Jedi Mind Trick ROM V8 for T-Mobile Galaxy S2!

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For this week’s T-Mobile Galaxy S2 ROM of the week, check out latest version 7 of Jedi Mind Trick ROM.

For those of you who are running previous versions, the major change on the latest version is the kernel. It now ships with Jedi Kernel Z, which supports CPU overclocking up to 1.944Ghz and also GPU overclocking to 320Mhz (by default), along with cool stuff like BLN support, LZMA compression, and ability to “hotplug” CPU cores so you save more battery life when your phone is idling. Also, all apps have been update to the latest versions such as LMT Pie Launcher, Xposed Framework, etc…etc…

And if you are new to this ROM, Jedi Mind Trick ROM is probably the most stable TouchWiz-based ROM (with WiFi-calling) that’s going to make your phone super-fast with its overclocking and modified TouchWiz launcher. Other notable features include AwesomeBeats (for tweaking your sound), TricksterMod (for overclocking CPU/GPU), hacked mobile hotspot, customizable 23 quick toggles, floating notifications, fast dormancy, seeder, GPS Quick Fix, and also custom notification backgrounds.

Overall, Jedi Mind Trick ROM is now more stable than ever with blazing speeds you wouldn’t believe you are still using a T-Mobile Galaxy S2.  If you have not tried the latest version, definitely check it out over the week(end) and let me know what you think!


Download Jedi Mind Trick V7 for T-Mobile Galaxy S2 (See here for latest V8)

Download Jedi Kernel Z

To install, reboot into recovery, make a backup ROM, wipe data/factory reset, install ROM, install kernel, then reboot.

Download Add-ons for this ROM

Credits – Ptmr3 <— Please donate to the developer or hit “Thanks” button on XDA if you like it!

You can also follow the developer of this ROM Ptmr3. – (Follow Him On Twitter Here).


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97 Responses

  1. Norm says:

    hotspot work? or do u need a t mobile tethering plan?

    • Carl says:

      Hotspot works out of the box with this ROM. Nothing needed other then to turn it on

      • DYoung says:

        I have been up and running jmt7 for over a week but I’m using Tiberius kernel because there we a glitch with the radio with Z, people on other end of phone saying hard to here. Zkernel update just came out this morning, wondering if everything seems to be working? I really want to flash the z kernel! Thanks!

      • Randy says:

        Do you have the Jedi mind tricks ROM for T989D as .tar file since I have to use Odin to flash it.
        The TWMP doesn’t work for my phone because my power button’s down. Thanks.

    • Aaron says:

      Really? Have you still not changed your plan to no contract? WiFi teathering is included with the new plans. If you are still under contract ask them to wave the mitigation fee, they will give you the new cheaper better plan and hold you in your current contract until the original end date.

      T-mobile rocks, did you see the news about unlimited international data and text. How awesome is that?

      • DMan says:

        Your not allowed to tether on the unlimited monthly 4g plan.I use Trever mod to bypass which works on jmt6( but still get throttled sometimes(bout to try 7!).tmobiles $60 plan gives you free tethering but throttled to a crawl after 2.5 GB, which is nothing.T-Mobile blows!awesome ROM though,thanks Max

        • Aaron says:

          “Smartphone Mobile Hotspot (Tethering/Wi-Fi Sharing): Qualifying service required. Plan data allotment applies; Unlimited 4G data includes 2.5 GB of tethering. Roaming and on-network data allotments differ: 500 MB full-speed plan includes 10 MB roaming; 2.5 GB and Unlimited 4G full-speed plans include 50 MB roaming.”

          Tethering is included with the simple plans. Yes you are tethered over 2.5gb, but are you really trying to use this for you only internet access point?

          I have been using Tmobile for 10 years, they have great customer service, and have reasonable pricing. Coverage is good if you are in a urban area.

          • DMan says:

            Excellent information…for real but yeah, don’t use my computer, don’t use Facebook, everything I use(data) is on my phone.that’s why I love this site andy phone galaxy s2t989.can do everything (real close) than an s4 because its open source. . Android…AMERICA BABY .and I need the bandwidth to download all the very hardworking talented peoples ROMs and such MAX so generously provides on this site.and yes there’s ALOT of people that only use there phone for what it promises.I paid for the technology of a hotspot when I bought phone, absurd to tell me I can’t even pay for it and use it.

