Infamous Resurrection ICS ROM for T-Mobile Galaxy S2 SGH-T989!

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For this week’s ROM of the week, check out Infamous Resurrection ICS ROM for your T-Mobile Galaxy S2 SGH-T989.  This ROM comes with TouchWiz UX launcher, Awesome Beats app, custom splash screen/boot animation, themed UI, 15 toggles, wifi-calling enabled, tethering app hacked, and some more.

If you are looking for a simple ROM that will get your TMo Galaxy S2 running smoothly, this is another great choice.


Download Infamous Resurrection ICS ROM

Credits – XDA

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8 Responses

  1. artie says:

    Hey max. Quick question. While setting up tone for my alarm it gives me message cant find are familiar with this issue? Can u advise smth? Other than that its a great rom. Thx

  2. artie says:

    Nevermind this post plz.

  3. Raymond Chan says:

    Hey Max, How do I install Adobe Flash Player for this rom? It won’t let me install it. is there another way to install it?

  4. HR says:

    This ROM is awesome, every thing runs pretty smooth. I don’t have none of the above issues. I used TWRP to install the ROM.

  5. kunal says:

    I installed this ROM two days ago, everything worked as promised until today. Initially, I was able to download wifi tethering app and able to connect, though today, TMobile blocked my wifi connection and the block page showed up on IE….I guess you guys need to work on the hacked wifi tethering app, unless, you have any pointers.
    Thanks, and keep up the good work.

  6. cross 80 says:

    Hows this rom in stability, I really dont care much about been the fastest I just want a good stable rom, any pointers will be greatly appreciated.

  7. josue says:

    Saludos. Solo quiero decir que ya probé esta room y aparenta como que todo esta bien, pero tiene un tremendo fallo. El asunto es que no te deja instalar un montón de aplicaciones super importantes,,,al menos para mí, porque te dice que tu dispositivo no es compatible. Aplicaciones como Tango Video Call, Linternas, Fondos de pantalla, Juegos como Mayan Kuma, y un montón que ahora no recuerdo pero que también me dieron el fallo.
    Entonces hasta que no le arreglen ese problema a la room,,,,,se los advierto,,,,,,no vale la pena.
    Aunque admito que esta muy bonita y agradezco el esfuerzo del desarrollador, pero por favor resuelvan esto porque me encanta pero con este problema,,,,lamentablemente no la puedo dejar instalada. Por ahora me quedo con la shostock 3 que es muy parecida por no decir igualita y hasta ahora no me da problema de nada.

  8. joh mitchell says:

    listen i have converted my tmobile samsung galaxy sii t989 over to straight talk but i have this voicemail icon that stays in the upper left hand corner and when i click on it brings up tmobile voicemail do you have any clue how to get rid of this and only get my straight talk voicemail please and thankyou for any input you may have

    lost and confused
    Johny Mitchell

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