Jedi Jelly ROM for T-Mobile Galaxy S2 SGH-T989! [Android 4.1.2][Version 4]

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Want TouchWiz Jelly Bean ROM on your T-Mobile Galaxy S2 SGH-T989? Well, Jedi Jelly ROM is here to satisfy your Jelly Bean hunger problems, created by our favorite T989 developer ptmr3 (you can follow him on Twitter here).

Based off Skyrocket sources, the Jedi Jelly ROM gives you the latest Android 4.1.2 and many of the latest Samsung enhancements/features. Of course, multi-window isn’t yet available at the moment but we have a good guess that the future version of this ROM will include it real soon.

Check it out for this week and let me know what you think of this ROM!


1/21/2013 – Latest version 4 comes with radio fixes, new UCLL3 base, multi-window flashbar (flashbar works, multi-window still work in progress atm), Android 4.2 GMail/Keyboard, Tethering Provisions Removed, much faster!


Download Jedi Jelly ROM

Credits – XDA

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135 Responses

  1. paul says:

    its not bad has some at&t stuff on it but other then that its good

  2. Rob says:

    This rom is tits! Only issue i have is lack of wifi calling and the a data connection toggle short cut in the pull down menu. Other then that its faster and smoother then jedi x3 !

  3. frank says:

    like it so far luv your site max great stuff keep the gs2 stuff coming thx

  4. Brent says:

    Jedi jelly 2 is out already. I flashed it and was not impressed. So many better options out there for JB. After I got rid of it and re-flashed. My phone was soft bricked and had to unroot, and reroot. As I said, nothing special here.

  5. ulises says:

    4g is working with this rom?

  6. Laker775 says:

    4g is works great. I’m on Koodo in Canada with this AT&T based rom.

    @Brent – If you hate TouchWiz why try one & then trash it because it’s Touchwiz? This is a great daily driver. Phone calls, Data, GPS, Music, Video & Pictures all work. Enjoy it if you want.

    • Brent says:

      Wow! Phone calls, Data, GPS, Music, Video & Pictures all work???? Amazing!!! This stuff works on every other ROM I mentioned as well. I tryed it again to see if it had gotten any better. It has not. Again, nothing special here.

      • Laker775 says:

        Gotta love haters. Typical responses.

      • David Johnson says:

        Only issue I have is everyone that calls me states they echo when they try speaking to me. I don’t know if it’s the Awesome Beats App or what. Love it otherwise. If anyone knows how to fix the issue, please reply back. Thanks

  7. K4naK says:

    someone compare this rom with x3 Jedi? if there is no big change there would be need for an upgrade

  8. HI says:


  9. Campos says:

    This ROM is fair, considering it’s a Jelly Bean 4.1.2.
    Lightning Fast
    NEW pause button on camera
    Great UI
    Great Statusbar Toggles
    Great battery life. (I’m on 30% since 10p yesterday)
    Pinch to zoom in Gmail not working (for me)
    Signal bars missing but has connection.
    No WiFi calling as mentioned.
    (I’m still discovering as I go along)
    If you don’t mind the above cons, then you’ll like ouit better than Jedi X3 ICS.
    My picks: Liquid Smooth > Jedi Jelly > Jedi X3.
    But that’s just my opinion. Give it a go!
    I hope this feedback helps guys.

  10. lethalgorman says:

    I ended up going back to CM 10 stable. Although , like all Jedi roms it is fast.

  11. Sp1ke says:

    This Rom is a very nice! Perfect Rom. This might be my daily driver for good. I can’t wait for the update! Thanks!

  12. Gabriel says:

    Yea i realy love this Rom! evrything is good for me to i keep this for daily use! thx Max

  13. tommy says:

    I ran jmt3, and am now running an updated version of liquid smooth by an CDA developer, kang…something or the other.. it runs relay fast and smoother than jmt3 and has the panoramic camera. And I find I get better signal too. How’s this one run?