            • Aaron says:

              I think is should be un-throttled, but t-mobile has a better policy then any other major carrier at a much better price.

              I am running Carbon rom 4.3.1 at it is great, give it a try if you don’t need touchwiz for wifi calling.

              • dyoung says:

                Aaron, how is your battery life on 4.3.1? Compared to jmt? Just curious. I’m thinking of running some different 4.3 ROMs but, I have read 4.3s Eat batteries on s2

                • Aaron says:

                  Battery life is good. I stream internet radio when I am working, and it will make it through  the entire day about 9 hours. Also I use green power premium to turn off WiFi and data when the screen is off. This will help battery life on any Rom. I also like that it will disable my WiFi if I am not at a known hotspot.

                  I though that 4.2.2 was slightly better for the battery but it is not a huge difference. I never had good battery life with any builds off the tw official jb sources. That being said I used jmt for a long time and it is a nice tw build.

  2. help please says:

    How come on XDA it says for the nandroid backup you should just do a data backup? What’s wrong with a full backup? Can someone give instructions how to flash this ROM?? I appreciate the help sooooo much! Thanks!

    • DYoung says:

      The best instructions for applying this ROM I found to work was posted for jmt6!

      (I was stuck in bootloop. Did exactly as Matt described. you should try unrooting your phone and go back to stock. then hook your phone up to your computer and delete all the roms gapps b.s. you have downloaded…start fresh…. now root your phone again. and re download what ever rom you want i did this one and now it works perfect i had the boot loop issue and i couldnt access anything in clockwork mod. doing all this worked. it takes a little time but well worth it./ Worked perfect!! unrooted, loaded stock ROM, rooted, loaded JDMT. Awesome Rom the only problem is I can’t get the PIE controls to work. )
      Jmt7 pie control works awesome now btw. Fyi for those who can’t get the battery bar to appear change the thickness to 2 in settings 🙂

  3. BenCh says:

    I love this ROM and I am currently running the V 6 of it. I dont know if flashing V 7 will worth it since I have been updating all my apps and everything is working good.
    Two things I dont know if they are just broken or if I just cant figure how to make them work are the multi-windows no mater what I do I can get it to show on the screen. the other thing is the LMT Pie control. That pie control in Jedi Mint Trick just doesnt even show up for me and I have spend good among of time trying to get it to work.
    Other than that I just love this ROM and make my phone awesome.

    Are these two features working out of the box in Jedi Mint Trick V 7? Please let me know I will appreciate it Thank you

    • Drew says:

      on V 6 I also had a problem with the pie tried everything to get it to work, no go. I finally downloaded a third party pie control that worked. I’m on V 7 now and the pie built into the ROM works awesome! Still can’t figure the multi-window to work, that wont keep me from using this ROM.

      If you get jmt 7 be aware there was some issues with the radio part of the phone using Z kernel. When on a call it sounds like you’re underwater. The op says he got it worked out with the updated kernel but, I’ll stay on Tiberius kernel for a bit more until I can read more feed back!

      Tiberius-3.0.99, 2.2

    • Randy says:

      Hey, do you have the .tar file of Jedi mind tricks ROM for T989d?
      I have the zip file v8 but I need the tar file by using Odin.

      • Lejo says:

        I wouldnt recommend this rom. Go for an updated rom if anything. Also if you power off the phone via battery, then hold the power buttons and plug it in to a charger you can manage to access the recovery menu. If both dont work try just one and unplug the charger once phone vibrates. Let me know if you succeed

  4. jose says:

    i’m having problems with the T-mobile Internet, who can i fix the vpn or verify the connectivity.

  5. Lejojaluel says:

    Stupid Question: Will it work on ics because it doesn’t say

  6. Mark says:

    So I tried out the V7 for the day today. I found a few issues.
    1) stock messaging takes for ever to send a text
    2) voice mail when typing in passcode to get access had problems.

    If anyone knows of any fixes please let me know, or hey who knows maybe operator error lol.

    Thanks, Mark

    • DYoung says:

      Did you do a Darkside wipe before installing ROM?

