JediMindTrick JB ROM v6 for T-Mobile Galaxy S2 SGH-T989!

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JediMindTrick JB ROM version 6 is out now!

The latest version 6 (from version 5) has an updated Jedi kernel, updated SuperSU, sounds from Galaxy S4, S4 icons, hangout library fixed, init.d tweaks, and flashbar removed.

Other than that, you will find Sony Bravia Engine 3 (for better photos/videos), Fast Dormancy (can save battery life), FasterFix GPS, Seeder lag reducer, and Trickster MOD app has been added for overclocking your CPU easily without use of a 3rd-party CPU app.

For those of you who haven’t tried this ROM yet it does come with 23 customizable quick toggles, tethering provisions revoved, LMT Pie launcher, Xposed App Settings Per DPI app changer, and some more. (See our full tutorial on Xposed App Settings and LMT Launcher.)

Check out the latest version this week(end) and do let me know what you think!


Download JediMindTrick JB ROM for T-Mobile Galaxy S2

Credits – Ptmr3 <--- Please donate to the developer or hit “Thanks” button on XDA if you like it!

You can also follow the developer of this ROM Ptmr3. – (Follow Him On Twitter Here).

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98 Responses

  1. xpo says:

    I cannot add another email account (besides Gmail, Facebook, and Samsung) in the settings. It seems as if the email. apk is missing. Anyone have a solution?

    • xpo says:

      Ok, so I found in the goody bag. How do I install it? (Where do I extract its contents too?) The .zip file contains two directories instead of a .apk file

      • xpo says:

        Figured it out:
        1.Boot to Recovery
        2.Flash zip.

        • jaime says:

          Xpo, I just bought a second hand T-Mobile S2 with the JediMindTrick JB ROM v6 for T-Mobile Galaxy S2 SGH-T989! I am totally new to android coming from Blackberry. I followed you link below to goody bag and downloaded can you walk me through the steps you pointed, no idea how to do this: 1.Boot to Recovery
          2.Flash zip.
          I appreciate any help. by the way I read below many people that no wifi calling, this phone I got has wifi calling. all the tricks thing and stuff I have no idea how to use. I spent hours reading and is too much too fast. thanks for your help.

      • Mark says:

        Whats the “goody bag” ? and where do I find this? Thanks in advance.

      • chris says:

        has any one figured out where the goody bag is i cant find it and cant have a phone with no email on it

    • Manny says:

      does anybody know how to do screenshot or can u even do screenshots using JediMindTrick thanks

  2. k wahl says:

    use infamous s2 2.1 or 3

  3. Djohnson says:

    Every JMT I’ve installed has work perfectly… question though… is this running 4.2.2 or 4.0.3? Just wondering

  4. Ted says:

    I don’t know why but every time install a JMT rom my phone gets stuck in the dam boot loop … it sucks

    I agree. Because I installed from JMT3-5, but no one worked at all! Just stuck in the dam boot loop.

  5. kabanda says:

    hello can u provide a torrent link where i can be able to download the new version of jedimind trick
    hey thanx for the great rom uploads

  6. Tommy says:

    Ran this ROM for over a week. It was great. I would have to say as ptmr3 has developed his rom, it has become lightning fast stable, and very cool. I was about to make this my permanent rom, but then I found a stock, rooted version of t989uvmc6, and flashed it with the cymbaline kernel and I am in love. But besides that, I find this customized touchwiz kernel is great. Touch wiz is the way to go over aosp. Trust. Our phones are built for this.

    • Aaron says:

      The one thing that keeps bringing back to touchwiz is the camera app.

      • jaime says:

        I just bought a second hand Tmo S2 with this jedi rom installed. The camera seems not so good and it lost the awesome action shot feature the S2 had when new. (the new S4 calls it drama shot). I am new to android. Is this jedi rom has touchwiz or there is a diferet Rom with touchwiz you recommend? I appreciate any guidance. I am reading forums for hours now trying to learn but it is a lot of stuff too fast. Thanks.

  7. Joseph says:

    If you are getting boot loops after install you need to use the darkside wipe. It’s the only way I could get it to install.

    • Mark says:

      Whats the darkside wipe?

      • Aaron says:

        There is a superwipe you use prior to flashing the rom, and a cachewipe you use after. Search xda for them. Should be able to find them for T989. Also infamous wipes should do the same thing.

