JediMindTrick JB ROM V5 for T-Mobile Galaxy S2 SGH-T989!

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JediMindTrick JB ROM version 5 is out now.

UPDATE: Version 6 it OUT! CLICK HERE to SEE!

The latest version includes some extra settings like Fast Dormancy (can save battery life), FasterFix GPS, and Seeder lag reducer.
Also Jedi kernel has been updated for more stability and better battery life.

Other new features include Galaxy S4 Accu-weather widget and Sony Bravia Engine 3 (for better photos/videos). Also Trickster MOD app has been added for overclocking your CPU easily without use of a 3rd-party CPU app.

And yes, for those of you who haven’t tried this ROM yet it does come with 23 customizable quick toggles, tethering provisions revoved, LMT Pie launcher, Xposed App Settings Per DPI app changer, and some more. (See our full tutorial on Xposed App Settings and LMT Launcher.)

Check out the latest version this week(end) and do let me know what you think!


Download JediMindTrick JB ROM for T-Mobile Galaxy S2

Credits – Ptmr3 <--- Please donate to the developer or hit “Thanks” button on XDA if you like it!

You can also follow the developer of this ROM Ptmr3. – (Follow Him On Twitter Here).

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50 Responses

  1. k wahl says:

    it has some bugs immediately after installing it you will have some trouble just finding the keyboard

    I cant recommend this version I would stick to 4, I have had 4 for a while and never had problems

    I would wait till 6 comes out

    • imsuchahotdog says:

      exactly this is one of the reasons i had issues, until i was able to change the emoji keyboard to put on my login and password.

      One of the issues of this is the toggles especially with the torch. it will freeze for seconds when used.

  2. techonduty says:

    Well I’m new to Roms, but I can say for certain that JMT V4 DOES drain my battery very quickly, and upon install I keep boot-looping, and Google Market kept crashing and giving error messages! I Dark Knight wiped cache installed gapps 4.1.2 and was unsuccessful until I installed gapps 4.2.2, then after I was able to boot, I then installed gapps 4.1.2 and reboot. It’s working but not error free… but the real killer is the drain it puts on my battery! I’ll give V5 a try and hope that it’s not as heavy as V4!

    • Aaron says:

      JMT comes with gapps so you don’t need to flash it.

      1) darkside super wipe
      2) flash rom
      3) darkside cache wipe
      4) reboot

      I am using pretouch version of CW, for perfectly every time.

  3. Norm says:

    tmo wifi calling?

  4. t ngh says:

    doesn’t work for me. won’t boot

  5. Andio says:

    it stopped after installing boot.img and installing Tmo modem. Then phone reboots continuously after Deviant development logo.
    Is there something I need to install prior to installing the ROM?

    I wipe and factory reset, wipe cache partition, clear dalvik cache and battery stats. using CWM-based recovery v5.0.2.6

    • Chris says:

      I changed over to TWRP over a yr ago TWRP v2.2.2.0 works GR8 every time, no issues, I do a Factory reset, then System. then flash the rom. you can wipe Cache then Davick Cache before the Factory reset then the System wipe if ya want, There is a new note on Devs first page – If TWRP Asks to fix your SU Do Not Fix!! Im thinking its for the newer ver of twrp cuz i never seen that message. I also always check the Devs first page before an install to see what install instructions say, Hope that helps so you can stay High on Android lol

    • rldavidjr says:

      It did the same thing to me. I ended up going back to 4

  6. Andio says:

    I was using
    Andrioid version 4.0.3
    baseband T989UVMC6
    Kernel version- 3.0.60-T989-ICS-fauz123-016
    build number- Jedi Mind trickx4

  7. Jesus says:

    I recently installed it but the the volume for SMS notifications wasn’t working for some reason I went to settings- volume and turned it all the way but still didn’t work… i also restarted my phone and still nothing.The previous version worked just fine idk why its not working any suggestions?

  8. Dman says:

    ROM is great…Used cwm recovery v5.x.x.x(older version),dark side super wipe,do not flash gapps its with ROM.I can finally tether around T-Mobile with wi fi tether trev mod. app.thanks Max.