    • tommy says:

      Except the damn keyboard that thinks it can spell better than me: an *XDA developer. And it runs *really fast. And the camera has a few more options and a few other little things that the Jedi ROMs don’t have

  14. Shawn says:

    Running this rom on t-mobile and everything works great.
    I was concerned that it wasnt running 4g but downloaded network monitor and it idles at 3g until i visit a page or video and then it jumps to 4g…
    Only thing I dont like is that the network connection just says 4g and i cant see how many bars of service I have.

    also at first my gps was having trouble making a connection. then downloaded gpsfix and messed with it after and had good results… but im messing with the gps again now and seem to have connection issues again.

    according to the comments section on google play store for google maps, a lot of people have the same issue with the latest update and jelly bean.

    can some one find a fix for this or an older version of google maps that is compatible with jelly bean?

    Also, Can some 1 explain why settings/security/trusted credentials has all those items checked as trusted like AOL or Japanese Government? WTF is that crap? why is all that needed? also, is it possible to disable all of them at once… because it seems like it can only be done one at a time… and that is some bull shi*

  15. Shawn says:

    Also, wifi tether is not working? (im on tmobile)
    It wont even connect. using WiFi tether.
    if i go to setting/more settings/tethering/ and try to turn on mobile hot spot i get the error message “mobile data is not available or invalid sim.

    I think the problem with this ROM is that it was designed for ATT not t mobile?

    any 1 have have a fix?

    • Shawn says:

      **Update** Wifi Hotspot works with FoxFi available from playstore!
      Also add the Foxfi AddOn to hide the tether usage!

      Now if we can just get rid of the damn ECHO in calls!

      • Shawn says:

        Never mind… T-moibile blocks Wifi Hotspot Tether access after a few minutes.
        They piss me off with that nickle and dime BS!

        • Aaron says:

          For Wifi tethering use Firefox – get the “User Agent Switcher” from the add on manager – try using iphone or mobile agent. T-Mobile will thing you are using a mobile browser. Chrome has a similar tool, just search their store. I don’t know about IE, I am running linux.

          Have you turned on Noice Suppression, this should get rid of the echo.

          • Shawn says:

            under call settings/ additional settings/ noise reduction is selected…. ive tried with it on and off and still have an echo. also, while in a call you can hit menu and turn noise reduction on and off… neither get rid of the echo.

            • Shawn says:

              ya, i got the tethering working using that method last night… it works great for browsing the web but it wont play video off youtube though…

  16. Lily says:

    I am running it on tmobile. Had the Jedi mind trick 3 before that. I don’t like the fact i can’t tell how many bars of coverage i have, it works slower than i thought. I can access my external card no problem. Why no icon for accessing data on sd and external ???? The att check when i get to my phone book is annoying. The fact i cannot move the clock on the lock screen sux. The weather doesn’t load on the lock screen. Maps and gps work fine. The google search is slow and the keyboard doesn’t show the text to speech icon!!! Fix it yawwwww i keep changing roma and i am yet to find a semi-flawless one 🙂 <3

  17. Shawn says:

    the att check goes away after a few tires. the htc sense clock works best for the home screen. i dont use the lock screen except for pattern lock so those other features done affect me. gps is still an issue (moving slow) and i down graded to 6.10.0. google search has no problem with me. plus google search speech icon works for me

  18. abraham says:

    I have a problem with my T989 no signal’m from Venezuela please help!

  19. albertzelaya says:

    Great rom. The only thing that didnt work forme was the hotspot it closes and gps lock its about 2 minutes
    Anyone else having the hotspot issue?

    • Shawn says:

      Update Wifi Hotspot works with FoxFi off the android market! Also add the Foxfi AddOn to hide the tether usage!

      Now if we can just get rid of the damn ECHO in calls!

  20. Shawn says:

    Yea, Wifi tethering (hot spot) is not working for me

  21. Shawn says:

    Also, when you swipe a phone number from left to right to call some one or from right to left to message some one (in the logs menu) it says no number and does not call… so instead you have to click on the number or contact and select the number manually. however, it does work in the contacts menu.

  22. Aaron says:

    Does the camera support iso control? This is important for taking good photos.

  23. Shawn says:

    Another issue… Every one I talk to is complaining about a bad echo on both speaker phone and with out. I think will need to go back o a different rom until above mentioned issues are fixed.

    • Aaron says:

      Did you try turning on noise suppression

      • Kunal says:

        Hello…I had the same issue, I really loved this rom, I thought it was one of the best one out there. I would love to reinstall it but when I had the rom installed all my folks were complaining that they heard their own echo. Is there any way we could fix it, and how, your guidelines would be helpful. Thank you.