    • soup says:

      the reason this happens and if you read pmt3s original op abut the bootloop issue is because the rom is built off the official oem leak, which is somehow flawed which causes this to happen along wit RRs, if and whenu run into this issue make sure u have a data onlt backup file, boot into recovery wipe data and restore your data only backup this should fix the issue, crazy i know but until it gets sorrted out this is the only fix, and if your using TWRP dont use any superwipe, darkside wipe, or any of those wipew scripts as they will cause issues with TWRP

  8. Shariq Syed says:

    You should also check out the PAC-Man ROM with Linaro for the T989!

  9. hugo says:

    Hey i really would like to try this rom, but i want to do that darkside wipe thing before flashing it to avoid any issues after, but i just cant find where to download the zip from, everything i find when on google takes me to xda devs and there i’m only able to get a zip of clockworkmod and i’m not sure that is the file i’m looking for
    Thanks in advance guys

  10. Acoustikid11 says:

    Here is the link to the Goody Bag where you can download the email zip and other stuff that was removed

  11. Paulo says:

    Hey guys, how can i put this in portuguese – Br?

  12. jay says:

    i intall this rom but I got stuck a boot then I reinstalled it again then it worked, but when I went to the flash light on the notification drop menu I got stuck and then didn’t want to do anything, I try to reboot it then nothing happened, I got suckt again in boot, when I installed the rom I didn’t see no progress bar and got install in less than 1 min when I hit reboot told me that superuser got problem and I have to fix permission I fix permission and I got stuck again, I really like the rom but something is not right am a noob on this things so you guys think am doing something wrong here?i am in stock rom

  13. Sulav says:

    I installed this rom all fine but in the end the camera doesnt work at all. I tried many third party camera apps but still didn’t work. Anyone got a solution?

  14. jay says:

    In order to get this ROM working perfectly I did dark side superwipe then flash it I worked right away everything is working fine

    • mike says:

      I did the same thing but my camera isn’t working at all now and i’ve tried to use third party camera apps
      and still nothing….is anybody else having this problem or anybody know a solution to it ??

  15. hugo says:

    hi, i really recomend this rom, everything is working flawless for me, but before flashing it i first did both a darkside super wipe and a darkside wipe cache, i dont know if them are different thing or the same but after that everything is good and fast.

  16. mike says:

    Ok I did the same thing hugo did and it worked!!
    I used this link for darkside super cache -
    downloaded it and did both wipes and now the camera and flashlight work….but still a little glitchy when you rotate from vertical to horizontal view

  17. John says:

    Installed fine and came up for configuration. went through the menus fine. All seems to be working except I am now gettings “Unfortunately Settings has stopped.” whenever I try to access system settings. This is a showstopper… any solution? This is an upgrade in place from JMTv4

  18. John says:

    also – where did the Exchange Email connector go? not able to add my corp exchange account…

  19. docta says:

    Can someone explain how to take screenshots with this ROM? I could on my stock Jon, a couple other ROMs had it in the power menu, but I can’t get this ROM to take screenshots. I Dont wanna download another app ad I could have done that already, is there a certain key press thing or what?

  20. docta says:

    And I’m not very computer savvy but I get every ROM to work with out a dark side wipe. Let the phone ride out loading up, I feel a few of you aren’t letting it load fully, mine takes any where between 1 min – 10 to 15 mins (worst case scenario).

  21. Chris says:

    Having a problem with the trickster mod won’t change the CPU speed had to download voltage control to change the cpu …. please help

  22. Hugo Pimentel says:

    Hey does anyone knows how to take screen shots with thia rom???

  23. Matthew Orndoff says:

    ROM is garbage. Do not download. I’ve gone through every combination of running Darkside Superwide and Darkside Cachewipe and installing this Rom, but it simply refuses to work and keeps throwing me in a bootloop. Seriously, save yourself some time and just move on. Nothing to see here.

    • docta says:

      tee hee. works perfect for me

    • Adobo Girl says:

      I know what you mean! I was stuck on Monday but now, I’m good and loving this rom.

      Try darkside wipe first, then installing Jedi then immediately reboot. It installed fine for me when I didn’t wipe AFTER installing Jedi. I just needed to wait 10 minutes at the Samsung logo for the initial boot. Hope that helps.

