ICS ROM for T-Mobile Galaxy S2 SGH-T989! [Official OTA Skyrocket Port]

ICS is FINALLY HERE folks for T-Mobile Galaxy S2 users everywhere! This isn’t the “official” for T-Mobile but it’s a port from the official OTA ICS update on Skyrocket Galaxy S2, which is pretty much the same phone.

Everything works out of the box except auto-rotation bug (you can just turn it off). It’s a fully-functional ICS ROM so you should go flash this and start enjoying ICS!

Download ROM:

Download ICS for T-Mobile Galaxy S2 (Mirror)

Download Superuser zip (Flash this in CWM after you install ROM if you want root.)

Credits – XDA

Don’t know how to install ROM? See How to Install ROM on Galaxy S2!

Also refer to T-Mobile Galaxy S2 FAQ.

*NOTE – Please only install this ROM on T-Mobile Galaxy S2, not compatible with other Galaxy S2 phones.

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180 Responses

  1. rich says:

    would this be compatible with the SGH-T989D from Telus?

    • admin says:

      yes should be fine!

      • rich says:

        thanks for the confirmation

      • John says:

        @admin if you could reply to my post i would appreciatte it

      • Jake says:

        Gyroscope Error!!. please help

      • kevin nguyen says:

        it did not work well on my s_t-mobile t989 well, it is kind of frozen.

      • daddyhall says:

        I have the tmo SGH-T989 but when I’m downloading the ICS I’m getting the SGH-I777-port
        is that correct you want us to us a different model rom?

        • Guy says:

          I guess I’ve used this ROM long enough to give a mini-review on it her e in the comments section.
          It is my daily driver and I really like the way it looks and feels (although I am using the Apex Launcher).
          **Also for this phone I always “install from zip” the following utilities that wipe correctly:
          Darkside.Super.Wipe_EXT4.zip and Kernel_Cleanser.zip (I found that I would get lockups/stuck on AT&T logo if I didn’t use these 2 proggies prior to installing this ROM
          The good:
          1. This beast is fast!! Smooth…Responsive. Butter!! It is NOT an overclocked Kernel and runs at 1.51Ghz but it is still MUCH faster than ANY Gingerbread ROM I used that WAS overclocked up to 1.8!! Faster in normal usage as well as in many benchmarks. ICS is sooooo optimized for speed over Gingerbread. LOVE IT!!!
          2. The browser is screaming fast!! And even with days of usage (browser, texting, music) it is still super snappy, stable, all around amazing)
          The bad:
          1. Using this ROM, it will remove root (for me at least). All attempts have failed to regain root while running this ROM. I can root and use several Gingerbread ROMs and KEEP root, but once this ICS ROM is loaded….bye bye root! Kinda sucks since there are a ton of apps I want to freeze with Titanium Backup.
          2. I have yet to have a successful shut down/reboot. Always freezes up which requires battery out. No matter how many times I reload the ROM…
          3. The top bar consists of the battery icon, 4G icon, etc. For the most part all are mostly grey in color. Looks pretty bland. Also on the opposite end of the battery is the T-Mobile text that is usually always there. That is pretty annoying.
          4. We all know of the ROTATION BUG. And yes, disable rotation and the random rotations go away. Problem fixed right? Wrong! If you are a shutterbug like me and take a lot of photos, forget it since the camera auto-rotates depending on how you hold the camera. So you will end up with upside down photos. You literally have hold the phone to where the top is facing down to take a proper photo. Also, Youtube App…forget it. It requires a sideways rotation to get the full screen (HD) video. And since you disabled rotation, you are stuck with the tiny video in portrait mode.

          • Art says:

            The speed of the enhanced OS optimizations does not outweigh the cons you listed here.

            I’ve tried every rom in this section on a t-mobile t-989 and the slickmod is definitely the best.

    • Daddyhall says:

      Everyone, I know you will expierence some wiered sh*t at first but if you let your phone sit
      for about 15 to 20 minutes and then hold the power button until you feel the vibration then everything should be good.

    • Daddyhall says:

      Now the only thing I don’t know are we supposed to go to att and do the setup like it says at the begining?

    • Daddyhall says:

      Wow scary setup but ok, I’m in I hope everything works! Sheesh! I will let you know how I feel about this thing. But I’m starting to smile all my contacts and everything is coming back. The Rom is smooth, I think I might have to stay with this one for a while people.

    • Rob says:

      Hey, just wanted this link to be up top so I had to reply to you LOL. I found a new updated link that says the shutdown & boot plus other things are fixed. This is a later release of this Port. Check it out, I am going to flash it now and will post later.
      Here is the link:
      Good luck 🙂

  2. Daniel Padilla says:

    what’s the auto rotation bug, does that mean that playing video files on your phone you wont be able to rotate it?

