of these and this is the only rom I’ve had trouble with things.

    • daddyhall says:

      All I did was to first boot into clockworkmod
      Wipe cache partition
      Wipe data/factory partition

      Then apply the ICS rom

      Right after the rom completes successfully
      stay in clockworkmod don’t restart yet

      Go back and Wipe cache partition
      Then Wipe data/factory reset again

      Go to ADVANCED

      Then Wipe Dalvik Cache

      Go Back

      Reboot system now

      After reboot let the system restart and sit and
      don’t touch it until you are prompted to do something.
      by then system should be fine.

  8. craig says:

    Can’t get mobile hot spot to work, any fix for it?

    • JR says:

      I’d be interested in knowing if you find a way of getting hot spot to work as well. I’ve got an early ICS rom and can live with a few quirks, but am really missing my hot spot…waiting until a confirmed fix comes out before trying new roms.

      • craig says:

        I was able to get it working by turning on the toggle shortcut and activating it that way. Going to the settings menu and trying it that way didnt work but the toggle shortcut did. Nice to finally have it back.

  9. Paul says:

    So I successfully installed this room and it look great so far… curiously i wasn’t able to flash iDarkside.Super.Wipe_EXT4.zip, the clockwork mod installer kept aborting it indicating “(bad)”. Any idea why?

    Any it didn’t matter, the rom installed perfectly… only bug I see far is the the powerdown freezeup…

    Also I cannot seem to restore my SMS messages from titanium backup. Strike that! A reboot of the phone after the titanium backup restore sms worked.

  10. Paul says:

    However, if anyone has a good method for restoring swype I would appreciate that.

    • Jonathan says:

      Uninstall it through titanium backup and go to the swype website and download the beta. Before you install the beta version of swype wipe the cache partition, wipe dalvik cache reboot and install.

  11. Danny says:

    When trying to use the camera, it says “Media Scanner Running” and then shuts off. I cannot use the camera. The gingerbread gallery is still there too but cannot be used. Might be in relation to the camera. Also, some apps are programed to control with the lock screen. This too is a problem. (Music, podcasts) Once these are fixed, this would be perfect. Idk why everything is perfect when Max does it, but these are the problems I’ve been having

  12. Paul says:

    I’d appreciate some help here–I installed the rom, which I liked, but it eliminated my swype and I couldn’t use the wifi hotspot. I tried to go back to the stock rom I had previously backed up with clocword mod, but now I get the message “MD5 mismatch!” How can I restore the stock rom?

    • Danny says:

      Try doing it through the system. (turning it off, press all buttons, on first vibrate release the power button, wipe data, install from zip). That should do it

    • Ryan says:

      I had this same problem and after some searching found that the issue was with the file name of my backup. You cannot include any spaces in the name of the backup file. Once I eliminated the spaces, I was able to restore without issue.

  13. Asif says:

    I had juggernaut ROM before I Flash. This what I did.
    1. Flash iDarkside.Super.Wipe_EXT4.zip
    2. Flash CS Megamix ROM

    -First Boot, waited for everything to settle 10min
    -Camera and gallery worked
    *restarted waited 10min
    -Camera and gallery stop working; msg “media scanner running” and shuts automatically
    There seems to be two gallery apps only one of them works.
    I don’t know what happened but it takes very long for them to be working properly

    *Apps worked
    Gallery(after 25min)
    camera(after 25min)

    apps didn’t worked
    WiFi Hotspot
    even with free market apps such as “Open Garden WiFi Tether” and “m900 Wireless Tether for Root Users”

    I would say stick with your best ROM for now and wait for stable IC ROM

    I am switching back to Tuesday ROM. juggernaut ROM is not as good as Tuesday ROM for battery life.

  14. Lance Williams says:

    How can I get to the manage the applications setting?

    • Danny says:

      There isn’t a setting like that in the ICS ROM, you instead have a developer setting somewhere down the line. The application button setting is now just for apps.

  15. Greg says:

    I am on Simple Mobile, and been flashing for few months now. I flashed to this rom and whenever I am trying to access Market without WiFi, it give ” Connection Time out. Retry”. I have tried the Darkside wipe and I am still getting the same error message. Someone please let me know how to fix this. Thanks

    • Robert says:

      Go to Settings on your phone and then go to More… under Wireless and network section. Go to Mobile Networks and verify that Use packet data is checked. Without that checked you don’t receive data from the cell tower.