        • Shawn says:

          you have to turn the volume down… but even then there is some echo..
          I found that using a bluetooth eliminates the echo or wired headset.

          but this is a real deal breaker for me…

          this echo problem has to be fixed.

  24. adnan says:

    Hey I got the Jedi jelly ROM.but I want to know how can I disable vibrating when I long press on a app to drag it vibrates.I just want to turn that off.and how can I take screen shots? Please someone help me

    • Shawn says:

      goto settings/sound and disable haptic feedback to stop vibration.
      to take a screen shot press and release the home button and the power button.

      • adnan says:

        @Shawn. Thanks. But still it vibrates. Like when i insert facebook emotic it vibrates. And sometimes it vibrates by itself. And i tried to take the screen shot but its not working.

        • Shawn says:

          Try settings/sound/ and mess with the few vibration settings..
          Also, the screen shot will work with power button and home button at same time… it just takes some practice… but i assure you it works.

  25. Jayjeet says:

    i install slim bean rom in my samsung galaxy s2 tmobile and now my mobile is not on & it is not go in download mode & recovery mode how to repair it plz give proper solution.

  26. chad says:

    i find this rom to be quite cool, using it a few days now and its awsome, but there’s one problem i can’t seem to solve and its getting flash to work in any browser i use, is there a way to get this to work, if yes what version is compatible? thanks

  27. Davi maia says:

    Someone had problems with the signal indicator? My only shows empty but the phone works.

  28. ahmet says:

    For echo problem ; wipe only cache and power off …

    Read xda forum for these issues.just read and solve them on your own.
    ,wtf you are installing custom room,if you dont search.

  29. ahmet says:

    For installing flash player,

    Googling “flash player apk file” ownload it to your sd card,then install.
    Flash player cannot upgradeable with using Google play.

  30. Brandon says:

    I have tried to use this rom twice. The first time. I got stuck in a bootlooop. The second time, after successful install, I got stuck in another boootloop after reinstalling apps using TB. What am I doing wrong?

  31. adnan says:

    Hi guys,

    Another problem with jedi jelly rom, that is my pictures, musics, music videos everything is missing from my gallery. I cant even play music. I have to go to the folder through file explorer. Can anyone please help me out.


  32. Jv Dave says:

    Pretty good ROM, this is the first one I’ve tried on my phone after rooting it. A lot of ppl have already mentioned the flaws so I’m not going to repeat them. I did have one to add however. When I am listening to music, and have my phone in my pocket, I like to increase the volume by pushing on the buttons while it’s in my pocket. On my former stock ROM, this would increase the volume without turning on the display to the lock screen. However for this ROM, it turns on the display and sometimes pocket unlocks itself since my screen is facing my thigh.

  33. amir says:

    Everything great but GPS and ext sd!!I have Galaxy s2 t-mobile
    even after “gps fix”, “fox wifi” & “gps status” still is not working!! help me pls..
    It also doesn’t recognize “go keyboard” application which is multi language!! it install it but doesn’t work.

  34. Lily says:

    Screenshot doesnt work …

  35. vinicius says:

    does gapps 4.2 works on this room?
    if yes…the problem with the cam coder is fixed?
    on the other jelly bean rooms i cant record videos, actually it looks like is recording but when i will see the video it just record random colors

    maybe is a problem with gapps 4.2 itself =/

  36. frank says:

    i am running this rom and it has multi window go to settings- display then check multi window this is awesome

  37. Rahul says:

    But This Rom Is Having Problem With HD Games ! 🙁
    Reverting Back To Jedi Mind Trick V6 !

  38. none says:

    Excellent ROM. Coming from cyanogenmod I really notice the better battery life on this ROM. I also like some of the touchwiz apps like camera and calendar. The only minor thing is that I can’t get wireless tethering to work even with third party apps. Still I’m going to keep this as my daily driver.

  39. Shawn says:

    Im still having problems with Echo Effect in calls… can any one help?

  40. none says:

    Nevermind, got tethering to work now, uninstalled tetherprovision and installed a wireless tethering app from the pay store.

  41. AJ says:

    I want all share back.

