Jedi Mind Trick ROM for T-Mobile Galaxy S2 SGH-T989! [X4][Overclock]

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If you are looking for the most stable ROM on the T-Mobile Galaxy S2 SGH-T989, don’t forget to check out the latest version X4 of Jedi Mind Trick ROM by XDA user Ptmr3 (Follow him on Twitter here).

Although based on ICS, the Jedi Mind Trick ROM is faster than most Jelly Bean ROMs I’ve tried and even faster than some of the newer Samsung phones (like stock S3). Well, the UI is pretty darn fast, this is one of the faster ROMs ever.

Now, if you thought previous versions of Jedi Mind Trick ROM was fast, think again as the latest version comes with Faux kernel, overclocked to 1.728Ghz out of the box. The slight overclocking makes this ROM insanely faster. Plus, you get BLN notifications, DSP Manager, and many Galaxy S3/Note 2 parts including Note 2 gallery app and more.

Jedi Mind Trick ROM has always been one of the best ROMs for the T-Mo GS2, check out the latest version and do let me know what you think!


Download Jedi Mind Trick ROM

Credits – XDA <— Don’t forget to donate to the developer if this ROM has made your phone faster.

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53 Responses

  1. Dejan says:

    i already have the Jedi Jelly rom, but i want this rom. should i completely wipe the old rom and install the new rom

  2. ht says:

    Can you cover some NON JEDI roms please…

  3. Juan Martinez says:

    Only forgot the multi-window im waiting for it please

  4. Pete says:

    Does this rom comes with google now ? Like previous version of jedi mind trick.

  5. telus galaxys2 says:

    wow, its 4.0.3 not even 4.0.4
    i have stock koodo 4.0.4, is it worth upgrading to this? and does it use stock ics camera or jb and hows battery life

  6. super says:

    don’t sent tex pic what its the problem please help me

  7. Chris Gartland says:

    This is by far the best ROM I’ve ever used, may be the last tom this phone has till it dies. Zero issues, running apex launcher, never any force closed, always smooth.

  8. Norm says:

    thanks MAX. Is this one stable? What are the issues I need to know b 4 flashing this 1?

  9. Alan says:

    Awesome ROM, it’s fast and flawless.

  10. BoBo says:

    I don’t get it – why after installing , go to “About Phone ” in ” Settings” , go to “Android version” and when you click to see the name of the version shows – ” Ice cream sandwich” , not ”Jelly Bean”

  11. Jason says:

    Everything is great but i am having problems sending MMS messages.

  12. John Schilb says:

    Does anyone know if this supports MHL connectivity?

  13. amkivb says:

    Great ROM. Like it. But bln control isn’t working with me too well. I turn it on and set the length but it doesn’t even work. Only the part that let’s you see what its like works. What am I doing wrong or why isn’t it working ?

  14. William says:

    Yeah, was loving the ROM, but MMS (picture messaging) isn’t working for me, either. Can neither send nor receive MMS message.

  15. bobby says:

    HEY, does this ROM’s picture messaging work? also do you have the option to save pictures straight onto your SD card? anyone who has installed this ROM, share your knowledge with us. no homo.

  16. William says:

    Bobby, It wasn’t working for me, and after reading through here and on the XDA forums, it’s not working for at least a good number of people, either. I uninstalled and installed the Jedi Mind Trick X3 and picture messaging is working fine on that one (for me, at least)

  17. Chris says:

    Clean install x3 then dirty flash over, after room flash run the cache error script.

  18. rekamyenom says:

    PLEASE Make this for the T879 I will gladly make a donation if you can do this. There is nothing out there for the T879. Contact me.

  19. David R. says:

    work’s great with one exception I can’t make calls screen goes blank, and a dsp manager error pops up. otherwise I love it.What should I do? I was thinking of backing up apps, then darkside wipe and reinstall rom. maybe something happened I don’t know. Has anyone else had this happen?

  20. David R. says:

    All system clear, looks like its running great got benchmark of 3914 faster than my gs3 which was a 3883 everything is working smoothly. Thanks…

  21. bobby says:

    This ROM is running SO smooth and flawless. I was skeptical at first because of the features people claimed to not work, but MMS works just fine. Option to save pics straight to SD card, Note 2 gallery, gallery for videos only, cool image editor, MUCH better battery life than any other ROM, its so fast it’s like having a brand new phone. hope this helps someone (: anyone with problems, just so you know i ALWAYS do a Factory reset, clear cache, and clear dalvik cache before installing and always works perfectly. you can get back contacts through google account in like 2 seconds. and get Titanium Backup PRO and it will install all your apps in minutes…. it’s worth it.

    • jonathan says:

      Mms doesn’t work “just fine” it’s hit or miss with many people. I did a fresh install after rooting for the first time and mms doesn’t work off the bat.

  22. bobby says:

    although yes, BLN control doesn’t work. and i feel like DPS isn’t working but it’s hard to tell. still the best ROM available.

  23. David R. says:

    Every time I enable the bln my my phone goes crazy with dsp errors, I had to fatory wipe afterwards, I think thats the only bug, Please beware of the (bln) —enable— DO NOT ENABLE otherwise,I’m guessing facory reset, just to let everyone else know… otherwise…. its runs like a bat of hell. With Benmarks upto 4137 Blew away my GS3.

  24. William says:

    Ended up uninstalling this rom and going with the Galaxy ROM 2.0. BLN didn’t work, I could send MMS out but wasn’t receiving any MMS. DSP wasn’t working and battery life wasn’t all that great. With the 2.0 battery life is outstanding and everything works. As I use this phone for work and sending/receiving MMS is part of my job having an iffy rom just wasn’t an option. Galaxy ROM 2.0 runs just about as smooth as the X4 without the issues that come along with it.

