Jedi Mind Trick ROM for T-Mobile Galaxy S2 SGH-T989! [BEST ROM][X3]

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Want to try a “really fast” ICS ROM for your T-Mobile Galaxy S2 SGH-T989?

I was blown away literally by how fast the Jedi mind Trick ROM is, it’s unbelievably fast (and faster than most beta Jelly Bean ROMs out).

While developers are still trying to stabilize the Jelly Bean ROMs, you can give this awesome Jedi Mind Trick ROM a go and everything works “really fast” out of the box, amazing!

UPDATE: See updated version 4 here now with overclocking!!!

11/28 SystemUI Edits, Centered Notification labels, Launcher Modifications, Faster Scrolling, Updater Script Edits, New DSP *Should Work With Streaming

11/18/2012 – More features added like Paper Artist App, Galaxy S3 ClockPackage Port,Build Prop Edits For faster Network Speed/Network Strength, newest Faux Kernel 15.
11/04/2012 – I just tried the latest version X1 and it’s MINDBLOWING! Now comes with even more cool features like Note 2 Gallery, GoogleNow, Fast Burst Camera app, and even better than ever.

Give it a twirl and let me know what you think, I have a feeling you are going to really like this ROM.


Download Jedi Mind Trick ROM
Credits – XDA

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315 Responses

  1. thavet says:

    glad ur back i was getting withdrawals

  2. Tim says:

    I love this ROM, so fast!

    • Eponym says:

      Jedi Mind Trick is at 5.1 right now. Find it on the XDA forums for the tmobile s2.

      5.1 Release Notes:

      Call Issues Fixed
      More Modification To Launcher

      Fixed Text To Speech!
      Fixed Street Names During Navigation
      Fixed Google Talk Video Chat
      Added Google Gallery (no stretch home wallpaper)
      Kept 3D Gallery A Well
      More Speed! (Imagine that)
      Battery Tweaks
      Modifications To Launcher For More Stability And Speed
      Traded ICS Keyboard For JellyBean Keyboard
      Sound Enhancements

      Additional notes:

      You will have to download the add ons at the bottom half of the post if you wish to have the following features:

      Polaris Office
      Disable Rotation on Lock Screen
      S3 Music Player
      Samsung Suggest
      Quick Panel Settings
      File Manager
      Widget Picker
      No Wake On Volume Rocker

  3. Jack says:

    Would you say its faster than Darkside 3 rom? I’ve been running Darkside for about 2 months and have noticed that it has started to slow down, despite full reboots.

  4. Angel says:

    tried it out for a bit. couldnt get swype. the rest is cool but that totally drew the line for me.

  5. Dennis says:

    Excellent Rom i was Waiting for It i Mail u the V8 Rom of darkside to tested it Out… I Have already tested its a Stock Rom, but still Insane Batettery.

    Will Download this Rom Today…Tommorow tell you My Experiences.

  6. Alex says:

    Finally a new rom, that cyanogenmod x sucked

  7. cait says:

    Just downloaded it on my S2. OMG I can say that this is the best rom for SG2…It’s almost like Samsung galaxy s3..Luv this ROM.

  8. Dennis says:

    Just installed the rom iam leaving it for 10 minutes now.

  9. Rothbardicus says:

    What an amazing ROM.

    Way back to my G1, never had a ROM improve performance as much as this one…finally unleashed my GS2’s potential!

  10. zach says:

    Holy shit I thought they where done with roms for the s2.
    But any who. I’m running dark side v8
    Is this rom stable? And worth running? Thanks in advance

  11. Joe says:

    does anyone else have troubles with vibration for notifications?

  12. Huy says:

    Awesome and very fast ROM

  13. lezeigna says:

    where i can find my files?

  14. albert says:

    I installed this rom last night and is super fast.
    I think I’m going to run this for a bit.
    does anyone here know where to get that voice app that comes pre-loaded the hands free. You know “hi galaxy ” and the stock file manager. Other than that this would be perfect.

    O yes how do you load the little ad ons. I’m new to all this.
    Thanks to all.

    • Alawishis says:

      That “Hey Galaxy” voice command app is the Samsung badged Vlingo app. If you install the stock Vlingo app from play store your good. Probably the Vlingo app is more up-to-date also.

  15. Mark says:

    I’m running Foxtar 1.40 and it’s amazingly fast/light. Would Jedi Mind Trick be even faster? o_O

    • Dennis says:

      Yeah Bud, I try that Rom just a Few days ago and Was Fast.. But not soo Good for me Soo I trie Dark V8 and was Good but jedi mind is Even Better.

  16. Jason says:

    I’m new to installing ROMs but was successful in getting this installed. However, I can’t find the mail application to view my exchange mails. Am I missing something?

  17. italo says:

    This ROM is great and very fast as described.I think I may have found a flaw in the ROM at least for me. When controlling the side volume the up or down buttons does not control the volume for videos! Does anyone know how to fix this!?

  18. Chris says:

    thanks max, this rom is awesome, been running darkside 3 v8 love that rom, ive flashed many roms and kept going back to the darkside but I have to say this one is faster and a keeper I’ll be using this one for my Daily driver now,

  19. Ryan says:

    For some reason I am stuck on boot screen. Anyone else have this problem? This is a first for me..

