Infamous ICS ROM for Rooted T-Mobile Galaxy S2 SGH-T989!

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Looking for that “infamous” ICS ROM with stability, wifi calling, and more performance/battery life over stock ICS?

Well, that Infamous ICS ROM is here, I’ve been trying to review this ROM for quite awhile but never had the time. I was trying to actually do a video on a Jelly Bean port for T989 but that didn’t work out too well as I ended up in bootloop after bootloop.

But no worries, Jelly Bean ROMs should be quite stable in about 2-3 weeks. In the meanwhile, give this Infamous ICS ROM a go, it’s definitely a winner.


Download Infamous ICS ROM

Credits – XDA <---- Donate to developer if you like this ROM, thx!

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29 Responses

  1. KP says:

    I was looking at the change log…does this from come with touchwiz ux?

  2. Josh says:

    Freezes on shutdown, so I installed the in recovery mode after I installed the rom and it shuts down perfectly.

    Link to zip file:

  3. nickcaper says:

    Doesnt reboot. I have to remove the battery. This seemed to be a cool rom other than that.
    I havent found one ICS rom that works properly with T989
    And YEs I tried two times and used Super wipe and cache Wipe. Still doesnt reboot.

  4. Rocky says:

    Does not reboot

  5. Midknight5000 says:

    Will this work with the SGH-i777?

  6. Nickcaper says:

    So far I havent found one ICS rom that actually works right for this phone.
    The only 2 that work for me is the Juggernaut and Slick Mod rom.

    Id like to get some feedback from others about which ICS roms you have used with 100% luck.

  7. Chris says:

    Hiya Max, yeah that is a very good rom, worked GR8 on my T989 I tried it a few weeks ago, til Darkside Evolution 3 v8 came out on the 15th now im getting long bat life 22hr’s to 36 hr’s some are getting 2 days yep 2 days, I have on badass at 1350, 384 on boot and runs GR8, O and some ppl are reporting bad installs because of bad downloads so be sure to check download with md5 Hey there’s a thought for a vid 😉 O and we wouldnt have to be hating if they would just take iphones of the market cuz iphones sux lol

  8. Ron Ducko says:

    Im new to rooting. I think that you should put a section in here that explains alot of the termanoligy you are using. there is certain things that you say in your videos that a new guy like myself will not get. Im pretty sure you get the idea if there is any site i can go to for new rooters that would explain this stuff to me i would love to learn more.Thanks

  9. Lynette says:

    A friend just put this ics rom on my gs2 and i am having a terrible time with my gmail. It won’t sync on its own (though it is turned on to do so) and when I press the sync button (on wifi especially) it won’t update to my current gmail inbox. Also, I lose time when on wifi (with no cell signal) – this is annoying and not good for morning alarms!

  10. Yardley says:

    Max! Great site! this is the 2nd rom i’ve flashed from ur site.

    Everything seems to be working with this rom. but i can’t get Play Store to open. It crashes every time i try to launch it.

    FYI: i used the Darkside Cache Wipe alrdy.

    thanks in advance

  11. Rocky says:

    Done with this Rom. Does not reboot have to take battery out. Also I am not receiving any texts messages anymore. I can send them out but cannot get any. Went back to dark side evolution, but that Rom makes my phone keep freezing. I just need a 100 percent stable Rom. Should not have rooted because no Roms are working good with my phone, and yes I did cache wipe and used super wipe.

  12. soundsofmath says:

    the infamous rom is great only 2 cons are voice search not working and moving apps to sd freezes phone even after reboot and/or darkside cache wipe tried apps to sd links to sd and a mod wich uses a ext4 partition and no luck any help would be appreciated is it a rom problem or just plain owe android ics not allowing the apps to sd anymore thanks in advance

  13. Omar G says:

    I’m stuck in a bootloop SOMEONE PLEASE HELP -.-

  14. Pierre says:

    Any reason why im not getting touchwiz to be on 5-4-5, my main task bar is missing the “message” icon so im technically on 5-4-4. If you have any fix would be great, other than that, rom is FANTASTIC. Battery life is just crazy.

    • HR says:

      Did you get any help?, I like to have one more icon on my dock, I have 4 now. If you have figured it out yet let me know please. This ROM is a keeper!

  15. HR says:

    I have tried so many different ROMS and they all have some minor glitches here and there, especially rebooting. I flashed this ROM couple days ago and so far I have not found any thing not working yet. Battery life is very, very good. It comes with CPU Sleeper, maybe that is helping the battery.

  16. Rob says:

    Was stable for a while, but it would not let me upload my contacts and now I can’t receive text messages.

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