  16. Paul says:

    Thanks for the response. I did do that, and still got the md5 mismatch. So I installed the FoxStar rom instead which works beautifully. I’m leaving this one installed until a stable ICS one designed for the T-mobile galaxy s2 comes out….

  17. John says:

    I flashed iDarkside Super Wipe ,then flashed ICS Megamix ROM. I really like this ROM . Everything has worked from the start,camera,mms reboot and shutdown, all my apps reinstalled and seem to work flawlessly. Very Happy

  18. Greg says:

    Does anyone know how to fix the error? Bump

  19. Ray says:

    I can’t get email to work properly. Won’t let me set accounts up. Takes me to first screen to input account and password but won’t let me go further. When I click ‘next’ nothing happens. Is anyone else having this problem?

  20. Kevin nguyen says:

    It is fast but some time it is frozen about 30 seconds

  21. Lance Williams says:

    Video Calling won’t work and I can’t get it to turn off

  22. Jose Gonzalez says:

    So i rooted my s2 and im trying to install this rom and wwhen it boots up it keeps freezing can anyone help?

  23. Adi Dagar says:

    Would this work with my rooted Telus Galaxy S II T989D ??

  24. Burak says:

    Is camera works.?

  25. kevin nguyen says:

    it does not have wifi calling,

    • Paul says:

      excuse me for changing the subject, but what’s the advantage of wifi calling? The minutes aren’t free are they?

      • ryanoco727 says:

        I initially thought the same thing: what is the benefit? Wifi calling is a great feature to have. Basically you can use your network anywhere you have a wifi connection. Yes, it does use your service plan, but you no longer have to worry about drifting in and out of bars. I often travel to remote areas without coverage for work. Now I can make calls and receive text messages with my phone number over a Wifi network! Pretty cool huh?

      • Mark says:

        Yes the minutes are free if you call T-Mobile and Have them add that to your account. It’s free. You just need to call.

  26. Marc-Anthony Rodriguez says:

    This was the first cousin room I have ever flashed and at first it had that boot problem, then I did the bark side wrote and now it is perfect I love this website

  27. andres says:

    greetings, does this rom for the sgh-t989d of telus?

  28. min says:

    the sms notification vibrate intensity is really weak even though i turned it to the highest

  29. Adi Dagar says:

    Not able to change lockscreen wallpaper!! Any ideas?! I really dont like the stock one!

  30. 1unno1 says:

    instagram seems to not work.. everytime i try to use the app it reboot and jumps directly into a boot loop

  31. daddyhall says:

    Everything is good now, my root is done now I just need it to shut down and my swype is off and on.

  32. Doug says:

    Works very well – facial recognition is cool. I started configuring for use as my DD, but in the end have gone back to the stock tmo gingerbread relelase with bloatware frozen by Titanium. A couple of things I couldn’t get over, voice dialing and search is much better in the stock GB ROM, still has ATT bloatware, I could’t figure out how to change the items in the launcher, can you? I wanted my contacts there. On a related note, contacts are not easily accesible from the phone screen. No WiFi calling, a key feature for me. Finally, the shutdown hangs.

    I now plan to stick with GB until the official tmo ICS ROM is released.

  33. john says:

    I’m running this rom and its awesome except for the fact that I can’t get attachments out of my emails otuer than that no problems

  34. david says:

    I love the rom super smooth. I have not had many problems. I did how ever seem to loose root? I downloaded set cpu and says cannot obtain root. I jave tried to update su i even tried to re flash but still notjing. Also reflashed the whole rom and su … Any ideas?

  35. ryan says:

    its much more buggy than DOMINATION ICS rom which I have been running since Nov. GPS won’t work, can anyone help?

  36. Rick says:

    Been using this ROM for a few days and have to say that I love it. Did have issues with Swype (fixed with uninstall and beta download/all the hoops on my phone after the initial download of the installer/install) … and the new version of Swype is BAD ARSE! Love it!, still have ROOT access – no issue there, Had issues with Flash player (specifically with NetFlix) but used titanium backup and killed the Flash install and downloaded the update from Google Play and it works great now … well, maybe not great … a little bit grainy on the screen.