    • eliran says:

      same here .. out of nowhere donno what to do,

      • Michael Fisher says:

        Hey I know whats wrong with it.upgrade to latest cwm (clockworkmod recovery for you noobs) and delete dalvik cache regular cache and then restore to factory settings inside of recovery and for those of you looking for the dalvik cache its under advanced than after you do all that reinstall the rom

  20. Shay says:

    My experience with this ROM was awful. It crashed over and over after I restored my apps. Swype caused touchwiz to stop running and nothing worked. Not sure if it is just me, but I could never get it to work properly.

  21. Ken says:

    Does this ROM work with siyah kernel.

  22. Ryan says:

    If you pinch out on homescreen and try to add more than the alotted amount of windows Touchwiz EW freezes and forces closed.. Interesting …

  23. Dirtnap says:

    Solid ROM, the only glitch i have found so far is the auto rotation toggle. I do need help finding a non-beta form of swype. Thank you for any help on this problem.

  24. Ray says:


  25. Ray says:

    I have been to concern CM10JB4.1 .. but this is pretty good! !

  26. Quintin Solavei Founding Member says:

    Can anyone tell me if their hotspot works if it doesn’t work I’m going back to dark side. Also how can I get real swype?

  27. Jaime Cababie says:

    i tried to flash this rom to my galaxy s2 from tmobile and it did not worked, my phone is not bricked but it does not turn of, it stays in goodbye

  28. LT says:

    Here are a few issues/glitches that I’ve noticed so far.
    1. Cannot connect to Kies on destop
    2. Could not restore my Memo (from stock Tmobile ICS) backup from Titanium Backup, stuck on restoring screen.
    3. Touchwiz would lock up when selecting Lock Screen Wallpaper.
    If anyone has a solution for Kies and how I can retore my Memos, I would really appreciate it.

  29. ms says:

    This rom may be faster than other ics roms, but definitely slower and buggier than juggernaut rom.
    Im going back to my juggernaut v5

  30. Luis says:

    need help it says intalation aborted

    • MS says:

      Instructions (from XDA Forum)
      -Download ROM
      -Backup your data with preferred method(app2zip is great)
      -Wipe data ( factory data reset)
      -Format system (in mounts/storage)
      -Flash ROM
      -Wipe cache
      -Wipe dalvik cache ( in advanced)
      -Fix Permissions ( also in advanced)
      -Boot system and DO NOT TOUCH FOR 10 MIN
      -After the 10 min, reboot phone and enjoy the Mind Trick

      • tom says:

        im not familiar with nandroid…

        • MS says:

          Just do the CWM backup. I think that’s enough

        • MS says:

          I downloaded v4 then deleted because it was not as fast as i thought.

          Also there were some memorycard reading problem. When I turn on the phone, I cannot seem to open gallary or camera because they say something like “reading memory card.” I have to wait 15 minutes or so, then i can open gallery or camera. My memory card is class 10, so there’s no problem with my SD card.

          Anybody with similar problem? I have this problem with most of the ics roms except CM9. How do you guys fix this? Are they fixed now in v5.1?

      • AndreV says:


  31. Sky says:

    I love this ROM… Google Video Chat doesn’t work yet, but I read that is going to be fixed in the next update. I have Swype working 🙂 If it didn’t, that would have been a deal breaker for me too.

  32. brian says:

    will this work with samsung galaxy s2?

  33. Pablo says:

    The absence of swype is a major bummer….moreover the whole language/input part seems to be disabled. I can’t any other input languages other than English. Any solutions to this please?

    Hotspot works just fine… you have to “freeze” wifi sharing manager with Titanium first.

  34. imsuchahotdog says:

    for those that say swype is a deal breaker. have any of you really read the thread on xda? they have the add ons and you add it on recovery mode

    • Pablo says:

      I’m looking through that thread and can’t find the add on…. link?

      • Pablo says:

        Never mind I found it at the end of the first post…. “Add ons”… but I also see there’s a version 5 out?

        • Pablo says:

          Ok I got the swype to work, but the voice input on the skype keyboard doesn’t work, argh

        • wassef says:

          Hello Pablo,
          I also saw that there is a version 5 out. Do you know if there is any difference? Should I download V5 or stick with V4?


          • Pablo says:

            Hello Wassef,

            Version 5 has been taken down apparently for some tinkering. I will flash it because giving up the speech-to-text is a big deal. And version 5 promises to remedy that.

  35. Drey says:

    This rom is amazing. Super fast and very responsive. Thank you for posting this.

  36. Quintin Solavei Founding Member says:

    Anybody have a way to get galaxy 3 live and regular wallpapers

  37. wassef says:

    I recently flashed jedi mind trick v4 and its amazing so far BUT I just noticed that jedi mind trick v5 is out. Can anyone tell me what is the difference? and if I should flash it.

  38. dirtyglovecez says:

    just flashed ROM and i like the hard work they put into it. i noticed a few kinks that i dont mind working around.

  39. jana says:

    installation completed, but stuck on boot up can’t get into recovery either. plz help

  40. Chris says:

    Got voice working last night Google Now, with this M6 – Mikeyxda’s version 6
    Ive also flashed Darkside venom 3 #5 kernel because setcpu was not working on v5, Ive not tried his update v5.1 yet, the Dev on this rom is as awesome as his rom

  41. Phone Freak says:

    Very nice ROM I don’t know what they did to make it run this fast but, I did notice that when you have a 3rd party ringtone tone app such as ZEDGE, you can not preview the rings when selecting ringtones in settings.

    If they can Iron out all the tiny bugs, this ROM is the way to go !