  3. Paul says:

    since the tmo and the telus phones are the same I would think this would be fine.

  4. Harry says:

    Finally !!!
    Thank you for ICS

  5. Paul says:

    Yes. I have flashed it, and I am on Telus. It is working fine. The auto rotation bug is annoying but once you turn off auto rotation it works perfectly, no other bugs to report…….yet.

    Install as per normal using CWM, I’d suggest using darkside superwipe, kernel cleanser (or manually, wipe data/cache/dalvik cache, flash rom, then flash the superuser to get root. After 1st boot let it sit for about 10 minutes to settle, then fix the permissions. Works awesome.

  6. Paul says:

    Update: You can get an app from the market to manually rotate the screen if you are watching video etc…It’s called “rotationlocker”.

  7. zohar says:


    is there an rtl (for hebrew keyboard)?


  8. Daniel Padilla says:

    this is my first time flashing, i dont know if this is normal or not, but i flashed the rom wiped all data factory reset before doing so, then restarted the phone ad everytime it starts showing the att start animation it freezes then the phone vibrates and restarts, keeps doing the same thing

  9. Kimberley says:

    So I’m just now trying this and my home button doesnt seem to be doing anything. I can feel the vibration from touching it but nothing is happening.. Is there a fix for this or do i just have to live my life without my home button? (because i don’t think i can do that) Thanks in advance!

    • Lorenzo Chavez says:

      this has happened to me multiple times including just now. i go back to cwm wipe davlik and cache and even factory reset and after reboot is is important to let the phone bake for at least ten minutes.

  10. Alvaro Zavala says:

    my phone is stuck on bootloop!

    • tushar bulsara says:

      mine was as well.. do a darkside wipe and install the rom and let it sit for 10 mins.. now everything works perfect!

  11. Kimberley says:

    So i’ve already gone back to Tuesday Blu Shade. It’s a great idea but i’m just going to wait for another ICS rom :/ I was super excited for this hopefully sometime this week we’ll get a better rom 😀

  12. Johnny bananas says:

    I need urgent help, i installed the ics rom and got freeze in att screen i wiped that iim trying to install another rom and i cant please help me

  13. Lance Williams says:

    I’m back to SlickMod – Couldn’t get Past ATT Screen.

  14. Kqn says:

    I’m not being able to get to clockwork recovery mode since it cantget passed the boot screen what shall i do?

    • Lance Williams says:

      hold down volume up, down, and power button – When you see Samsung Name – Let Go

      • Kqn says:

        How would you stop the boot logo from freezing?

        • admin says:

          damn autocorrect, you can try doing factory reset after installing rom in stock recovery. To get into recovery, Volume Up, Down, and Power button together for 10 seconds. That should get rid of bootloop.

  15. subGENRE says:

    I just wanted to say thanks for all you hard work. I just bought my first andriod device this week, and thanks to you its running way better than it was when it was stock. You reviews and tutorials are very helpful to a driod noob like me. If you had a paypal button I would gladly send a donation your way. Again THANKS!

  16. bfloFBR says:

    Doesn’t seem to be to stable yet. Can’t get past ATT boot screen, done everything and to no avail. Would really like to test this out but looks like its back to Paradox II for now

    • tushar bulsara says:

      once on the ATT screen. let it sit for a while.. it will go past it. i let mine sit for about 10 mins and it went past it on its own.
      i did however do a darkside wipe before installing the ROM

    • kevin says:

      My keep getting stuck on att logo. Problem solved by rebooting in recovery mode. then install rom.

  17. Joshua says:

    so installed and got stuck at ATT boot screen
    1)reset phone worked fine set things up got used to the rom when i turned the phone off it got stuck before the phone shut off.

    2) wiped cache, full factory wipe, wiped dalvic cache installed unroot rom stock rom
    **problem begins**
    3) upon boot samsung will show blink then you hear the usual tone the phone makes upon boot but you see nothing phone is recognizable via usb so i didn’t panic i reflashed CWM installed stock rom again … same issue
    4) i flashed CWM again flashed the ICS room again and my phone works again
    ** phone will not receive signal but everything works except data **

    i will post updates once i can figure out more

    • JP says:

      Where do I get Superuser to flash?

      • tushar bulsara says:

        do a darkside wipe and then install this rom. it will boot and stay on the ATT screen for a while.. just let it sit.. max of 10 mins and it will go past it. reboot and it will work fine.

        • subGENRE says:

          thank you tushar. the darkside wipe did the trick. i also flashed kernel cleanser. dont know if that made a difference but its working now. BUT, HOW DO I FIX THE HOME BUTTON?