  42. Shawn says:

    Until all the kinks are fixed I will be sticking with Jedi Mind Trick X3.
    Here is a quick link for everything you need to know on the Jedi Mind Trick X3.
    Add Ons

  43. Augusto GRU says:

    Does anyone have problem to make calls?
    I have rooted and then urooted, but still the same.
    Sometimes the phone can’t connect and make calls at all or connect but the people onn not hear anything.

  44. Steven says:

    Can’t get any other boot animation to work.

  45. Ted says:

    This ROM kicks ass! Its so fluid and refined…I have switched from Jedi mind trick to cyanogen mod 10 and now to this and have decided to make Jedi jelly my new daily operator. One thing I can’t wait for is multi Windows to be functional but as of right now I couldn’t be happier.

  46. Carlos says:

    Hi, I only have a week in this rooting roms staff and I loved due that I’m a programmer. I have tested about 3 different roms and I liked all of them, right now I’m testing this one, it looks alright, fast and stable. But I have one question its about the tethering, I know that is you uninstall the tetheringprovision and change the agent in the pc to android will work, but that is not enough for me, because the page looks like an android device. If any one find a way to do tethering being able to see the page in the pc as is should be please, please, please let me know this is very important to me. Other than that, this is my most visited page since I got me Galaxy s2. Greats tutorials, and really nice community…..

  47. Ron says:

    Installed Jedi Jelly V4 last night and played with it for several hours. Actually not a bad Rom with many cool features. However it also still has several serious bugs (the biggest one I found was getting stuck in the boot screen when I rebooted after changing fonts). I went back to AOKP’s jb milestone which has proven nearly flawless over the past few weeks …….quite a nice rom loaded with features!

  48. AJ says:

    the awesome beats stuff don’t work. i enable stuff in it like the equalizer and it doesnt change the sound at all. And some motion features don’t work either like calling when contact brought near face. Please fix these.

  49. HR says:

    Gmail pinch to zoom, open your gmail, Setting, General Setting, and check Auto-Fit Message and the pinch to zoom should work fine. The only thing annoying me is the volume up/down also turning the screen on, which I find it a little annoying, if any body knows a fix please. Thanks

  50. GP says:

    I loved this ROM, very fast and very fluid. The only reason I took it off was because of the echo. I tried the fixes listed above but couldnt get it working right. So back to Jedi Mind Tricks x4 for me!

  51. AG says:

    Great ROM, enjoying it very much so far, but what Kernel I am going to need for this rom to overclock to 1.7 GHZ?

  52. David says:

    I am new to this rooting and rom installation changing etc. I have installed this rom and have noticed that I have major battery drainage when I use my phone, when on standby it is ok, but about 10 min use, and I loose about 20% battery, any suggestions please? Thanks in advance for your help.

    • HR says:

      I would reinstall the ROM again, but do a full wipe first (usually I do the full wipe 3 times).

      • David says:

        Thanks, I tried that, clearing all the caches etc. but still get really bad battery drain. Could the use of EXLauncher be adding to my problem? Also when I reinstall I didnt include the app data. Thanks again for your help

  53. Andrea says:

    Worked great for me, but IG flashes when setting up an image for upload, my camera hardly works (static) and the same goes for the video cam and front-facing. My phone is <3 months old. It is very fast, but I'm going to go with another ROM.

  54. abdelhamid says:

    is this ROM include Arabic language please

  55. adnan says:

    Hi guys, another problem that is when i put my browser in desktop mode it dont play the online videos.the only this it saya that i needthe adobe flash player.what should i do?

    • HR says:

      That is what you need, flash player. Just install that you be ok

      • adnan says:

        Thanks HR for the response. I know that too that i need the flash player but how im gonna install that on my samsung T989 (galaxy s2). Because i dont see any apps on market for it.

  56. hugo says:

    i cant connect with kies after i installed this rom!!! pls help

  57. jay says:

    Uninstalling this rom because of echo on calls

  58. Andrea says:

    same thing here. echos on calls. my camera icon disappeared, and when installing the apk in GApps, cam only works with IG. what gives?