  42. Sky says:

    5.1 has Google Video Chat fixed!! This is a great rom!

    • Paul says:

      yeah, but the voice-to-text is hit or miss. I always dictate text messages while driving, so if it doesn’t work I’m risking life and limb!

  43. DaSweetness says:

    SO i f i leave Darkside evolution 3v7 ill like this rom? also how o i back up and restore cause im sick of setting up my screens and pages n shiet. I have paid titanium backup

  44. Stephan says:


  45. Stephan says:

    How do i get all my previous back up files tho?

    • muraks says:

      I reinstalled titanium backup from play store and restored my apps+data. I noticed though that sometimes restored apps+data did not restore the data so I have to restore the data itself again.

  46. MS says:

    There were some memorycard reading problem. When I turn on the phone, I cannot seem to open gallery or camera because they say something like “reading memory card.” I have to wait 15 minutes or so, then i can open gallery or camera. My memory card is class 10, so there’s no problem with my SD card.
    I have this problem with most of the ics roms except CM9.

    Anybody with similar problem? How do you guys fix this? Are they fixed now in v5.1?

  47. tom says:

    very smooth very fast, cant connect kies? anyone

  48. Ryan says:

    Best ROM I have tried yet.

  49. Aaron says:

    good rom but take all freakin to charge and really does not hold charge for that long. also the task manager always says nothin is open when iv been opening apps alllll day long.

  50. christoff says:

    the greatest , fastest rom. i loaded the rom everything works but cannot get data. i am on the telus ics radio modem on a s2x in toronto ive also checked the apn settings. anyone in toronto have it working?

  51. Pablo says:

    everything is working pretty good and it is a fast rom….my problem now is that the camera gallery doesn’t seem to locate all the photos and videos that were on my camera with previous roms (and that are still there, I can see them when I connect to a pc). Also, dropbox no longer is automatically uploading new photos and videos. Any ideas?

    • Rob says:

      I had a problem like that too, I had pics and music that I couldn’t view or play but they were in the sdcard still. The culprit for me was rom manager, it affected my media. I dunno if that may be your problem but ALOT of users had this happening. Do you have rom manager?

  52. bryan says:

    jedi mind trick v6 is out on xda it has the new faux kernel 008 the is also a newer faux kernel 009 out u can flash seperatley

    • Pablo says:

      this guy seems to come out with a new version every other day. Is a total new installation required each time an update comes out? That means reinstalling all the apps, messages, contacts, etc.

  53. jahh says:

    can someone send me a link to the updated version of this rom…i like alot and want to keep this one for a while…..looking forward to see whats in the newer versions

  54. Chris says:

    Another update v6 with governor Faux-ICS 008 and most are upgrading that to a new Faux-ICS-009 v6 faster and smoother then 5 or 5.1, its best to book mark this page and stay up to date.if you can id hold off for a few days cuz his already said making another update or has another lol

  55. jon says:

    crashed most my apps, killed my battery and was slow… this shit sux

    • PedoLoco says:

      That’s Right. I just uninstalled this ROM piece of shit, and tried the another one and my battery last much longer, it seems that the CPU is always at Max even if you use conservative governor, also it crashes a LOT. The only thing I liked was the ability to stretch the wallpaper. Everything else sucks.

  56. Yzat says:

    I wouldn’t recommend updating this rom to 5.1.. When I did it crashed constantly

  57. anish says:

    V6 is out, but I’m having an issue with connecting to Kies. The rom is pretty fast, but it crashes sometimes. Any one have a solution to the Kies problem?

  58. Taha says:

    Can this work on samsung galaxy s2 NOT T-Mobile galaxy s2 ???
    i mean the unlocked international ver .

  59. Tushar Kumar says:


    Guys this ROM is for T-Mobile but i need this ROM for normal Galaxy S2 phones please.

    I really liked this ROM so i need this for my phone,as i don’t have that t-mobile phone.
    Please link it to me.


  60. _____homz says:


    Hey dude, can flash custom boot animation and image for this rom? I wish this rom has an overclock features, it’ll be awezome! I think there’s already a v6 for this posted on xda site. Overall, it’s the best rom for t989 model. Thanks for sharing this rom!…

    • bryan says:

      the cpu is maxed out on this rom and setup cpu will not do anything the setting is in the kernel the cpu will only use the power if it needs it

  61. Nate says:

    Has anyone else had an issue playing games? I have tried a dew and they all freeze up and then I get a message that the game has stopped working.

  62. Raymond says:

    Hi everyone, I’m new. Please tell me how to I Flash this rom? I don’t know how to flash it. I need help. Thank you so much

  63. FrankBca says:

    I love the rom but I can’t do without Swype. So I have unistalled until the fix comes out.

  64. Aks says:

    Can this be installed on any s2 or only on SGH-T989!

  65. bryan says:

    clones and dronesv1 is now out by the same dev as jedi mind

  66. Scott says:

    V6 is now out! This ROM is VERY quick, responsive, and quite stable. I got benchmarks above that of the HTC One X!

  67. Will says:

    Btw i love this rom… Is there a way to get free tethering on it?

  68. Cristhian says:

    Super fast… I have installed Swype, and is excellent, but there’s a big problem, at least in my phone…

    The memory is consumed to fast, i had to install the easy task killer, and i’m freeing memory every one or two hours.

    is this normal?