      • Mark says:

        No everytime I do one of those it bricks my phone. Twice now.

        • tony says:

          you need to start over bud. i mean COMPLETELY over i had this problem before, you need to flash a stock sgh-t989 rom and re root and CWM your phone again and then start modding again. it was the only way i could fix it.

        • dyoung says:

          I soft bricked my phone when I installed jmt6 got into a bootloop. ( month ago) Started from scratch, loaded factory rom aka unroot, the rerooted, darkside wipe, loaded jmt6, no more bootloop. Ran perfect! Now i have jmt7 no issues did the same thing.

          Research and read forums is your best friend!

          • jaime says:

            I did the same as Dyoung did as I kept having the bootloops, after unrooting, rerooting, darkside wipe now everytime i load JMT6 works perfect. I am about to try the JMT7 now…

            • dyoung says:

              I thought jmt6 was awesome but, 7 rocks. The above method was the only way I could avoid the dreaded boot loop, glad it worked for you too.
              Max and this site is amazing for helping figure out how to do things, ( just have to read) I just started moding my phone a month ago and have learned so much! Thanks Max!

  7. Moe Issa says:

    i’m having problems with the T-mobile Internet, and the market who can i fix ..

  8. oskar says:

    I need to know how to take screenshots, tried power and volume up, can’t see it on the restart menu either. Any help please.

  9. Lejojaluel says:

    Does this work on ICS 4.0.3 or jelly bean?

  10. Nau says:

    Is it just me, or 4G stopped working? Play store doesn’t work at all, browsers – a teaspoon per hour.
    What gives?
    JMT6 worked flawlessly.
    Did factory erase/cash erase before the install, did not do darkside sweep (Just learnt of it) – is it required?

  11. albert says:

    This rom is stable? And the calls quality is good?

  12. Danny Loveday says:

    Where can I find how to use the trickster mod to keep the overclock settings?

  13. tony says:

    junk, still need to work on stuff, they should have put all the settings in one spot rather than spreading it out EVERYWHERE, service sucks i get full bars on three different radios out where i live and with the same radios and using this ROM and on wifi i get NO SERVICE??? EVEN on wifi calling and texting i can’t call or send a text. this ROM is shit. lol Carbon ROM was the best one by far and no not the 4.3

    • tony says:

      I feel like something is missing, i just don’t feel like it’s the ROM is the reason that my radio won’t stay connected and all the jazz…. frustration sets in!!

  14. Pablo says:

    How I install Kernel? With Odin or I need another software?
    Thanks from Uruguay!

  15. DMan says:

    These are ROMs, not apps.Do some research before you destroy your phone! Just friendly advice.good luck.

  16. jaime says:

    Hey, after installing Jedi mind trick, is there a way to get my S2 to connect to the computer via Kies? I tried downloading the Kies air app to the phone but still cannot connect. I want to syncronize my outlook calendar with my S2 and so far after spending hours searching online Kies seems the simplest way of doing it. is there a full kies app I can install maybe directly from samsung? Since this is based on touchwiz I thought it should not be too difficult. Thanks for your help.

  17. Spaniolo says:

    Okay flashed JMT7 plus kernel and so far it is working great!! feel light and fast! Like it for my dd

  18. Hotrod says:

    Anyone else having a few problems like lag, clock randomly stopping, messaging stopped, or mobile internet lagging?

    • dyoung says:

      Not here. But, I’m only overclocking 1.7 I don’t know if 1.9 would be causing problems? Been using ROM for two weeks, still fast, no FCs. One problem is the swype on Samsung keyboard, not very accurate. That’s minor though.

      • Spaniolo says:

        two days using JMT7 running overclock at 1.83 , no problems with swype or clock or internet or any thing. everything running smooth except one single glitch… i keep getting notification for 1 new voice message from t-mobile, when i listen it is a message that has been already listened and saved two times but it keeps popping notification that it is a new voice mail. weird.

  19. Kemar says:

    Is this stable now with the new z kernel?….an can it use multi windows task?

    • Kim says:

      No Multi-Window… you can forget about getting that feature now… and I think it is pretty stable.. I’ll know if i can try the ROM first but it wont let me install it in my CWM

  20. Kim says:

    It wont let me intall the ROM… I’ve tried it like 5times with new file of Jedi, but it just says instal abort or in something of that line… gosh i wanna try this thing so bad -_-;; Any suggestions???