    FWIW, I did every wipe available in TWRP and even ran the Darkside scripts, just to be safe.

  25. Ryan says:

    this is definitely the best among all the Jedi mind trick ROMS. i haven’t had ANY problems with this ROM. NOTHING…except one. i feel that it eats more battery life than the other ROMS that I’ve tried. tried flashing it and it still consumes the same battery life. but because the ROM is sooooo fast, i just don’t mind the battery life issue.
    so far, i’ve tried x2, x3, x4, lsr v7, v8, and v8 and cm10.

    for me:
    best ics ROM – JMT x4
    best jelly bean ROM – liquid smooth ROM v7

  26. Kamal says:

    This is definitely not the most stable ROM because it’s not based on the official version of ICS but, it’s definitely one of the fastest. Need for Speed Most Wanted runs better than my friend’s Galaxy S3 on 1.45 GHz.

  27. markie says:

    does this support wifi tethering without the extra cost?

  28. tommy says:

    This ROM runs good, and problem free, but it definitely doesn’t run as fast as liquid ?smooth. And now that I think back jmt x3 didn’t lag on typing and web browsing this much. Did something change

    • David says:

      Question where can I get liquid smooth

      • tommy says:

        I switched back to liquid smooth. i find it runs just a tiny bit faster than this ROM, but it runs MUCH smoother(more smooth maybe?) and with no lag. there’s a version on this site, but there’s a newer version on the XDA developer site that rums much better.

  29. markie says:

    Is this rom any better than the CM10 stable? I’m currently running cm10 and would like to know the better difference, if any, before switching to this rom.

  30. David says:

    To unstable buddy I would stick with cm10. Or liquid smooth

    • tommy says:

      this is the liquid smooth ROM I use. it runs very well. I’ve flashed just about every ROM from this site at one time or another. this one is the smoothest, in my opinion. liquid smoothest, to be exact. you just have to go on play store after and download “camera jb+”
      happy flashing

  31. lumpy says:

    HELP!! i cant get the zip file from the download page. someone help

  32. Value Theory says:

    Does anyone know if this ROM supports wifi calling? It’s a must have for me…

  33. Kaycee says:

    I love the speed and smoothness of this ROM but I had one HUGE problem. It freezes/fc when making a call. When called it will rign but once you swipe to pick up it freezes and you can not hear nor can the person calling you. I communicated this but I am not sure if it was just my handset or something else. I did check MD5 to make sure I had the right download and tried re-downloading it but same result. I am going to try again. had to switch back to JK 6 which is AWESOME!

    • davelove7 says:

      JK 6 ? Got a link to try it out. Yea, your not the only one with the freeze problem when call I love the rom also, but if you cant make calls then its no good.
      Please get back to me with the JK 6. Heres my email address

  34. Hash says:

    I just installed this ROM, everything seemed smooth, until I discovered the real BUGS:
    – Caller ID does not work ( every number appears as UNKNOWN)
    – T-Mobile Voicemail Icon stays in the notification bar (even though my voicemail is 100% disabled from Tmobile— in other words, i never seen that icon until i got this Rom)

    Other than that, everything works great: wifi calling, hotspot/tethering.. fast & clean.

    If anyone has any idea of how to fix these issues with the caller id & voicemail, please advice~

  35. Alvaro says:

    I love the speed and the touchwiz ux, but the rom’s look itself isn’t too appealing, and that loud annoying song that plays when you turn it on

  36. dukens says:

    I Love the rom but for some reason I can’t find all my storage file on the internal memory of phone. especially my music files please respond if anyone can help me. with jedi jelly the file is there and the aokp roms the files are there in the es file app. Jedi Jelly is the best stable and functional rom so far

  37. KB says:

    Hi I’m not sure if Iinstalled the right jedi mind tricks rom on my T-Mobile galaxy s2. I’m having some issues with touch wiz and it constantly freezes and does almost like what a task killer may do. Everything blanks out but not so much as afull reset. I don’t have a task killer. It happens at least every time I use my phone which you may guess is very annoying. I looked in setting says jedi mind tricks v5.1 I took a screen shot I can email you. Please help thanks!!!

  38. Pietro says:

    I found a bug in the rom that freezes the Jedi Home each time. If you add a ninth home screen and then try to pinch out zoom on the desktop to see all of the screens it goes black and FCs the home screens.

    Any solution for this? I cannot add or remove any additional screens anymore or change my set home screen…

  39. Allan Purl says:

    Ok, been living with this rom for 24 hours now. Still adding apps and pulling apps from archives and nand backups.

    So far, battery not bad. Wicked fast. Almost illegal it’s so fast. Using TSF Shell for launcher, and widget locker for lock screen. Seems stable enough. I’ve had to force a few reboots, but I think that’s just from adding and adjusting apps. Once I’m done, I’ll know more. I must admit, I’m an app hound.

    I can tell you, official xda dev thread is here

    Follow the install instructions, which includes leave the phone alone for 10 minutes after first boot, then reboot the phone. No problems. No gapps flash needed. In fact, if you try to flash gapps, you’ll only cause yourself some heartache and you’ll have to wipe and reflash rom.

    CPU overclocked to 1728 MHz under full load. Tons of tweaks and NICE extras. WIFI calling DOES in fact work, and was a must for me which is one of the reasons I chose this ROM. I’m thrilled with the beast I seem to have unleashed.

    Will post more after I’ve had more time to play with it.

  40. Paul says:

    How did you get the ultra fast camera?

  41. michael says:

    I got a problem, I installed this from and it says ” insert the SIM card ” somebody help me please

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