  9. Davey says:

    So far so good, battery life and responsiveness are off the charts. One one gripe is that it’s using the t-mo theme instead of default jellybean. (white on green phone icon vs. blue isolated phone icon). Any ideas on how to get that back?

    • soup says:

      If u install a launcher u can change that, it’s not a tmobile theme that’s just stock Samsung touchwiz as opposed to vanilla android

  10. Angel says:

    Can somebody please tell me why my battery drains so fast??

  11. Tommy says:

    Its pretty good. Has the 23 widgets, but can’t add new ones to the status bar. No screen shot without a hassle. Battery goes pretty quick. But as far as touchwiz ROMs, I think its about the best.
    #SOA4 (waiting on new build) 😀

  12. Pablo says:

    Great ROM, I installed without problemas. Thanks from Uruguay.

  13. Eapen says:

    Is this rom stable for everyday use? I’m currently using stock. The problem is that S2 stock is limited compared to the S3 and Note 2. This rom has mixed reviews. Some say it is stable, while others don’t. Some say it has great battery life, while others don’t. Should I use this rom instead?

    • k wahl says:

      well it could be good for everyday use but be careful not to use the auto flash setting on the camera as it will probably freeze or crash
      I have used jedi mind trick v4 and right now i really like infamous s2; however it has the same problem as jedi in regards to the camera
      go to xda developers and search for it

  14. jana says:

    i can’t find the notification light setting, plz help!!

  15. Luis says:

    the rom said it installed but wen i tried booting it just stayed stuck and never loaded. dont recomend to anyone

  16. Luis says:

    PacMan mod is way better then JdiMind trick and it runs on android 4.2.2

    • Aaron says:

      My only real issue with AOSP roms is the lack of the Samsung Camera App, and the issue with SD mounting on a computer for file transfers.

      I do like how smooth and fast they are.

    • soup says:

      Thats a personal opinion, some would say embryo is better, or paranoid android , its all personal taste, I happen to know some 4.1.2 roms that are way faster than 4.2.2, also some twiz based that are faster and smoother than some asop based roms, how u use your phone depends too, u coild have a better expirience with pac man than me, I like this rom, it has some work that it needs but remember thisnis acustom rom ssomeone built on their own time, it will never be perfect

  17. Joseph says:

    Got it installed and running after many attempts. Finally used Dark side wipe and that did the trick. Can’t figure out how to do screen shots with out an app. Everything else works fine. Kinda slow and drains battery power quickly but otherwise I like it.

  18. Aaron says:

    Are you using greenify? I had bad lag with it?

  19. ak says:

    Wont boot. Coming from Jelly Bean….. cant figure it out. Tried from SD card and from internal card but just freezes after “Deviant” or whatever loading screen loads.

  20. ak says:


    YOU MUST USE CLOCKWORK MOD 6 FOR THIS TO WORK. Almost bricked my phone trying CWM 5.X.X I had the same error as everyone else is reporting. What I did is went back through Odin and restored the original ICS to the phone, went to the tutorial on UNROOTING Tmobile S2 for ICS (Newer version), THEN (important) went to the play store, downloaded Rom manager and re-flashed CWM on the phone. Last step puts CWM 6 on your phone. Then go back into CWM, confirm you are in 6.X and instal this rom from Zip card.

    BAMB thanks to the AK this took like 3 hours for me to piece together, please share!!!!!!

