Jedi Mind Trick ROM v4 for T-Mobile Galaxy S2 SGH-T989!

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Looking for the best ROM on your T-Mobile Galaxy S2 SGH-T989?

UPDATE: Version 5 is OUT, please CLICK HERE to see it instead of this!

Certainly, if you are looking for the best TouchWiz-based ROM with WiFi-calling support, the Jedi Mind Trick ROM is definitely the one. The latest version 4 is better than ever, polished with a new Jedi kernel that allows you to overclock up to 1.836Ghz (if you want to although the ROM itself is fast out of the box).

For music, Jedi Mind Trick ships with Sony Walkman for music app and Beats Audio for tuning your headphones/speakers.

Other notable features include Sony Bravia Engine 2 (for better-quality images), 23 customizable quick toggles, network/battery/performance tweaks, flashbar, tethering provisions revmoed, LMT Pie launcher, Xposed App Settings Per DPI app changer, and some more. (See our full tutorial on Xposed App Settings and LMT Launcher.)


Download Jedi Mind Trick ROM v4

Credits – XDA <--- Please donate to the developer of hit “Thanks” button on XDA if you like it! You can also follow the developer of this ROM Ptmr3. - (Follow Him On Twitter Here).

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55 Responses

  1. nandezr says:

    The link seem to be broken

  2. Chris Maj says:

    Hey I was just wondering, every Jedi rom I use i get a no connection error for the play store.

  3. silent_swag says:

    recovery>advanced>fix permissions and reboot

  4. BELLACOO says:

    good room is perfect

  5. PETE says:

    I just installed and it seems to get stuck in a reboot loop and then the screen stays black for a long time. Anyone else experience this?

  6. Monepone says:

    Does this ROM have photosphere? I’m on stock Jellybean, but I really want to be able to use photosphere.

  7. David says:

    Can someone walk me thru the install haven’t changed Roms for a long time. Do I need gapps?

  8. Chris Maj says:

    Yeah it won’t hurt to get gapps. Make sure you download android 4.1.2 gapps

  9. Roberto says:

    Is there anyway to add bln mod

  10. Davi maia says:

    Is there any way to do screen shots?

  11. Perry says:

    Is this worth upgrading from V3?

  12. Anon says:

    Rom is broken! It stuck in loop. How did you get this working?

  13. Neil says:

    Does anyone if the MHL adapter works with this ROM? Just curious if anyone has tried it already. thanks

  14. Angel says:

    why is my battery draining so fast?

  15. Angel says:

    why does my battery die so fast with this ROM?

  16. eli says:

    very bad rom, stuck in boot reloop.
    max, this is so horrible how do you agree to post such crap??

  17. Fave23 says:

    If this Jedi ROM has tethering provisions removed why did T-Mobile just send me a text stating To prevent future Smartphone Mobile HotSpot (Tethering) access from being blocked, add SmartPhone Mobile HotSpot service me a link to the supposed site??? why is this going on???

    • ak says:

      they started blocking recently, you need to change the user agent on your browser on your computer to android and bamb you are good.

  18. Fave23 says:

    I just did the Darkside swipe then flashed the ROM using CWM…

    • MikeG says:

      If you want to use WiFi teathering go to the play store and download foxfi. Don’t click the hot spot app in the app drawer. Turn on WiFi teathering in your settings and you shouldn’t have a problem tethering. I hope that helps.

  19. Fave23 says:

    Ok I think that did the trick only thing I dont understand is if I need to disable my wifi connection or not?

    • MikeG says:

      When you are tethering you have to disable your WiFi connection.

      • Aaron says:

        T-mobile’s new value no contract plans removed the WifI hotspot restrictions. If you haven’t change to the new plan yet, I recommend you give them a call. If you are still under contract they will try to charge you a mitigation fee. If you are a long time customer they will wave it for you, at lease they did for me.

  20. zeph says:

    when am downloading the rom..the download stops at 49mb which it suppose to be at 385mb for the whole entire file? is the link broken or it just me? help..thanks

  21. James Hutto says:

    I have a question. After I install this ROM I have what looks like debugging text on the home screens. It goes away if I am in the app drawer and settings. But when I have a application open and when I have the home screens up I get that annoying text. How do I get rid of it?

  22. Xavier says:

    hello there Max. version 5 of this rom is out. they recommend using TWRP. whats the difference between TWRP and CWM. Can you make a how to install TWRP and how do i install TWRP if i have CWM and how do i go back if i don’t like it.

  23. Ferny Boi says:

    Everything was working perfectly except for today i tried to tqke a pic and it keeps restarting everytime i snap a picture. The odd thing is it does it on low battery. But it doesnt happen when i have it plugged in. Great rom but battery drains a lil too fast.

  24. Ferny Boi says:

    Forgot to hit notification box

    • k wahl says:

      mine doesnt work if you use auto flash, it just goes blank and doesnt turn off
      but it works fine with flash off or flash set to on

  25. midn12ght says:

    curios – how do i change the lockscreen on this ROM? i’m able to setup the fb ticker(finally) but i can’t seem to locate where i can change from that silver//blue lockscreen deal.

  26. k wahl says:

    how do you get into the overclocking menu?

  27. k wahl says:

    under reboot options hot boot does not work, is that just me having that problem?

  28. k wahl says:

    if you are having battery problems go and download wakelock detector and it will show you everything that is running and then you can disable or delete the app if you want

  29. tour80 says:

    I just uploaded this room and my phone is now stuck in a permanent loop. What can I do to fix this? I’m unable to get to the recovery screen.

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