    Overall though, it seems that it uses more phone memory for me. So, I am task killing a bunch and still not as clean as other ROMs I have tried..
    Battery is good, but not impressive either way (good or bad).

    But I LOVE the new GMAIL layout in this one.

    One request … or if anyone knows how to … I want to change the EMAIL icon on the dock row of the screen to be Contacts or Handcent. I haven’t been going crazy to find it, but dug around a little bit for that change – no luck.

    • Craig says:

      Hi, I do not use the stock homescreen, but I have installed Apex launcher. Which is a great ICS look. In that, I could just remove the email icon by dragging it to home screen or remove it altogether by moving the icon to the top of screen. Once I remove that, I just go to app drawer and click the contact and put it in the screen dock. See if the same works for your stock launcher. If not I recommend the Apex launcher.

  37. vinicius says:

    I can’t sync my contacts on facebook and there are a way to download a new language on the ics keyboard?

  38. BD says:

    I had the same issues (stuck in reboot cycle), and tried Dark Side Super Wipe, then redo ICS Megamix–> works perfectly. Thanks a lot.

  39. Mustafa says:

    Guys I did the dark side super wipe and reinstalled this rom but I still had issues like go SMS would freeze a lot and won’t show the contact name.. and the apex launcher kept crashing. I like the rom but idk just seems like therees a lots bugs any advice?

  40. rayartem says:

    I changed from factory 2.3 to this 4 version. For awhile my phone was a brick, but reading forums I found a solution of running a ROM program that clears the memory areas called DARKSIDE.SUPER.WIPE_EXT4 . I ran it and then installed again the Megamix and is working very good:
    Pros: My battery is lasting for more time. The phone works cool even when using GPS radio (the factory android and user interface were heating like crazy the phone when I was using the GPS. The UI is faster and both, the 4G and Wi Fi internet access are faster.
    Cons: There is an echo in the phone calls, like a feedback, that listen every people when call my phone. (I’m looking for a solution and searching help to remove it , I’ve tried with the volume settings with no results)

    • Craig says:

      I did exactly like you. I have the rom running very well. I also have the issue with the phone calls having echo; meaning when someone calls me, and I pick up the person on other line can hear their own voice again. However, if i switch to speakerphone or headset, it does not happen that way. But I am too looking for a fix.

  41. Leecho says:

    Are any of you having issues with WiFi not working?

  42. daddyhall says:

    Never had to use Darkside cleaners or anything just did it the admin said and it worked but swype is the issue. I heard id you got to swype.com and register you can find the way to removed the beta and reinstall a complete version.

  43. tttt says:

    I’m a newb , I followed your gs2 tmobile rom installation guide , and it failed. 🙁

  44. tttt says:

    Sorry, I forgot to say where it failed.

    Whenever i install it satys at ” Installing Updates” for some time (~1min) and it says Installation complete. It didn’t install anything.

    Can you help me plz?

    • Craig says:

      Just follow rayartem’s advise. Use DARKSIDE.SUPER.WIPE_EXT4 to wpe everything off and then install the ROM.

      • tttt says:

        Yeah, I have installed for about 20 hours, and I’m about to uninstall.

        The battery drains wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy faster than stock rom, freezes/crashes all the time. Overall performance is slow and sluggish.

        This is my first rom , are all roms like this?

  45. Jimmy says:

    I flashed using instructions and had problem with install. After several attempts and finally using SuperWipe I got it working. I had the same problems as Craig (above). Froze several times and crashed when I tried connecting to bluetooth in my car. Also the fact that you can’t power off without removing the battery got frustrating. Lost the ability to install some basic T-mobile apps like my account and visual voicemail. Overall it had a nice look and better UI when used with Apex Launcher. Battery drained way too fast and needed to charge 3-4 time a day versus 1-2 with Gingerbread 2.3.6. Flashed Stock rom yesterday. I would still like ICS, but may need to wait for Tmobile official update or revisions to unofficial rom that will make help with the above issues, especially battery life. Peace all.

  46. Steven says:

    I installed this rom. Did the Super wipe. Everything works fine except!!!! The music menu will constantly reset my playlist, making me have to readd my songs to the playlist. Same gallery problem. And somehow this rom uses more RAM for its operation. The stock rom left me with 400~ excess memory. This rom leaves me with ~300ish.