  69. H says:

    Just ordered t-mobile S2 yesterday.
    Should I root before I activate or after? does it matter?
    is there a guide or article for must do/have when you get S2?
    sorry late and new in the android game… I’m not even sure if I made the right choice with s2.
    coming from iphone 4/att
    Thanks in advance for any information.

    • Pablo says:

      Hi there H—you got an awesome phone, don’t worry. I have no desire to “updgrade” to the s3.

      I’m not sure it matters whether you root before or after. I think you can do either. Your t-mobile account is linked to your sim card, not your phone. I would still activate first and then root.
      All the instructions for rooting are on this site. Look around.

      • H says:

        thanks for your reply.
        got the free offer from t-mobile website.
        rooted and installed jedi v7, runnging great.
        But where is native “navigate” app?

  70. Pablo says:

    everything going really great with rom… I can see keeping it for a very long time. Little problems: in the gym today, I was using Pandora on wifi and the wifi connection kept going out… not sure if it was because of the proximity of the signal or the rom. I thought I had read something before about wifi going in and out on these roms–anybody have a similar problem?

    The other problem is that though I can use wifi calling, it is tinny sounding. When I was using the malice rom (ah, that was a great rom), the wifi calling sounded better than regular cellular calling. Does anyone else have a problem with bad quality of wifi calling?

  71. H says:

    I can’t seen to find navigate
    Am I missing something?

  72. saud says:

    this rom is great I just flashed it and loving it, very fast and sable. I don’t know if this rom doesn’t have any widgets or any fancy stuff to it, other then that it looks like S3 and very fast.

  73. G says:

    Hi how this ROM stock Up vs Jagermout V5 so far J V5. is all around best and fast – any comments ?
    I tr yd them all

  74. G says:

    Correction Juggernaut-v5.0

  75. Pierre says:

    That rom seems to be running on 3g, is this normal ? I cannot seem to get 4g running, download speeds are pretty low.

  76. urvil says:

    Heyy….I got myself the v4 of Jedi mind tricks ROM….but it constantly shows an error… core something has stopped…..its very annoying!!! Would really appreciate some help asap

  77. manfredo says:

    I installed this jedimind rom and its working fast and wonderful…buttt..i cant connect to any wifi networks. Have tried about 18 times. Any info>=?

  78. manfredo says:

    im not seeing the add ons….

  79. Lo gannew says:

    i love this rom with one exception. the s3 skin crashes about 4 times a day where i have to reboot. task manager doesnt fix it. anyone else encountering this and have a recommendation to fix?

  80. urvil says:

    Hey…that problem of mine was solved…the rom worked fine for about 1-2 days…but now my phone doesnt turn on…yesterday it switched off…then when i tried to switch it on, it kept on crashing…it either reaches the t-mobite logo or the samsung logo…and then again crashes and the phone keeps on vibrating…i’m afraid i think i bricked it… .please help asap

    • AndreV says:


  81. urvil says:

    FYI: i have version 4

  82. cross80 says:

    Where do I find the file application you know where my files r stored

  83. cross80 says:

    Installed jmt v7 but the no volume wake zip is no good, keeps saying its not abke to open the file, redownloaded a few times but still no change, anyone had these problem and maybe found a solution?

  84. Jon says:

    After running this ROM for about 3 days I had a SIM card related issue. It would not see the card.

    Pulling the battery with the phone powered on.

    Then removing the SIM card.

    Is the only way I was able to get it back.

    Any ideas?

  85. HR says:

    I have the version 7 installed, and every things works so perfect. However, my volume up/volume down become a power on switch witch I find it a little annoying. Does anyone knows how to fix this?.

    • cross80 says:

      I tried fixing that same issue but the add on they have dont work for some reason it wont ket me install the zip, u just gonna have to learn to live with it at least till next version

      • HR says:

        Thanks you, thank you, mine worked. Make sure you copy the zip file into the root directory of your SD in order to let you install it. After you installed it, before you reboot, install it again, and then reboot. If you still have problem, your download file is bad, I would use a different computer to download the zip file. Good luck

        • Cross80 says:

          Can you please give me the link to where you found your zip and where do I find these root access on the Sd

          • HR says:

            Excuse me!, I learned the name of the file from you. Go to XDA site and download the “NoVolumeWake.Zip” from the add on list and copy it to your SD Card. And then, install zip from SD Card. Just like you flashed the ROM. That should do it!

            • Cross80 says:

              Lol ok i thought maybe you found a different one, maybe ill have to do it through my pc, cause ive tried many times even through my sd and it wont install it just keeps aborting the process, thanx anyways, im glad it worked for you.

  86. Max says:

    I had jaggurnaut and darkside rom before this and i thought it was a good rom until time went on and everything just started to lag like crazy. Since installing jedi mind trick, it has been the best one by “far”.

  87. Cross80 says:

    I got almost everything working on this rom except for volumetowakevolumetowake, and lockscreen rotating, its a little annoying but other than that all is well, i even got s voice to work properly, took a few installs to get it fixed but now it works

  88. blas says:

    no encuentro mi maldita carpeta de archivos, tuve que descargar una paralela, que mal, ni bien empesas a cargar se empieza a alentar, cuiden ese detalle, ah, y el resto de los teclados, que recursos les podia haber afectado, mal ahi, el resto bien

  89. Milcho Tomov says:

    it may sound stupid but how can I get the original file and memo applications

  90. rob says:

    Hi I installed v9 on my Telus t989d and installed the Telus AD on through can but my connectivity seems to be very choppy it keeps random disconnecting

  91. John Lawson says:

    Is this ROM better than the Koodo V4 ROM ?