    • matt says:

      Unroot your device bring it back to stock and start from scratch… it’s a bit of a pain but after you have flashed so many different roms there becomes a point you should completely wipe everything out And start over fresh.This will help

      • Drew says:

        I was stuck in bootloop. Did exactly as Matt described. you should try unrooting your phone and go back to stock. then hook your phone up to your computer and delete all the roms gapps b.s. you have downloaded…start fresh…. now root your phone again. and re download what ever rom you want i did this one and now it works perfect i had the boot loop issue and i couldnt access anything in clockwork mod. doing all this worked. it takes a little time but well worth it./ Worked perfect!! unrooted, loaded stock ROM, rooted, loaded JDMT. Awesome Rom the only problem is I can’t get the PIE controls to work.

  24. Adobo Girl says:

    I got this to work on 1 out of 2 phones. You’d think the second time around it would be easier to flash this but instead I’m in boot loop. How apt. I feel like right now my whole life is nothing but a boot loop. Ugh.

    Both phones are Tmo S2. I can see how awesome this rom is on the phone where it’s working just fine. I just can’t seem to replicate success right now. With the second phone, I run to stock Jellybean to unbrick my phone, then root, then rom. I’m wiping everything down between. What. Am. I. Doing. Wrong.

    And don’t say it’s because I’m a girl. I will cut you.

    • Adobo Girl says:

      Figured it out.

      1) Unroot
      2) Move the Jedi zip and Darkside Super Wipe
      3) Install Darkside Super Wipe zip
      4) Install Jedi zip
      5) Reboot
      6) Wait

      I was wiping after installing the Jedi zip and when I rebooted I would hang at the first image. Now, it moves along although it took me 7 minutes. Yep, I did it…ha.

  25. Jorge says:

    i just rooted my Galaxy s2 from Tmobile. i dont know what things i can do with it. where can i find tutorials

    • Aaron says:

      You can do a few things.

      1) Mobile hotspot, which is not a big deal anymore because it come with no contract plans
      2) Ad Away app, which is great for removing adds on free apps
      3) Custom Kernel, which will give you access to overclocking the cpu
      4) Custom Rom, I recommend you go with JMT it is almost perfect.

  26. Aaron says:

    I have tried a lot of roms for my t989, and when I say a lot of roms, I mean a lot of roms.
    1) I have tried AOSP but I always return to touchwiz. Why???? Samsungs camera app of course. AOSP camera are just plain and simple not as good.
    2) I have tried many TW roms but I always return to JMT. Why???? Stable overclocked build, debloated and ready to go. The developer is seasoned and provided good support on XDA.

  27. Kyle says:

    Okay, so I had the bootloop issue for the longest time, and it sounds like a lot of you had it as well. It took me awhile to sift through the pages on xda to find out what was wrong but I finally found it.

    You need to do more than just “factory wipe” if using CWM. After wiping system go under “mounts” and then go to “format system”. Now wipe your cache and install the rom. Then wipe the dalvik cache and fix permissions. Maybe add a Darkside Cache wipe in there for good measure, up to you.

    I hadn’t been formatting system and that’s what changed the success of installation for me.

    • Aaron says:

      Darkside superwipe before flashing then darkside cachewipe after. This works everytime for me, doesn’t matter what rom I am flashing.

      I still use the old darkside wipes, but the new ones on xda are infamous wipe. Same developer.

      I think the wipes are doing the same steps you are doing, buts it nice to choose the zip and let them work.

      • Kyle says:

        I don’t think the Darkside scripts do the “format/system” bit. At least if it did I would have had this working sooner. I spent a good hour or so trying to get this running. I did pretty much every possible configuration of wiping the disk, cache, etc. and didn’t get it to work until I did what I explained above.

  28. Brian says:

    Enjoyed this ROM but ultimately removed it (no install issues, no stability issues). Two major issues with the ROM though:
    1) you can’t add new accounts (exchange, for example) AND while it recognizes a Touchdown account, it won’t sync with it–you cannot select the radio button, it just returns to the accounts page.
    2) bluetooth doesn’t appear to work, at least with some devices. I have an LG headset, and while the phone will pair with it, when I attempt to connect I get a ‘bluetooth disabled’ notation on the pairing screen.

  29. Bob Marley says:

    How do I disable Boot Animation and how do I go to LCD Density?

  30. john says:

    How to adjusted the headphones connected shortcut

  31. Roy says:

    Max please point me to a download link for JM6 whereby I don’t have to deal with the minefield of the other down loadable freebie crap that I DO NOT WANT one of which according to my antivirus software contains a virus!
    Thank You.