    • hOmz says:

      I was able to installed the ics rom but when i tried to un-root my phone, the problem begins.
      – i went to cwm recovery
      – do the wipe data/factory reset
      – installed the tmo stock rom from sd card
      – reboot the system
      – after rebooting, the samsung boot logo animation shows off twice then the after att start up tone, the screen goes totally off and never reboot.
      what should i do?

      • hOmz says:

        now i can’t un-root my phone and go back to tmobile stock rom or install any rom but when i install the ics rom port, it will work… i need your help…

  18. Joshua says:

    can anyone post a link for kernel cleanser all the ones i’ve found are broken

  19. JP says:

    I’m waiting I tried but rotating thing bothers me and I can’t get root access and I tried flashing the room. So I’m going to wait

  20. galaxy s2 says:

    Rom to damn sloww

  21. Allen says:

    Hi, I have been able to use my phone right after I flashed this rom and I have restarted it about three times with no issues but when I decided to boot into recovery mode to flash the super zip file by holding down the power, volume up and down buttons, I have been stuck at the ATT boot screen.
    So far I have tried the followings:
    1) turn off the phone, holding down power, volume up and down buttons, let go of power button while still holding volume and down and still nothing
    2) Turn off the phone, holding down power, volume up and down buttons, let go of power button while still holding volume and down, let go of volume up and down once Samsung come up and nothing

    It does not look that I have the recovery mode on the phone. I had paradise II on there before this one. What other way I could get into recovery? Do I have to install it? Thanks for all your help…

  22. mnewman says:

    A few bugs need to get worked out, but for a first release, I’d say it’s pretty freakin awesome. I use my phone a lot for work, and I need to do a lot of typing. I bought a bluetooth keyboard that paired, but wouldn’t connect, with any of the gingerbread roms. It connects with this. I am soooo happy!!! And it’s fast.

  23. italy1999 says:

    this rom froze my phone man. i got really scared and started freaking out.
    flashed it again and it worked.

    going back to original stock rom.
    this rom is gay!!

  24. italy1999 says:

    this rom messed up my phone i can’t go back to stock rom. Every time i install the stock rom the screen goes blank after the T-mobile jingle.

    What should i do?

    • Alex Gonzalez says:

      max as original rom download and flash good as new

      • Daddyhall says:

        where is the original, I would like to get that and keep it in case I would like to go back to original.

        • Rob says:

          Follow the unroot instructions, that is the original 2.3.6, your phone will be exactly as it was when it was new, recovery, no root, & original OS. You can use this method for anything that goes wrong. You can’t brick your phone if you have Odin & the unroot file. In fact I had a glitch with my camera when I first bought my phone, when I re-flashed the firmware everything is now working perfectly. The unroot file I am talking about is a perfect copy of your 2.3.6 original firmware.

    • homz says:

      We had the same prob but if you try to install the ics rom port it will work. You will never put your tmobile stock rom back from your phone, i hope they could help you out but for me I’m lucky someone dared to bought it when i posted it on craiglist with a good price. Now im waiting for my galaxy note..

    • Rob says:

      follow the unroot instructions. Use Odin, it will totally fix your phone, trust me even if you have a brick it will fix it. Just do the upload through odin, if your phone freezes during the touch the android to begin unplug phone from computer then boot into recovery and do a factory reset. Reboot the phone wait a few and do the odin flash again and let it restart like normal, then do another factory reset and your phone will run better then new 🙂

      • Rob says:

        I tried this piece of crap ROM, I hated it so I just did the unroot procedure and now my phone is exactly as it was when it was new. The unroot procedure is more then just unrooting your phone, it flashes the stock firmware which includes the recovery & original stock android 2.3.6 I am serious, it is better then any ROM install, think about it the flash uses Odin which is what Samsung would use if you bricked your phone. Odin was a leak and we are very lucky to have it.

  25. KoMighty says:

    I dont understand what I’m doing wrong. I really want this ROM, but i followed all the steps, and it always gets stuck on the “att&T” screen even though i have a tmobile galaxy s2. so, how do i get this ROM then?

  26. jastep says:

    has anybody tested the wifi calling feature yet?

  27. romeo says:

    can anyone tell me how to fix the issue of the sim card, the rom worked fine after the darkside wipe pero it doesnt see the sim card.

  28. BW says:

    Install Process:
    nandroid backup
    wipe data/factory reset
    wipe cache partition
    install ROM
    install superuser
    Let sit for 10 minutes
    (hung on restart. took battery out. boot into recovery.)
    FIX Permissions

    Results so far:
    Timezone does not pick up correctly from T-Mobile network.
    error: unfortunately the process android.process.acore stopped
    –probably a caching issue but I couldn’t get it resolved
    Reboot hangs every time. Have to take battery out.
    Home button worked the first time I flashed but not second. This was resolved by running “Fix Permissions”

    • mnewman says:

      Correct on the time zone. Edit build.prop, and add this line:

      persist.sys.timezone=GMT(+/- your time zone)

      example, for me, in the pacific time zone:
      persist.sys.timezone=GMT-7:00 Until they get it fixed, this at least displays it correctly.