  59. BartHD2 says:

    This is the best ROM I’ve tried yet!!! Very smooth, seems quite a bit faster too. Easiest wipe/load I’ve done too. Booted right up. And I almost havent put it down since 2 am CST. Was running CM10 but was missing some of the “Samsungyness”. My work messenger now finally works again . And texting is much more tolerable. Email with a black background will take some getting used to. And the damn delete is on the top again. But many more plusses than minuses. Crazy awesome to change the font. Makes everything look better!! Thx Max… great walk through as always.


  60. adnan says:

    Hi guys,

    After getting this rom i’m having many problem. But i was able to fixed it by your help guys so thanks for that. Now i just noticed that my Android Version is 4.1.2 lets say i want to upgrade it to 4.1.3 or 4.2.2 what i have to do to update the software or Android Version. I mean to say how can i update the phone’s Android Version. And the baseband version is unknown so i also need to know that how can i know my baseband version.


  61. adnan says:

    Hi guys its me again. Just a quick question why my base band version is unknown?

  62. ben says:

    Good ROM but one question, when I installed this everything was great but the home button is delayed when I press it. If you had this problem or just know how to fix it please let me know. I love this ROM!

  63. ryan says:

    would’ve been a really nice ROM. but the fact that you cant see your signal strength is a huge deal breaker. i hope this can be fixed soon. this ROM has so much potential.

  64. HR says:

    Hi Guys,
    My google navigation do not have a “turn by turn voice guidance”. Dose any one else have the same problem? or if any one knows a fix for it, I really appreciated. Thanks

  65. nandezR says:

    this rom is great , everything seems to work fine except that my signal bars are at zero , but the apps works great and so the browser, any idea on how to fix ??

  66. Carlos says:

    Version 5 is already out, I`m flashing tonight I`ll let you know how it goes………………

    Stay HI on Android!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Carlos says:

      Check this out if you like to see your signal bars!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Carlos says:

      Hey Max, version 5 is already out, and is working just fine with me, is not much change from version 4 but I found a post to fix the signal bar that for me was the only downside, I just wanna to let you know, now I will stop flashing for a while, I`m very happy with this rom

      STAY HI on Android……………

      • Adil says:

        Hi Carlos, did you notice any significant difference between 4 and 5? Does the screen turn on from sleep mode when the volume button is pressed? Also where is the post that describes the fix for signal bar? Thanks

        • Carlos says:

          No there is not significant difference, yes the screen does turn on when the volume button is press. The post that describe the signal bar fix still awaiting for moderation.
          This rom was my favorite, I was flashing around to see if I could find a rom as nice as this one with the signal bar showing, that was the only downside for me. Now the version 5 says is even faster with some more stuff and on top I found a fix for the signal bar.

          • Carlos says:

            Well the comment still awaiting moderation, so let cheat the process in the xda web forum look for [MOD] Signal Status Bars in the AT&T leak. or in the url after the .com/ showthread.php?t=2124655

            Stay high on andorid……………….

  67. Adil says:

    Change log for Version 5

    2|1 5–
    Even Faster?!
    SystemUI Edits
    -Removed AM/PM
    -Semi Transparent Dropdown/ Separater Bars/ Clear Button/ Toggles Etc
    Added Battery Bar to settings
    Removed Boot Anim Settings until I get Ramdisk Playing Nice
    Pushes the New LI4 Radio
    Will Not Wipe Data On Flash… If You Experience Issues, Wipe Data
    Added Transparent Flashbar Thanks To JBOURN27!

  68. justiz says:

    when does this rom get multiview

  69. Michael says:

    This Rom is great!! Max i got a quotation, before i install this rom i did a backup to my original rom on galaxy s2 T-Mobile sght989 and then id restored it and everything was perfectly. But now when i try to connect my phone to my computer, the computer dont recognize my phone. Sorry for the grammar, i just known a little big English. I hope somebody uunderstand my problem.

  70. Rocky says:

    So I have realized all of deviant developments rom does not have file sharing working at all. you cannot turn it on.

  71. Rocky says:

    So I have realized all of deviant developments rom does not have file sharing working at all. you cannot turn it on..

  72. Judy says:

    Thank you so much for this ROM. Finally, no more TMO crap on my phone! YAY!!!

  73. kevin says:

    where I can download this ROM because the link is no longer necisto algien and pass me the link

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