    • ZurrHero says:

      I actually already have and been had ClockworkMod Recovery v6.0.2.7.
      I fixed the problem really quickly after I sent that message out.
      So, in my last post I said I reverted back to installing JB4 and then it froze on that Deviant scree.
      I instead just decided reinstall it again while listening to Ptmr3’s advice about some of the things on his forum website which is located when you click on the “Credits” link above in Max’s post.
      I followed Ptmr3’s directions and I followed it to allow more time for the phone to accept the JB4 installation. Then it worked perfectly fine ever since. I have had no problems AT ALL with the phone, Mashallah.
      I don’t think these things are supposed to happen. Obviously everyone needs to reinstall and update everything that they are using every 6 months perhaps and just before installing a new rom so that things can work out smoothly. You should also let the phone accept things slowly. Don’t be quick to install, turn on the phone, reboot the phone, or even touch the phone after you install new roms and such. I’d give it about 15 minutes each time you do something different. That’s what I did. If you’re actually using your time to make your phone be different and have it better, then its worth it to give it a little time out of your day to accept the new programming. It shouldn’t take more than an hour to fix up and reprogram your phone with a new rom and have it running quickly. However, downloading the big packages, like the roms, and moving them to SD card or internal memory is another story.

      • ZurrHero says:

        I wanted to also add that I don’t even use Odin or anything else.
        I have a MacBook.
        All I did was download the Rom, move it into the Micro SD card that goes into my phone, then install it from the ClockworkMod Recovery screen when rebooting the phone. I used no other programming.

    • soup says:

      I it’s twrp and never had an issue, always do a full wipe, or never used darkside wipe or any super wrote script and every Rom I run that’s a stable release is smooth

  21. Jae Lee says:

    Does anyone have a problem with the GPS?
    Ever since I used the FasterFix GPS to set my location to North America, my GPS cannot find a signal.
    Any suggestions?

  22. Aaron says:

    version 6 is out on xda

  23. xpo says:

    Any changes I make in the Per-App DPI settings are not being applied/do not work. I have followed all instructions: (From Max’s video and in XDA)
    1. Installed/updated Xposed Installer Framework
    2. Reboot
    3. Enabled Modules in the framework installer
    4. Reboot
    5. Made setting changes in Pre-App DPI
    6. Saved and pressed “Yes” to (kill app and) apply changes
    These changes are not being applied. For Example: I changed the font and screen size in Gmail but the font and screen size stay the same after the above steps. The same is true for other apps and changes I have tried, none is being applied. Has anyone else had a similar issue?
    I also tried to uninstall and clean up, separately and together than reinstalling the framework but it is still not working.

  24. soup says:

    All u people complaining about bootloops and getting stuck on splash screen, always clean install, its so funny to me so many people bitch about a custom rom, if u dont like it dont flash it, go back to stock n see how that wirks for ya, u should all be thabkful that anyone takes the time to put these builds out, if somrthing doesnt work give some constructive criticism to help make the next build better insted of saying it sucks, go learn gow to compile a rom from source n build your own if u want everything to be perfect, go back to stock, stop bitching about these great devs, who most by the way do this in there spare time as a hobby, and dont get paid a dime for building your custom roms, APPRICIATE WHAT IS GIVEN TO U!!

    • Judson says:

      I very much appreciate the developers… but I have to say, I’ve started from clean wipe following the developer’s exact instructions and 😉
      got into a boot loop. many others have as well. I don’t blame anyone, but would love a solution. as far as I can tell, this is the only Rom ( and I flash a lot) that has this issue, and with only some phones.
      in the mean time, while it’s good to offer props to the dev, and defending him from in greats, don’t crucify those of us looking for help.

      • soup says:

        I would never crucify anyone looking for help, I myself was once a noob, I needed help, still do sometimes, but asking for help and just saying oh this rom sucks, or infamous s2 is way better is not asking for help, i mean dont knock the dev for his hard work that he didnt have to do, the issue with not getting past the flash screen happens because the oem source that alot of these jb roms was compiled on is flawed, make a data only backup and restore, do a full wipe (I recommend TWRP) install Rom, boot and leave it sIit for at least fifteen min before u touch it, reboot and again let it sit a minute before setting the phone up, if u bootloop start over, ive personally installed this rom a few times and never had any problems, if u need help I love to help but don’t bash the build, becauseremember, without these devs wed all be stuck on stock

      • Aaron says:

        Did you us darkside cache wipe after the install? It will fix the bootloop. This is a fantastic rom, I recommend v6.

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