  21. Kemar says:

    Wat model fone u ave?

  22. Bombo says:

    an attempt to install using TWRP occasion and I was giving error but then clear the file verification and settled smoothly if not your case, on the other hand tell me everything works 100%

  23. kemar says:

    Is there goin to be a s4 custom rom for this fone soon?

  24. Kemar Haughton says:

    One that’s stable like this plz max I really need a s4 custom rom for this model like the revolution rom u got for the other s2

  25. Kemar Haughton says:

    U know how to do what you do best

  26. fidelio says:

    “Cannot connect to camera”. Tried camera that came with ROM and Focal.
    JMTv7 with z-kernel.

  27. Alayna says:

    I followed the instructions exactly but am stuck on a bootloop. For some reason USB mounting hasn’t been working (assumed it was the previous ROM, hence the new installation) so unrooting via PC isn’t an option for me. Help?

  28. Alan B says:

    I just updated from JMT v6 to v7 and it worked fine. Then I downloaded the Jedi Kernal Z after. Now my phone does not boot up, what do you recommend I do? I tried restoring my backup. That didn’t work.

  29. Shellz says:

    Had a problem updating from v6 to v7…could no longer make calls but I uninstalled/reinstalled the Kernel and “fixed” itself? *Shrugs* Loving it though.

    One question: How do you screenshot?? (Couldn’t figure this out for v6 either)

  30. David says:

    What Gapps do I use with this one?

  31. G says:

    Just tried to install the JMT7 provided here and not the S2 just keeps on rebooting—– 🙁

  32. mustang says:

    Darkside wipe then reinstall ROM if still in boot loop read top comments on this forum.

  33. toonlink says:

    I tried installing this rom the other day (not this one the v8) and i had gotten stuck in a boot loop. i then went to this one (v7) and it installed flawlessly. the only problem i have had with this rom is the kernel that it comes with. after installation i noticed a huge drop on my 4g coverage and after a while of playing with the apn settings i concluded it was the kernel. i am now running this rom with “3.0.101 – TIBERIUS -2.5 Cl3Kener #1” and it has worked flawlessly. its very fast and responcive. now for batterly life i went and downloaded “cpu master pro” by antutu, and set where when my screen is off it clocks at a mere 192 MHz, and when screen on i found that anywhere around 540 to 702 MHz it works very snappy, and rarely lags. this completely saves my battery like no other app i have ever used. i unplugged it (at 100%) at around 6:30 am and went through school and work (using it at average, not a ton of surfing but enough to count, but listening to a ton of music) and when i got off of work at 10pm, i still had 30% left, my old rom would be at 5% (stock ics)… my final openion on this rom is it is awsome, with a ton of customizations, and with a cpu manager, the battery kicks ass. nuff said

  34. rekamyenoM says:

    Really Poor reception after installing this ROM. Said I had 4G on UMTS and HSPAP but intermittent connection

    Had to flash Kernel to get good connection

  35. Aamer says:

    Galaxy S2 T989 – Code Unlocked

    SIM carrer AT&T
Model# SGH-T989

    Android 4.1.2

    Baseband T989UVMC6
Kernel 3.0.31-JediKernelZ

    Buil# Jedi Mind Trick JB 8

I really appreciate all your great work.
I have problem that I tried many Roms. The Data Plan (4G) is not working.
is that bcz of the ROM or using Att in T989 unlocked ??!!
    Please Can you advise me to get 4G working ??!! I’m paying for it but can’t use it 



  36. nino says:

    Great Rom, fantastic speeds, but my Sms keep repeating, vmail pad will not recognize PW, and calls are not coming in, any tips??

  37. AnDroidManBot says:

    I know this may sound dumb, but before anyone asks this… you don’t need to install the kernel after installing the ROM (at least with v8).
    JMT v8 comes with the kernel.

    • AnDroidManBot says:

      at least i think the kernel in the ROM is the same version or more recent. feel free to correct me if im wrong.

  38. Peyton says:

    It’s so fucking fast… it doesnt even feel like a GS2 anymore! 😀

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