      • mnewman says:

        Stupid mistake. I noticed when I tried the new Kang ICS, that you only have to uncheck the auto time zone, then you can manually select… oops

    • vzqsmooth56 says:

      to fix the “unfortunately the process android.process.acore” problem go to
      system settings>applications>All>contact storage and clear data.

      i was having the same error to and this fixed the problem.
      other than that i love this rom. its clean and my daily driver.
      auto rotate bug is annoying and turning it off does remove it but you are left with out landscape.

  29. Daniel Padilla says:

    everything in this rom works fine, once you turn off the auto rotate, but home and search button still dont work, did factory reset wiped cache and data 3 times, and let it sit for 10 minutes still didnt work, at least this is sign that we’ll get another one hopefully working pretty soon

    • kozak65 says:

      had same problem until I flashed superuser zip, then opened superuser>preferences>check for updates. that gives itself root permission. Then I went to ROM manager app (free version from market) and fixed permissions. Now the home and search buttons work and I also have a different unlock screen.

      • subGENRE says:

        I tried fixing the permissions many times, both with the ROM Mangaer app and with CWM Recovery. MY HOME AND SEARCH BUTTONS STILL DO NOT WORK 🙁

    • Big Fat Dick says:


  30. Singh says:

    Does anyone know how i can go back to stock rom?

  31. peter says:

    My honest opinion about this is wait till the official rom comes out. I had this for a full day and dont like that it doesnt reboot the auto rotation and freeze just annoying. I went back to Malice rom more stable plus the camera is a pain in the ass on ics (at least this rom?) I did like the speed and the overall fresh look but best wait till there is a kernel to overclock and such

  32. Brian says:

    I have Nitro Touchdown for exchange, problem is the device identifies itself as “T-Mobile Samsung SAMSUNG-SGH-I727” and so I cant get the license key for touchdown….. big problem, how do you change the device identifier?

  33. Nallely says:

    Mine worked. But it doesn’t turn off, I have to take the battery out for that. And I didn’t flash superuser but I can see the app there. But when I try to use titanium backup it says I have no root so I don’t know what to do HELP!!!

  34. Vince says:

    i meant loop not look……

  35. Vince says:

    Also after you download the firmware file then just use Odin

    and click “PDA” and find the firmware and then just hit start and let it do it’s thing

  36. Ken says:

    It is not worth messing up with ROM. Restored back to original
    After installing this ROM . Phone just keeps rebooting and get stuck on AT&T & freeze screen for few seconds. Folks wait for official release. Many thanks here for all Video tutorials to play around with this gadgets

    • Josh says:

      Hey i really need asistance. I installed this rom and now my sam gs2 keeps frrezing during loading screen. I really do not know what to do and help would be appreiated

      • jason says:

        you have to install darkside super wipe, i had the same issue then used this route and it worked perfect, it aligns files and corrects issues before installing new roms.

  37. kennie says:

    everything went smoothly, until I did a advance data restore all hell broke loosed. My fone is constantly freezing I’m getting a error message “unfortunately the process,score has stopped”. Multiple apps won’t keep crashing. I have a feeling that u set me up for failure .

    • nallely says:

      same thing happened to me when i tried to backup my contacts with titanium backup -_-… im just gonna go back to paradox 2 rom and then ill try to flash the ics again bcuz i loved it

    • vzqsmooth56 says:

      i had trouble installing this rom at first. like everyone i kept getting stuck on the att logo. im no noob so i didnt stop right away.
      finally for those of you having trouble do the following and i promise it’ll work.

      darkswipe>swipe delvik cache>factory reset>flash rom

      mine is running smoothly. after reboot let it sit for at least ten minutes. Att logo screen will be up for a while (around two minutes or so but then you’ll boot up)

      i also have installed s-voice on this rom and it runs flawlessly.

  38. kozak65 says:

    Great video tutorial! I was successful with flashing, but I didn’t get the AOSP calendar update. It’s the same old one with the black background. Did I do something wrong?

  39. VoIPSales says:

    PRO’s/CON’s of ICS on TMobile SGalaxy S2:
    a. CON: Even though with Auto-Rotate turned all the phone doesn’t rotate; all camera controls still roll the reverse way.
    b. PRO: Camera focuses 2-4x faster than GINGERBREAD and takes crisper/sharper pictures.