  92. lethalgorman says:

    any comments about vX. Whats new?

  93. cross80 says:

    Triey the new AOkP ROM ellybean it’s awesome just beware that Wi-Fi calling and HDMI support Is  not available for these kind of ROMs

  94. AndreV says:

    Hi.Today my T-Mobile with Jedi ROM version 7, I believe, stopped working. I’ve installed it about month ago. I was ok first three weeks. Lately I’ve started thinking to install updated Jedi ROM. Today working outside, battery of my phone started die, and phone lights on, informing me about low battery. But it was on my pocket all time, and since I have locking pattern, it was trying to input this pattern. And after some attempts phone locked and soon Battery died. After I’ve got home,I put it on charger and tried to turn it on. It was on, but first 20 it was uploading non stop email notifications. I’ve tried to reboot it. BUT holding of power button gave no results. I took off and put on back battery . Couple time gave no result. Now it’s not even booting, just S sing always on . Anybody have any idea how to get my phone back ???

  95. cross80 says:

    Hold vol+power to get on recovery and make sure u make bckup and wipe and install again

  96. AndreV says:

    Thx for FAST response. Tried this before. And tried it now again. But this just turn on and off my phone. And when the phone is on, it’s like not normal start up, it’s now finishing start up, but just big S sign (with «Samsung Galaxy Sll» ) shines on the screen, and nothing more happening. Any ideas , please. Thx.

    • cross80 says:

      Are you sure you doing the procedure correctly, it should BE ABLE TO GET BACK ON RECOVERY, HOLD volumes buttons and power at the same time wait till u feel two vibes than release the power button and maintain your fingers on the volume buttons till you see the samsung symbol than release the volume buttons if you follow the instructions correctly it should get on recovery. If it works make sure you do a full factory wipe and cache. Good luck

      • AndreV says:

        Thank you cross80 !!! And , as I just find out that you already helped me before couple times. This time I’ve started already panicing, but your advice really helped me again- I’ve hold buttons wrong way . And it’s really important. now I’m installing JMT V.9. i hope it will be even better that my previous JMT. What’s your expiriense with JMT ? what version is better wron your point of view ? And one more think, may be you know how to get back original GB 2.3.6 option to have all calls of the particular caller saved in call log for like one last month or more, like it was with GB 2.3.6.or earlier ? it was really helpful for me , so I could easily trace every my customer’s call’s logs. Thx in advance. P.S. may be I’ll ask later you for help again, if you don’t mind ?

        • cross80 says:

          Your very welcome im not using jmt no longer I switched to aokp jelly bean, im loving this rom its like I have a new phone, however if you want this rom beware wifi calling is not available and hdmi output is not supported other than that everything works flawlesly, im glad you got your phone working, I dont know how to help u with your call logs sorry, good luck.

          • AndreV says:

            BIG THX Cross80 . I’m not using Wi-Fi calling and HDMI at all. But thx anyway for a warning . Have a nice day. And please be around once in a while. Buy.

  97. javier says:

    I downloaded Jedi Mind Trick ROM for T-Mobile Galaxy S2 SGH-T989 and my GPS isn’t working it keeps saying searching .. plz help

  98. Carlos Rivas says:

    I cant put a block wallpaper, it freeze for a little.

  99. john says:

    is there a way to get free wifi tethering?

  100. kay says:

    For some reason every Jedi Mind Trick v9, when I flash my soft keys don’t work. But they work fine with any other roms.
    Can someone please help me because I love this ROM and wanna keep using it

    • CarlitoR1 says:

      I had the same problem and really had a hard time getting the phone to work. I ended up returning to stock, rerooting, then loading Jedi Mind Trick and it was worth the frustration. This is an awesome ROM. and I didn’t have a problem getting Swype, that was the first thing i installed!

      • kay says:

        I tried going back to stock, flash recovery again and rooted. But they soft keys stop working 10 man after I flashed JMT X. I download and flashed the new version X1 and it’s still doing the same thing.

  101. William says:

    Dude, I never rooted before, I always stick to the original firmware, but I saw this rom and I liked the way it looks. So I decided to give it a try. When it works, it work great, fast, but it crashes all the time. And I installed it twice, wipe data and cache twice. It is a headache really. Love the extra from ICS, and Google Now, the best feature so far. I know that even stock rom fail and crashes sometimes, but not that much in a day. I mean, I have to reboot like 3 or 4 times a day. I’ll just go back to my stock rom, Gingerbread and wait for the official JB upgrade.
    GS2 T-989

    • Chris says:

      Follow the OP’s instructions to the “T”, also use cwm with hello from tdj’s dark side super wrote and cache wipe as per instructions, I’ve been running it for several hours and it’s beautiful

  102. Stephen says:

    Great rom, this series has been good since v.5. Just keeps getting better. This version finally fixed the voice to text issue in texting. Battery life is about the same as v.9

  103. Sergio says:

    Ok, so I just flashed into this rom and so far it seems to be working pretty cool, but for some reason randomly some weird jungle-like sound starts with tiger roaring and monkeys ._. anyone knows wtf is this?

  104. manuel says:

    Ma galaxy s2 t989 wont turn on. Can someone help me out. I’m willing to pay for your service.

  105. Juan says:

    Very nice ROM… Best I’ve had so far. Just having a problem getting into USB mode. Not sure how to… I get the USB debugg notification, but don’t know how to get into download/file transfer mode????