  32. Chris says:

    How do I install the zip from the Jedi Goodybag? I just flashed my phone for the first time with Jedi Mind Tricks v6a and realized live wallpapers didn’t work. I downloaded from the goodbag and tried to install them via CWM recovery mode and it throws my phone into a boot loopevery time. This is frustrating. Why would one remove live wallpapers though?

  33. kumar says:

    max can you recommend any other rom similar to JMT which also has wifi calling….really like this rom but seems that ptmr3 has taken much needed break..

  34. Heather says:

    I am in desperate need of some help here! I feel like such an idiot, but I am a novice when it comes to downloading custom ROMs, and apparently I got in way over my head. I have an S2 T989, which I have successfully rooted. I installed the JediMindTrickJB6 system, and then used Darkside Superwipe to wipe everything, but when I went to recovery to reboot with Jedi Mind Trick, I realized that I installed it on the external SD card, rather than internal. Now my phone has no OS, so I can’t get it to boot up in order to move the file to the internal SD card. When I go into recovery mode (using TWRP), the only location that contains files is the external SD. Is there any way that I can get an OS back on my phone, or am I SOL?

  35. Mesaadat says:

    Little help please- photos dont save to gallery properly, everything else works.
    When you take a pic you get a blank random icon of a mountain with a stick figure. not the pic you took
    camera app loads fine.

    see this link
    thanks for any help

  36. Pierre says:

    Stuck without data even tho I entered the APN settings, I am with Telus. Any fix ?

  37. Sid says:

    Can this rom works with galaxy s2 gt-i9100 version. want to know before flashing it

  38. CB says:

    Well it looks like this rom bricked my phone. 🙁 I did the darkside wipe before updating. And sure enough got stuck in a boot loop anyway. I cant even restore from any backup because Clockwork mod now has no file contexts since I installed this rom. What the heck am I supposed to do now?

  39. CB says:

    The advise given on this site:

    ” Step 7. Optionally, you can rename your backup folders to something more memorable using ES File Explorer app ”


    I had to rename the backup folder to match the clockwork mod auto-naming convention and delete and re-create my nandroid.md5 file in order to restore my backup.

  40. Tony says:

    Hi Max,

    Your thoughts I need a new phone should i wait for the Note 3?


  41. 周江 says:


  42. jaime says:

    I uploaded this ROM successfully , at first I got the boot loop because I wiped after flashing, but I did darkside wipes then flash the Rom and reboot and it works. Now Trying to restore apps from Titanium but it is stuck on the email app. any ideas? also it wont let me connect to Kies so I can restore my data and settings. Any help? thanks.

  43. Ramon says:

    Hi guys. I need help. I’ve been running this rom for quite a while. After some months of using this rom, one day my phone just crashed and shut down by itself. I tried turning it on, but it turns off by itself before finishing the “Deviant Development” loadscreen. Also, I tried getting into TWRP so i can reflash rom but the phone turns off before getting TWRP loaded. Im thinking about maybe flashing a rom through a computer if that will work but im unsure on how to do so. Please help me.

  44. Jerry says:

    Does this rom allow for wifi hotspot and tethering?

  45. Mena says:

    Jedi Mind Trick V7 Is OUT !!!!! Check it on xda !!!! Plz Max post it on the website and thx 🙂

  46. Chad Andrés says:

    This was the first rom I flashed. Worked pretty well but then I wanted a rom with crt screen off so I flashed the aokp milestone 1 rom and after a few days it started acting up…bluetooth stopped working, no cell service etc. So I tried re-installing JRT v6 and I got stuck in a boot loop. Tried the shadow rom also and it got stuck again…So I flashed back the aokp and it worked. Is there a procedure needed when switching from AOKP to TW?

  47. Togapiggy says:

    Finally! A rom that does all that I want right out of the box.
    Who would of thought that having an alarm that goes off till I disable it, being able to have separate sms and phone call notifications, and easily changing the wallpaper on both the main screen and lock screen would be so damn hard to find in a rom.
    Oh and everything else works nice to…but seriously, all these things I was able to do with my oldschool blackberry 9100 out of the store

  48. Togapiggy says:

    Ok…found 1 problem so far.
    I seem to be having trouble viewing files on my external sd card.
    Any ideas how to fix this?

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