    2) WiFi: Works

    3) HOTSPOT: Does not work. Even though I have the TMobile Hotspot plan
    a. Work around:
    i. Found an app in MarketPlace called “1-click tether”
    ii. Free and doesn’t require the phone to be Rooted.

    4) ROOTING:
    > Had no problem rooting the phone previously.
    > Once I upgraded to ICS, I’ve tried 10-12 times to get phone rooted. Even after successful LOAD of superuser, phone still remains unrooted.

    a. Is considerably slower than GINGERBREAD version and is less accurate

    6) KEYBOARD:
    a.Much better default keyboard application.
    b.Quite a bit more accurate too.

    a. Normal behavior is for only the power button to toggle the display on. This makes it hard to put it into a belt phone holder, cause both sides of the phone can turn the display back on.

    8) Model: TMobile SGH-T989
    a: With ICS loaded, phone shows up as:
    – MODEL: Samsung-SGH-1727
    – ANDROID VERSION: 4.0.3
    – BASEBAND: Unknown
    – KERNEL: 3.0.8-perf-I727UCALC4-CL240689 | se.infra@SEP-97 #1

  40. olias says:

    I’m tempted to try it but I will hold off after reading all the comments (thank God for ask those who leave them) I’ve been using Darkside digital warfare 3.1 for a couple weeks and absolutely love it! Used most roms available and really like and recommend it! It’s updated from 2.0 where hugs were tweaked. I get amazing battery life, over clocking ability at 1.82 GHz, and scored 3963 with quadrant, 7850 with bench Mark; highest scores I’ve seen with any previous roms I’ve tested. Also cool tweaks, like ability to send mms to up to 200 contacts instead of 10 with other roms. Also it’s the only ROM that has allowed me to change boot animation using jrummy’s ROM toolbox. Overall it’s great, best ROM out there currently. Will wait for bugs to get worked out with ics ROM before trying it.

  41. darrell says:

    guys this rom works just do a dark side super wipe and kernel cleanser and you’ll have ics in no time took me a while to figure it out but once i did the dark side super wipe and kernel cleanser it booted up and worked fine

  42. Ray Kissel says:

    Works great for me. Love it. No problem with home or search button. Installed Apex launcher. When you restore apps with Titanium do not restore data! Data isn’t compatible with ics. Other than rotation and off button which are easily worked around, great rom.

    • darrell says:

      how do you restore the apps with the titanium app my apps didn’t restore idk if i saved it wrong or what other then that everything seems fine

  43. subGENRE says:


    If you hold down the power button button long enough (about 10 seconds or so) the phone should shut off without having to pull the battery every time.

  44. thomas guxman says:

    everytime i download the file i get a error when downloading its says mini diary apk ERROR CAnnot download can u help me please

  45. thomas guxman says:

    i get the error 0x80004005 minidiary.apk wont download whats up man all the links do the same shit error when ur extracting the files then when extracted i get 4 files META-INF FOLDER, SYSTEM FOLDER, A BOOT FILE says its a disk image file and installbusybox 1kb file says whats up fix the file dude or dont put it up !

  46. Anthony says:

    Hi All,
    I just want to know if this ROM is rooted. I downloaded the Titanium Backup + root but did not show in my Apps.


  47. John says:

    Hey i just download ROM and now my phone wont go past startup screen. I need help ASAP.Anyone?!!!!!!!!!

  48. cash... says:

    Flashed it but it will not recognize root i flashed the su.3.05. Over n over still wont recognize. So now i cant open titanium backup so i have none of my apps contacts etc..please help..the rom is awesome if only i could get everything back..fml..

  49. Matt says:

    Guys, I need your help please. If you have already flashed your phone to another rom, do you have to change it back to Stock rom before flashing to a new rom? I heard you could brick your phone if you do not change back to Stock rom first. Is ths true?

    Please let me know. Thank you!

  50. Olias says:

    Tried flashing even after reading reviews, I learned most comment are pretty true. This ROM wasn’t made for TMobile add you will see if you flash. I have flashed most roms for this phone available with little to no trouble, but this one made my phone very unstable and created nothing but problems. Looked cool, just doesn’t work with t989

  51. Olias says:

    Tried flashing even after reading reviews, I learned most comment are pretty true. This ROM wasn’t made for TMobile add you will see if you flash. I have flashed most roms for this phone with little to no trouble, but this one made my phone very unstable and created nothing but problems. Looked cool, just doesn’t work with t989

  52. AudioBiscayne says:

    This ROM has the only virtue to be an Android 4.0.3, but it does not work as good (fluid) as 2.3.6 stock. It freezes a lot and the rotation screen bug is a real pain. Also, it does not (or maybe I did not see how) support wifi calling. So, though it is an interesting test I keep waiting for a ROM matching better with SGH-T989

  53. Jeremy says:

    Anyone know how to fix the home key not working

    • RayLebron says:

      Turn your phone in recovery mode (vol down+ Power Button). Use DarkSide Super Wipe. Install the ICS Rom. After installing, go to advance and select Fix Permission. After finishing reboot phone. It would stay at tge ATT screen for a couple of minutes but hen the Home and back key will work perfectly.