    Any suggestions???

  106. Juan says:

    I’m sorry… disregard last comment… I’m having a problem with the AOKP 4.1.2 JB rom. This (JMT) Rom is very good. But I did enjoy the AOKP ROM also… just the problem with USB mode… ;o(

  107. Lumpy801 says:

    Ya im having problems with usb also. cant hook up to my pc normally. any help???

  108. Chris says:

    I keep getting installation aborted. How do I fix this?

  109. Pablo says:

    Love these roms, they are the best. But I cannot get the wifi calling to work. The person on the other line cannot hear me. It worked perfectly with Malice. Any idea what’s wrong?

    • Pablo says:

      tried reinstalling the rom, still no wifi calling. The person on the other end hears nothing. Somebody help me with this please.

  110. Richie says:

    is anyone having a delay whenever making a call?

  111. Justin says:

    i love this ROM ..superfast… the only problem i have is its keep freezing up for 45 seconds or so and follow up by messages ” TOUCHWIZ is not working ” select “wait” or “ok” …then its running again… its happen like 4,5 times a day… is there any suggestion other than that its flawless

    • EJ says:

      I am also having what i believe to be the same problem. It does pause or freeze for a few seconds and then i sometimes get the TOUCHWIZ is not working.

      Hopefully a fix is on the way! Otherwise a very nice ROM that i would like to keep.

  112. Chris says:

    GREAT ROM! Only problem I have is when on the phone, it’s just a black background with letters and I don’t have Burst camera app

  113. artie says:

    Hey max. While seeing up my alarm tone out wouldn’t allow me to pick one saying I’m missing muggles app. Anyone familiar with the issue? Thx

  114. manny says:

    is there a way to get wifi hotspot without paying for it? i had it on my darkside rom but this one sends me a text when i try to make it a wifi hotspot.

  115. artie says:

    Hey guys. am i the only one who is facing this issue. While changing the alarm tone and going to my files to pick my mp3 it gives me the error message smth like cant find “” if so does anyone knows how to fix it?
    p.s. disregard my previous post please.

  116. Chris says:

    If flashed correctly there should not be any issues. Save your ROM and ask important info to your PC our external sd card, I use cwm, make a back up, run the dark side super wipe script, format you’re internal sd card, flash jmtx2, flash darkside cache wipe, reboot, let settle for teen minutes, reboot, then log in and finish setup, wait ten minutes, reboot and enjoy, no problems this way. Install Swype by flashing one of pmt3’s addons

  117. artie says:

    Hey chris. Two questions. What its the darkside super wipe scriptand where can i get it? And what is pm 3 adons and where could thosr be found.

    Thx a bunch.

    • Chris says:

      The original post for jmtx2 has the addons section for’s to flash from recovery, the stock Swype that came on our phones canbe found there

  118. artie says:

    Hey guys. This ROM wouldn’t let me install FLASH PLAYER. anyonrfamilliar with this Kaye. Any ways to solve it?

  119. denton says:

    im having the problem where when I try to turn off my phone it will freeze so I have to take out the battery. I am also having a problem where if the phone goes to the lock screen, my capacitive buttons stop responding but my screen is still responsive.

  120. Mindeb says:

    Hi, I’m using Android 2.6.1 (rooted obviously) and running the old juggernaut 5.1 rom. I was scared back in the day when tmobile came out with the official update to update my phone since it was rooted and wasn’t sure how I should proceed, and finding answers to this question was harder than I thought, well actually i never did.

    So my question is if I can flash this ROM onto my phone or I have to update my phone to the newest update and then go from there. Please someone help, I haven’t flashed a new rom in so long and I really want something more current on my phone, thank you everyone and please help. I know Max, you will know what to do, so if you can spare a few minutes I would really appreciate it, thanx…

    • muraks says:

      You can definitely flash this rom on to your phone directly. Just be sure to make backups, i.e. Nandroid and app. I backup my apps+data using Titanium. Use your recovery to do Nandroid. Max has instructions on how to do backups 🙂

  121. Norm says:

    Help. What’s the latest version of JMT X2? The one on your site galaxys2root? or XDA add ons download page? Confusing. is the same as JM2XT.ZIP ??

  122. jin says:

    HI, i installed this ROM and it was good,
    but the second day, i just try to turn off my device, it stuck and i have to take out my bettery and put it back in then
    when the device is on, it always came out a notice”unfortunetly, the process android. process. acore has been stopped”
    i don’t know what i did, but this is a very big problem. i can’t use my phone now.

  123. Norm says:

    Can someone please tell me if tmo wifi calling works? if not what rom does?

  124. christoff says:

    got an s2x on fido network, i have a fido lte sim but i can’t get the lte apn button to stay lit i have changed the apn and saved it but i can’t seem to get lte. anyone got any ideas??

  125. christoff says:

    actually, does anyone know if the s2x is lte capable or not, thanks chris

  126. Norm says:

    Anyone get a Nexus 4? It keeping SOLD OUT every-time 🙁

  127. Kml says:

    Hey Max, what recovery do you use and what would you recommend? I don’t care if it’s touch or not.

  128. Kml says:

    Hey Max, what recovery do you use, and what would you recommend?

    • muraks says:

      Try TWRP but use the 2.2 version. The latest version has issues. I use TWRP to install JMT all the time and never had any issues.

  129. Vuong says:

    I tried out this ROM and it freezes everyday. saying touchwiz is not working. is this normal?