  47. ceasar says:

    Works great on my phone. Been waiting for a stable ics

  48. Danny says:

    I have used the darkside wipe, reinstalled many times. Cleared the camera cache, and I still get the error of “Media Scanner Running” when trying to run the phones camera. I have to use a 3rd party camera app. How can I fix this!?

  49. Irie says:

    Tried this rom and my phone is stuck on a permanent boot loop and I can’t get out of it. Can anyone help?

    • Irie says:

      I should be clearer. I can’t get any rom to work now stock or mega. Just a permanent boot loop no matter what I do. And I followed these instructions carefully.

  50. Blaket918 says:

    The only bug I have with this ROM is that the GPS is not working correctly during navigation. Is there a fix?

  51. Asif says:


    I was trying to install new rom.
    Rebooted to clock recovery mode
    Wiped with DARKSIDE.SUPER.WIPE_EXT4 and
    Just to make sure I do clean install, I factory reset, clear dalvik cache and reset permission.
    I then tried to flash But it said back is disabled and showed an install icon with an arrow
    I went to main menu and tried again and again but same thing.

    I tried to reboot and now it is stuck with SAMSUNG GalaxySII and S logo below it and another log at bottom right corner powered by Faux

    I am trying to manually reboot in clockwork recovery mode by holding volume up, down and power button but it keeps vibrating constantly every second and nothing happen. If I let it go it is stuck on the SAMSUNG GalaxySII and S logo below it

    I had juggernaut room before this.
    Please help guys

  52. James_Ward says:

    Everything works for me but tethering. I’ll try USB tethering when I get home and have a cable. Anyone gotten wifi hotspot working?

  53. ali says:

    To make hotspot you can download wifi toggle switch from market . It will force or make hotspot tethering on.

  54. nallely says:

    after a month using this rom (i think) now i can’t connect to any wifi network. it stopped doing that like two weeks ago but i thought it was my wifi network.. switching to NexusMod ICS Zero

  55. Awad says:

    I have been using this ROM for the last tree days, it is awesome ROM; I don’t have any problem with it accept the e-mail account configuration, but I don’t need it that much because I am using gmail application.
    Battery consumption is better than before .
    I forget to tell new user in the installation time I was not able to solve freezing problem untel I read the reviews above and I flash it using (DARKSIDE.SUPER.WIPE_EXT4 ) it is perfect ERASER.

    Thanks for everyone

  56. rayartem says:

    Echo in Phone Calls Fixed!!!
    I have a Galaxy S II model SGH-T989 from T-Mobile. After I updated ROM from stock to this Megamix ICS, people who talk to my phone were hearing an echo in their phones during call. After several trials I found that the echo can be cancelled by sticking three layers of thick scotch tape ( the one that is used in packaging of 2″ width) in the noise cancelling mic ( the one that is in the top of the phone) .
    Just cut three small pieces of about 1/4 ” (6 mm) X 3/4″ (19 mm) and stick them in the case of the phone,
    closing the opening for the noise cancelling mic ( the one that is near the earphone jack)( I used three to make thicker the isolating layer). I hope this could help others.

  57. steelerdynasty says:

    solved the riddle of the hotspot!
    1st – if you use the toggle provided for Hotspot, it will power the hotspot on/off (even though it will give you a message stating that it cannot be turned on)
    2nd – I use “extended controls” and it has a toggle switch for this right on the desktop if you dont want to use the drop down toggle bar.
    3rd – Freeze the tethering manager app using Titanium
    4th – D/L Wifi Hotspot & USB Tethering Lite by SVTP (this allows you to change your Hotspot settings, set SSID & password, etc., and it’s FREE. there is a pro version that’s rather expensive but i dont know that you would need it because all you really need is access to the settings) (EDIT: you dont need the pay version. i used the free version, changed the settings, uninstalled the free version and the settings still remained. i did make a backup using Titanium just in case)
    5th – voila! you should be able to toggle your hotspot on/off using the drop down toggle bar (and/or extended controls or something similar) SSID name/password should be just as you set them.

    i really hope this works for all of you as well as it did for me

  58. steelerdynasty says:

    Camera ICS (FREE) on the market allows you to record video. that, along with the hotspot workaround i’ve described above make this ICS ROM absolutely perfect for me…

  59. what a piece of crap says:

    Yesterday my phone went into an eternal BOOT LOOP! I can’t access clockwork/odin or any other recovery, it won’t even stay on anything without resetting into the loop again. This mod was a piece of shit – totally bricked my phone…wtf. Any suggestions?