  54. Jon says:

    Flash went well but phone now thinks I use at&t for my coverage therefore not functional.

  55. subGENRE says:

    …..dont use this. There are better skyrocket ports out already. Ive tested 3 of them now and this one was the worst

  56. John says:


    • Dante says:

      Whoa! Take it easy over there. If it wasn’t for this guy a lot of people would be stuck with the T-Mobile stock rooms still! I am sure you can figure out what problem you have with your tablet. If not one of us can help you.

      • John says:

        Ok, Your right, My comments are a bit Harsh, and I’m sorry for that. But the Truth is that he never tells people about the “Downsides” and “Errors” and He does not give a crap. Look at his videos… Halfway through he’s like “Oh Yea… I forgot…” Always. I don’t think Max is proffesional or responsible. He should always let people know 1st about what is not working and potential problems. Then proceed to instructing on non-stable roms. Otherwise people think it’s safe and looks good and end up with bricked expensive phones or tablets.

        • John says:


          “Everything works out of the box except auto-rotation bug (you can just turn it off). It’s a fully-functional ICS ROM so you should go flash this and start enjoying ICS!”

          TOTAL BS!

          • Dany says:

            hahahaha right on. I enjoy his reviews but he never does give us a ‘real’ review of the rom. He basically check out whether it looks cool or not and checks out whether its snappy on Quadrant and stuff. I wish he would spend more time on the downsides of roms. It would allow people to make better and educated choices in the end.

            Seriously Zedo you can do better!

          • Mike says:

            Hell yeah, I totally agree with you bro, it would have been nice to say BTW the fu**ing phone won’t power off and you have to pull the battery, WTF is that crap? I don’t enjoy pulling my bat and wearing out my bat cover just to use a totally unstable ROM. Also, most of the links he gives are way out dated, if you look around you can find more up to date ROMS and a list of what works and what does not work. I am totally with you bro, only thing I am grateful for is the link to the original stock and odin LOL.

  57. Jonathan says:

    Hey man I have a question..So the rom works flawless aside one factor…Every time I attempt to open gallery it wont open and always gives me the message “media scanner running” any idea how to fix that?

    • Mike says:

      Hey Jonathan, don’t you read, the ROM is a total piece of crap!!! Don’t you think that pulling your battery to turn your phone off is a good indication that this ROM has major issues? What do they tell you to do when ever your phone f**ks up? They tell you to pull the damn battery. Darkside ICS is way better but you must go to the xda & do exactly as they tell you because MAX sure as hell can’t…

  58. Jake says:

    The ICS seems good right now, but there are some minor errors. First, Auto rotation bug, please fix this so annoying. Second, Camera app doesn’t work. I also noticed that battery in ICS dies faster than gingerbread.

  59. jeff says:

    after installing rom i couldnt get root. my phone unpluged while in download mode and now i have no power and no vibration. ive tried all button combos and no start up. just ordered a jig to get into download mode. i hope this works to fix my 500.00 paper weight. ive flashed many roms and rooted a few phones. this rom is not ready for the t989.

  60. Jake says:

    Gyroscope doesn’t seem to function properly in ICS. Can someone please help!!!

  61. Augusto says:

    my phone freeze in the att boot screen, I can get it in to recovery., but I dont know what i have to do, and I tried to restore my backup but it doesnt work. It is possible to install another rom to make it work or maybe get it back to the stock version. Please I need help

    • GABE says:


  62. Will says:

    Don’t install this. THIS WILL BRICK YOUR PHONE.

  63. Camilo Reis says:

    I flash it but when the system is initylizing, it always freeze and reebot when the three balls apeers, it happend with anyone?

    • GABE says:


  64. Android Lover says:

    where can we find that wallpaper it looks awesome?!

  65. jack says:

    I think John’s disgust is not commensurate. I have learnt to read comments before I initiate an installation. John, read through the comments and you will save yourself from a lot of trouble.
    Need any help!

    • Mike says:

      NO JACK!!!
      John is absolutely correct in what he says. Remember this JACK; “not all people here know the proper way to flash a ROM”. Think about it, how in the hell can you take these opinions with a grain of salt if half of these people can’t even get their phone back to stock but rather think they have bricked their device when something goes wrong? What John is saying is that the review needs to list the known bugs so we can make an educated decision based on an educated review. No offense to anybody here but I have read a lot of reviews of people who are flashing a ROM for the first time so how can you take their review of weather the ROM is good or bad. I don’t like using my $650 dollar phone as a Ginny pig because our host won’t take the time to thoroughly test the ROM and give a good review.