  130. Norm says:

    Does my phone have to be unlocked to root it?

  131. bobby says:

    if i press the power button, my screen locks and i lose my back button as well as home and settings… why?

  132. Risspartan117 says:

    This ROM is working almost perfectly. It’s just that the ram consumption is off the charts. Battery life is ok, and the features like multi-window etc are perfect. The only downside IMO are the icons. Honestly I hated the icons and the text is just not crisp. Gives a feeling like you’re holding a 360*640 res mobile. Looking for something better… :/

  133. Mark says:

    I installed CM10 ROM and bricked my phone. Since that time I haven’t been able to fix the issue. I have ClockworkMod Any time I hit cache it locks up. I tried wiping cache and unmounting cache the phone hangs at that point. When I attempt to do a complete format when it gets to cache it hangs. I have attempted to download multi different ROMs with no success. Can anyone help me with this.


  134. Aaron says:

    Jedi Mind Trick is the way to go if you are looking for a quick and stable rom. I haven’t found anything that doesn’t work yet. I really like the voltage app, which allow full control of the cpu clock speed, and the fully functioning Samsung Camera app is a must. I have tried multiple JB roms and all of them are plaqued with bugs, they don’t seem to be worth it yet (just read the credits).

    This web page is great, and I appreciate all the quality instruction you have provided. Keep it up.


  135. Markaus Smith says:

    I’m constantly going back and forth between jelly bean and JMT ROMS Cuz they’re so good haha. Jedi Mind trick x3 is over clocked at 1.7 that’s why its so speedy. But now most jelly beans are/can be over clocked to 1.8 and that’s pretty much been the deciding factor for me personally. I personally love P.A.C man ROM which is a combo of AOKP, CM10, and Paranoid Android ROM. its fast and has all the best features of the 3 ROMs packed into one 🙂 check it out! Also for those who love Jedi mind tricks sgs3 style but want the features of jelly bean, check out Galaxy SBean ROM, Its basically Jedi mind trick ROM with the customization of P.A.C man ROM. Its rock stable so far as my daily driver and has a few more features than stock P.A.C man ROM, so its probably my favorite ROM out. 🙂 its also over clocked at 1.8! So yeah 🙂 happy flashing!

  136. Luis says:

    I just installed JMT and works fine, the only problem I found is that geogle play dont load or it takes for ever, will keep on trying and will update.

  137. Selva says:

    I have installed AOKP Rom. I tried few others (CM10, MIUI, PAC) Jelly bean ROM. All these were downloaded within last 5 days with latest on official release of each of them.

    Below were issues.
    1. HDMI not working in any of them
    2. Skype is a problem in AOKP
    3. MIUI call quality is a problem
    4. CM10 battery isnt better, above three problems exists in CM10

    I have no preference over OS or custom ROM.

  138. Selva says:

    My Phone: TMobile Hercules (T989) rooted.

    Currently I have installed with AOKP Rom(so far better JB feel). I tried few others (CM10, MIUI, PAC) Jelly bean ROM. All these were downloaded within last 5 days with latest on official release of each of them.

    Below were issues.
    1. HDMI not working in any of them
    2. Skype is a problem in AOKP
    3. MIUI call quality is a problem
    4. CM10 battery isnt better, above 1,2 problems exists in CM10

    I have no preference over OS neither on custom ROM. All I need is the phone to work with these features.
    I am Technically capable but finding limited time.

    Any workaround or suggestions?

  139. stuart smith says:

    yeah when i try to run recovery and then try to whip my phone on both options it starts to run but never gose all the way throw with it.i dont know what to do but my phone did it with the aokp rom and others to so i reall would like to get some help. it keeps saying some thing about a error and it cant find recovery files or some thing

    • Aaron says:

      Have you used oden to unroot/unbrick your phone?

      • Aaron says:

        I had to unroot/unbrick my phone after trying out some of the JB roms. Due to the bugs such as call quality, and no ISO control on the camera I wanted to go back to the stock rom. Max’s instructions worked without glitch, and returned my phone to the factory settings. Then I update to 4.0.4 through kies.

        Shortly after I rooted and tried Jedi Mind Trick, which I have been very happy with.

  140. cross80 says:

    Thats exactly what I would do go ahead and unroot your phone and then root e your phone back again and you should have a clean phone, u must have done something wrong in the past that is conflicting with your new roms, I had to do this myself cause I was having similar issues, good luck, follow max instructions to unroot,and root ur phone is simple and easy.

  141. cross80 says:

    Let me know how it works out.

  142. Markaus smith says:

    I’m just a noob so I probably don’t know what I’m talking about but I used to have the same flashing problems as you guys so I’m gonna try and give some helpful advice. Although I don’t understand why, it seems that the newer versions of cwm (6.0+) have issues flashing some ROMs and sometimes don’t completely erase the phone before flashing a new ROM. I’ve seen forums about this all over xda and whatnot. So what seems to work for me is flashing an older version of cwm via ROM manager. I’m currently using version and I haven’t had a problem since. This means also that instead for data wiping and all that you simply download Darkside super wipe and darkside cache wipe to your phone and flash those via cwm before flashing any ROM. Its super simple and works flawless for me. You can find them on xda. Anyways hope Im helpful… reply if your confused or if it helps 🙂

  143. Roy says:

    Curious if there are any fast jelly bean roms for T989 where all functions are operational and they do not contain either an avatar or a sigel?