    • Max says:

      that’s not a brick, simply flash a kernel then reflash or restore ROM.

      • what a piece of crap says:

        Hey Max,

        how do you flash a kernal if you cant get clock/odin or recovery or update of any sort to stick without resetting? I can access my SD via my pc- will that help?

  60. what a piece of crap says:

    I had this mod for 2mo and was OK – what happened yesterday? help.

  61. what a piece of crap says:

    how do you flash a kernal if you cant get clock/odin or recovery or update of any sort to stick without resetting?

    • Max says:

      Does your phone turn on at all? If it does, you can get into download ODIN mode.

      • what a piece of crap says:

        cant get to download mode – odin doesn’t recognize a device because its in boot – cant get into recovery, cant keep anything up without reboot loop.

        • Max says:

          Yes you can if it power up, hold down Volume Up + Volume Down + Power button for 20 seconds then let go of Power button while keep holding down Vup and Vdown.

  62. what a piece of crap says:

    tried it 100 times – nothing, it wont get passed both samsung logos(s) sometimes and will occasionally even make it to the android logo without rebooting -its the constant vibrate pulse for eternity. What you think?

  63. BD says:

    Just in case you haven’t noticed, T-mobile is going to release ICS on June 11.

  64. BD says:

    To get your phone into download mode, as instructed, you need to install the correct drivers on your PC, then follow the steps below (just in case you don’t have it):
    – Turn off your phone.
    – While it’s off, hold down both volume buttons, then connect the usb cable into your phone (the other end must be connected to your PC already).
    – That should put your phone into download mode.

    If your phone just keeps rebooting as mine did, just keep holding down both volume buttons, wait for the screen on your phone to go black, then plug in the cable. I tried that several times to get my phone into download mode.

    • what a piece of crap says:

      tried this over and over again, it gets into download mode 1 in 10 tries but quickly reboots. Your thoughts?

  65. BD says:

    Sorry, mine didn’t do that. Once mine got into download mode, it stays in download mode.

  66. what a piece of crap says:

    I would have been able to handle it if it would stay in ANY mode – it boot loops after a quick flash of yes (blue screen) – whats crazy is it doesn’t actually do the same thing over and over again, it often responds differently in terms of when it starts rebooting and how long on each screen. What an Effing joke.

  67. what a piece of crap says:

    Screw it! Had to order new phone..

    • Alvaro says:

      Are you kidding me! you couldn’t find a fix to this! I hadn’t flashed any roms onto my GS2 i rooted it months ago and only used it to back up with Titanium, the other day though i downloaded a Overclock widget and half a day later the phone goes into eternal bootloop. Same problem as you, i don’t even have to press the power button, as soon as i put a battery in it vibrates, samsung logo, halfway through the loading bar of the GS2 logo it stops and goes into bootloop with endless vibrations until i pull out the battery. Once in a while i am quick enough to get it into Download or Recovery mode, But a couple seconds later they in both modes a blue screen flashes or a white line flashes on a black screen and it goes back into bootloop. A couple times after i’ve waited for a while with the battery out of the phone, it completely boots and i can use the phone, but as soon as i the screen turns off to go into standby, bootloop starts again, one time i quickly got into the phone and did a Factory reset, when it rebooted i set up the phone like a brand new T-Mobile Galaxy S2 ICS 4.0.3 but the screen turned off again and back into bootloop, so i deleted my apps and data for nothing. I ran odin on my computer countless times while the phone was plugged in and when it’s in bootloop it is not recognized, the couple times i was able to get in fully, the yellow bar came up and i tried to flash the stock gingerbread rom on the phone, only problem was that it wasn’t in download mode because if i tried putting it in download mode it would bootloop, so odin didn’t do anything. I have no idea what’s going on but i’m deffinately not going to pay money to get another one of these

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