  66. Nelson says:

    can you show us how to port other language (something like Chinese) to the T-Mobile SGH T 989.

    thanks for your hard work

  67. Marcel says:

    I am unable to get this rom to work on mine or my wife’s tmobile s2. It just gets stuck on the att boot screen. I can load other roms. Anyone else have this problem?? Any suggestions out there?? Thanks

  68. Mr. DummyDroidHolic says:

    **Tmobile T989 user: It is worth to try if you do not get scared of challanging something new for your learning experience. Otherwise you’ll be in trouble unless your original Rom is not backed up(I prefer CMRecovery).

    @@@Way to make it work: Xda experts know what they are doing. Please follow their instructions:
    0. Back up your Original Rom to somewhere very safe(***most important***).
    1. Download New ICS ROM for T989 & move it to your Root internal SD storage(no need to unzip).
    2. Download DARKSIDE wipe from their wep & move it to your Root internal SD storage(no need to unzip).
    3. Download SuperUser 3.07 from anywhere out there & move it to your Root internal SD Storage.
    4. Go to Clock Mode Recovery by pressing Volume Up & Down and Power button at the same time(Release Power button only when it turns on.)
    5. Go find DARKSIDE wipe.zip & Run
    6. Go find ICS ROM for T989.zip & Run
    7. Go find SuperUser 3.07 & Run( to Root your new Rom). Do it over & over this #7 Procedure until it shows success msg at the end. Do it over if you see error at the end.
    8. Reboot your T989 & leave it for 5 to 10 min, it will eventually bring welcome screen.
    9. To make Tmobile phone & data connection work, keep rebooting until T989 sees Tmobile net work.
    10. Everything should work fine except few things such as Auto Rotate, Hotspot, etc..

    ##Pros: Great & Fast Rom with longer Battery Life with Stylish Look.(it’s like differece btw win xp & wind 7)

    ##Cons: A lots of AT&T junk sys apps you don’t need for your Tmobile device. Auto Rotate has to be off and no hot spot.
    *** TitanicBackup User: Do not migrate any apps backed up from your previous ROM. They won’t only work but your device will be also screwn up especially if you try to restore the Sys apps with Sysdata.(“Suicide Mission)

  69. Guy says:

    Weird thing. Used this site’s guide I got rooted and have since been playing with some ROMs. Eventually ending up with the above ICS. Like it a lot but after 14 hours of playing with it, I decided to install Titanium Backup and telling me I DO NOT HAVE ROOT!! Whaaa? Possible to lose root? Don’t you need root to mess around with different ROMS in CWR? Any suggestions on how to get root back?

    Thanks a million!

    • Mrchris100 says:

      I had the same problem where after I install different roms or titanium my super rom dissapeared. what I did was unroot the phone and restart the whole process of rooting again. honestly I feel that there should be another way than doing the root and un-root to install different roms. I want to know if there is another way??

      • guy says:

        Funny thing is that I still have the superuser app in my drawer but just lost root. Perhaps because this ROM is a port? Hmmm…

  70. B says:

    I just installed the ICS rom for 10 minutes and found that it has 2 major bugs on my phone. This rom is very unstable. I will go back to the paradox room.
    1. When people called me it went straight to me voice mail. I did wiped out the data cache and reboot in clockwork mode and the issue still occuring.
    2. When power off the phone it sat at the home screen for a long time and a workaround is to remove the battery.

  71. Slav says:

    Finally got it installed, auto-rotation fail, superuser fail, flash player force close 75% of the time, battery life isnt that great at all, seems to be even worse than the actual stock rom, looks slightly better, but with all the downfalls this makes it yet one of the worse and probably most useless roms out there, returned back to stock rom, rooted and flashed to another rom i have not yet tried BeastMod Rom 4.2 – so far the best rom in looks, stability, speed, smoothness, battery life i have ever seen…This port completely destroyed my will to ever try ICS, almost bricked my phone at first due to lack of info on installation of this rom, and secondly, its unusable without having to go through a bucket of stress everytime u try to use the phone.