    • cross80 says:

      Personally I haven’t found one yet, I love aokp roms but they dont have alot of options that I like, for example hdmi output and wifi calling

  144. Brian says:

    Can someone please answer this for me.
    Does this ROM have a screenshot function ?
    Thank You !

  145. David says:

    I was wondering how come my camera doesnt work? everytime i try to use it it says camera failed.

  146. amkivb says:

    I just installed this ROM today and its good for the most part. I dot know if I did something wrong when installing it but when I go to settings and then display and go down to touch key light duration, I set it to always on. Even though its on always on, the lights will just turn off. And touchwiz keeps crashing. I don’t know if I did something wrong but I’d appreciate some help.

  147. jc says:

    This has happened to me many times, but everytime my battery dies and my phone shuts off, I plug it in and turn it back on it gets stuck on the welcome screen. It’ll never turn back on normally, I’ll do a dalvik wipe, and the only way to fix it is doing a factory reset.

  148. Luis says:

    T989 Ok, I had to uninstall this ROM for the reason I had to many freeze screens and apps getting stuck in place all black, now I installed IR and its way stable, no freeze screens or apps acting up. Thanx MAX for showing us Infamous Resurrection, 😉

  149. Ron says:

    I installed this ROM about 2 weeks ago and love it! I do have one problem that hopefully someone has found a fix for. I can not receive picture texts!!! It says to “download the file” but when I try, it always says “download failed”…….any help would be appreciated!! (FYI …. no problems with normal texting)

    Other than this “dealbreaker” problem, the ROM works perfectly!!!!

  150. MoeGains says:

    How come after installing these roms the middle row of my keyboard does not work when the phone is held vertically, but works when it is horizontal? SOMEONE PLEASE HELP THIS ISSUE IS REALLY ANNOYING!!!! Thanks you ahead for your time.

  151. M. says:

    Hello All,

    I just updated to Jedi about three days ago on my T mobile S2. Worked great!!! but now I get silence when trying to make calls. It says connected but I cant hear anything. Please help!!!!

  152. Pablo says:

    The ROM is great as everyone know, but the same problems persist with each new version.

    1. The galaxy 3 music player (and add-on) causes the whole phone to freeze up upon closing.
    2. The GPS takes too long to get a lock.
    3: wifi calling is not reliable

    I’m kind of ready to try a new rom….

  153. Patrick says:

    I’ve had this ROM for a few weeks now. It was great in the beginning, but now it hangs and freezes like crazy. Anyone have a solution? I want to continue using this ROM, but this is really frustrating.

  154. Ashwin says:

    Running this rom three weeks (first rom). One day the phone restarted and got stuck in the boot screen.
    The phone restarted and eventually keeps vibrating without display
    After trying many times i did got in recovery mode so i could install the rom again (using darkside super wipe and then the rom). After one day it crashed again and again i installed an different rom which also crashed after several hours.
    Now i can`t even get to download mode, Is this hardware related or do i need to use an usb jig to get this working again?

  155. Cross80 says:

    For some reason everyone here is trying this rom which I don’t understand the rom is not stable as stated it hS many flaws, please do your self a break and try paranoid 5.5 for t989 it doesnt have wify calling but I dont need it or like it anyways, everything else is flawless trust me ive been on it for a while, and it makes the phone look awsome with many customizations available, let me know if you enjoy it.

  156. MOSLEH ALGARNI says:

    i couldn’t install from unknown sources even if i check for allowing installtion from unknown sources,,, pleas help me with that because i love this rom and i would not change it .. this rom gives me best battery live, so i want to keep it
    thanks alot

  157. Jorgie says:

    Hi well i dont have a sim card yet so i use talkatone or bobsled or w.e. FREE wifi calling app but ever since i used this rom it messed up my free calling apps for some reason. Is there anyway to fix that? or is that a bug i guess?

  158. tluv00 says:

    So I did a Darkside wipe, flashed ROM, it worked, it synced, now it’s crashed my phone. It freezes during boot and when I try to wipe again there is nothing, when I try to factory reset it freezes too.


    • tluv00 says:

      When I say “thanks” I mean thanks for any help not thanks for crashing my phone. I cannot do anything with it accept keep papers from blowing away.

  159. Ron says:

    Try unrooting your phone and starting from scratch. It has worked for me before.

    • tluv00 says:

      It won’t even let me do that. I had to get a new device. I couldn’t get past the “S’ logo plus when I did anything in Recovery Mode it just froze.

      • Ron says:

        Exactly what device are you having this problem with? If you have replaced it and want to get rid of the old one I may be interested!

  160. Henry says:

    Everytime i try flashing a rom it says installation aborted. How can i get it to work?

  161. cross80 says:

    I suggest you bring your phone back to stock you need to flash and root your phone and then go back again in an unroott that way your phone will be allCLEAR, take my advice install jedi mind trick version 4 and keep it, stop flashing otherwise you will endup with a sticky power button, use jedi mind trick volume wake to give power button a break, please take it from me, thats what im living with at the moment

  162. s2brickmaker says:

    Try downloading the rom again could be
    corrupt download

  163. dillhole says:

    JMT X4 is out. Much more settings great from.

  164. Simon says:

    Nice rom I love it the best for the Galaxy S 2
    there is one problem I have
    I want to get rid of the side bar
    because I have trouble typing the letter A
    its annoying
    Max if you can please help

  165. Bobby Callens says:

    How can I make 7 homescreens on jedi mindtrick ics rom v3 because mine only has 5 homescreens.

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