  72. Chris Terrin says:

    Need help please after I flashed rom can’t gain root access…. Help please

  73. mike says:

    somebody plllleeaassee help tried everything in the book fro darkside kernel cleanser everything will not get past att screen please help i want ice cream so bad

  74. mike says:

    somebody plllleeaassee help tried everything in the book fro darkside kernel cleanser everything will not get past att screen please help i want ice cream so bad been up for hours

  75. The Royal Dude says:

    Hi everyone, I don’t know if anyone but me has experienced this yet, but I’m having a bit of a problem when it comes to texting with this ROM I noticed this last night which it worked fine after installation and root. However, a couple of hours later when I try to send a text to anyone it the text just sits there with sending ont the bottom forever. I also noticed that when that happens I can’t receive any texts. Can anyone please help me fix this.
    any help is appreciated no matter how big or small

  76. Cuyler says:

    I tried to install this ROM but now stuck in a boot loop. My phone will do a low vibrate and SAMSUNG appears on the screen. It then restarts itself. I have tried to restore to stock ROM from CM, but when I restart the phone I see the AT&T logo and then it restarts yet again. I tried to re-install ICS again, hoping it would fix the issue but still doesnt work. Tried to wipe data, and restore to stock, but now receive “MD5 mismatch” message. I did wipe the Dalvik Cache, and the battery stats hoping this would do something.

    • Rob says:

      Just follow the unroot instructions, it will return your phone back to the original factory settings no matter what. Even if you think you have a brick you don’t. Remember no matter where you are or even if the phone is froze just hold down the volume up and down keys while pressing the power button till the phone reboots then let go of the power button but keep up and down keys held. If you have a usb cable plugged into your computer you will be prompted to enter download mode by pressing the up power button. Just follow the instructions & you will be fine. At one point my phone was even saying it could not talk to Odin for the flash but it just didn’t know it could LOL. Once you get a yellow com port on Odin and your phone is in download mode you can flash the firmware no matter what the phone says, even if it says unable to communicate. Trust me on this on bro & you will be fine.

  77. Cootang2 says:

    Wow..Bacchus-D !!!!!!! I love that!

  78. Paul says:

    FYI – Auto-rotation fix has been posted on XDA for all ICS roms.

  79. Donny says:

    can I flash skyrocket roms to my t989 with this skyrocket port.

  80. Andy says:

    Installed on tmobile t989 and works great only problem i am experiencing is an issue with the incall microphone sends calls some horrible echo with or with out noise cancellation.

  81. Rob says:

    Total piece of crap, WTF are ROMs like this even doing here? So far every Fu***ng ROM I have tried on this site has been total crap. Either the dev has it overlocked to the point it will fry your processor or it has the Xloud sh*t that can blow your speakers. WTF is wrong with just making a stable ROM that does not have Vlingo or some of the other crap that degrades our phones? I removed root and went back to stock, at least my stock ROM workes perfectly with no glitches & gives me a 3496 on quadrant. Also, I know my phone will not fry before it is time for an upgrade. Damn that pisses me off the crap I am seeing on this site.
    Also the guy that makes the videos stutters so fu**ing bad you can’t understand what he is saying. A monkey fu**ing a football could do a ROM review better then him. He also forgets to mention sh*t about the ROMs like the fu**ing phone wont shut off but instead freezes. All he says is here is a fu**ing ROM to go try and LMK if it frys your $650.00 phone “WTF, damn I am pissed off…”

    • Luis Lara says:

      well you are very disrespectful… this site has helped me alot and has done a great job! i give a great credit to max… you have no patience and you by your self did it.. and stop being such a girl.. galaxy s2 are now like 200 pre-owned.. and ill give you advice: download the latest ics rom for this tmobilr galaxy s2, copy to your sd card, go to recovery flash that rom and slimy enjoy! 🙂 than you max!

  82. juan says:

    I intall the on my galaxy from tmobile and do not gets calls I can makes calls and thats it

  83. Gabe says:

    ALSO! I forgot to include the annoying VOICEMAIL ICON BUG.
    1: To fix this all you need to do is call your voicemail and leave a new voicemail, check it, and delete it.

    2: If you have call forwarding such as youmail, google voicemail, etc. Unforward your calls to the service by looking at your service’s FAQ’s once you have un forwarded the calls repeat step 1 above!

  84. kelly says:

    I flashed this rom, on my S2, which had gingerbread before , and it bricked it! The power/up/down combo will not do anything, no vibration, no lights, nothing!! Help!! It was running BLue Tuesday rom ok before. It’s absolutely dead now.. Anyone know anything i can do?

    • Luis Lara says:

      OK, do this. get your charger ready and make sure your charger is plugged in and working.. now connected… have patience leave it for a goo hour… after you will notice its working.. and if you can get in to the combo (cwm recovery) do to wipe and select yes now rebot now. if you cant get into recovery for some strange reason put it in download mode and unbrick it with odin. this happened to me a couple months ago when i did this same thing to my galaxy s2. it was just super dead. try it! 🙂 leave it charging for an hour so you can see it ill perfectly turn on (this also happened to my galaxy note, I cured it with the same method)

  85. kelly says:

    actually .. it was the ICS remix not the at&T port to tmo ,, sorry,, wrong posting…

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