LiquidSmooth ROM for T-Mobile Galaxy S2 SGH-T989!

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For those of you who want a pure Google experience along with nice additives on your T-Mobile Galaxy S2 SGH-T989, give the latest LiquidSmooth ROM a try. Based on Android 4.1.2 sources, the LiquidSmooth ROM brings you the best of latest Android 4.1.2 and also Android 4.2 Google Apps. I think this ROM, CM10, and AOKP Jelly Bean ROM are three of the best pure Google ROMs you can try on your phone.

Also, please do note, with all AOSP ROMs like this one you will lose T-Mo Wifi-calling feature so don’t flash this if you need that feature to make calls from your house (if you have bad T-Mo signals). And do let me know what you think of LiquidSmooth, I personally think it’s really “smooth”.


Download LiquidSmooth ROM for T-Mobile Galaxy S2

Download Gapps 4.2

Credits – XDA

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106 Responses

  1. alexis says:

    I flash AOKP with gapps 4.2 and the video camera no working. And also with liquidsmooth. Try to fix. Thanks !

  2. Wone says:

    I am having trouble it seems when installing this ROM.
    I wipe data/cache and I get to the Splash screen where it has the logo for “Liquid Smooth” and it doesn’t change for over 20 minutes. I have flashed Roms before but never had this problem. Wiped everything more than once and reinstalled with no positive outcome. Suggestions/help?

  3. D-Mills says:


    I just installed this on my phone, and this is my first time rooting my phone and using a different ROM besides stock, i used all the directions on your website to complete it and I believe I did it well. But I’m having a one issue that is bugging me.
    After installing rom, my signal that normally says 4G and the signal streath bars, well after installing Liquidsmooth is no longer saying 4G it now has just a letter “H”.

    Before rooting,
    After rooting,
    – I was fine and this issue mentioned above was not happening it said 4G.

    After installing the ROM now it says in the Signal area at the top of the phone H and sometimes H+ when I try to do a Data Required APP (webbrowser etc).

    I believe that is actually something but I dont know what it is or how to fix it or sync to make sure it knows or whatever is needed. Can you please let me know?

    • Markaus Smith says:

      i believe the H/H+ your concerned about is just some universal symbol for 4g and above. ive seen the same H symbol on alot of jelly bean roms. tis nothing to worry about. hope im helpful

      • DMills-GalaxyS2 says:


        Thanks for your response. But something has to mean something else because my brothers phone has the 4G icon instead of a H like mine. I can post a screen shot. The thing I did notice is my data does work and on T-Mobile support forums says it could mean Data Extended or Roaming and thats wrong because I am just at my house where I’m normally fine and don’t have a issue or problem. I was running previously 4.0.4 before rooting and installing this ROM a few hrs ago and it said 4G. I’m just curious and would rather it say 4G so I know. Etc.

        In the video Max did for this ROM he’s using the same model and carrier as I am, Samsung Galaxy S2 t989 by T-Mobile and his shows the correct look and not a H like mine.

        Also, is this ROM a battery killer? I’m curious I’ve been reading comments here on others and articles about rooting and people are saying there battery sucks. Mine used to last all day, will I lose that, because of rooting my phone or running this ROM?


        • Devin says:

          It is because T-Mobile doesn’t have 4g. They have HSPA+. HSPA+ is just faster 3g than HSPA. 4g is actually Wimax and LTE. T-Mobile is working on their new towers with LTE but won’t be don’t til 2013. So anyways you have the H+ sign because T-Mobile doesn’t really have 4g. Just really fast 3g to say 4g. Some AT&T phone has an H+ sign to because they have LTE and HSPA+

          • Max B. says:

            Devin, actually HSPA+ is a 4G standard. In the rest of the world, it is referred to as H+ and that is what Google uses in their official ROMs.
            Did you know, LTE wasn’t originally 4G? They changed it because US carriers ignored the naming scheme.

    • Gus says:

      I get the same symbol. It’s strange that they switched the 4G for an H

  4. Italo says:

    BEWARE…This rom still has the video camera problem! Yes it records but then it does not play or save the video that was recorded. What a bug to have in the rom!!!

    • Emeka says:

      Maxx should start pointing out that the camcorder on these ROMS have issues. I mean if he is always quick to point out the WiFi calling feature not being included, he should also point out the loss of the video recording capabilities. Anyway, foregoing the 4.2 gapps and installing all-star Gapps should fix this. You will not get Photo sphere with the all-star gapps.

    • Campos says:

      I agree, just encountered this issue. Any solutions?

  5. So Lost says:

    How do you take screenshots with this???

  6. Nick says:

    I installed this ROM and it didn’t come with the play store i downloaded it from the browser on the phone and installed it but it opened for a second then closed. I switched back to Jedi Mind Trick and backed up the play store to my SD card then booted into recovery wiped all user data reinstalled the rom installed my backed up Play store and it did the same thing how can i fix this to get my play store back its very annoying.

    • matt says:

      You need the zip file file. You will need to run BEFORE YOU FLASH THIS ROM. After you intstall the ROM zip, run gapps zip and then reboot. You should have your google play store back. Let me know if that works or if you have any questions.

  7. KC says:

    for some reason, my GS2 is bricked trying installing this rom.
    I can’t even put my GS2 into the download mode right now.
    can’t turn it on, can’t connect to computer, can’t put it into recovery mode…
    what can I do now?
    please help.

    • matt says:

      You soft bricked your phone, I did it to my wife’s phone. You need a few files to get it unbricked but it’s easy. Once you do that, USE DARKSIDE WIPE BEFORE YOU FLASH THIS ROM. Let me know if you need to files and I can send them to you. It took me about an hour to find the right stuff, but once I got what I needed, everything was done quickly. Took about 20 minutes. e-mail me if you have any questions. axysdnyd at gmail dot com.

      • KC says:

        my phone even turn on, meaning no response when I press power button.
        no screen, no vibration, nothing.
        I can’t even go into download mode to connect it to my computer nor boot into recovery mode.
        will Darkside Wipe work on this case?

        • matt says:

          you will have to use odin to unbric/unroot your phone. once you are back to stock, re-root your phone but do not let it boot completely. remove the battery after it resets and do a factory data wipe. put darkside wipe, gapps2 and liquidsmooth files on a blank sd card and insert to your phone. RUN DARKSIDE WIPE FIRST!!!!!!!!! then install liquidsmooth rom and finally install gapps2. you may have to remove the battery after rebooting but it will load the 2nd time around if you did things right.

      • armando says:

        hey my phone soft bricked but cant connect to pc is there away to unbrick

        • matt says:

          plug your phone into the computer and follow the steps to put it into download mode. once there, run odin software with your stock rom to unroot/unbrick your phone. you may need to play with this for a bit, but a soft bricked phone will still go into download mode. it took me about an hour to get my wife’s phone fixed.

  8. matt says:

    When flashing this ROM, make sure to you use DarkSide Wipe first, otherwise you may go into boot loop. Just flashed to my wife’s phone and she loves it. Quick as hell, I am still on CM10 but I’m gonna flash this ROM too. Her phone was unrooted back to stock, but it’s a fast process to root and flash new ROM. Love Samsung, so easy to root a 2 year old could probably do it.

  9. Vinicius says:

    i have problem with the video camera
    but its not the rom…its the gapps 4.2 i belive
    i can record videos using Ucam (an app i downloaded from playstore
    also the first time i used camera sphere was ok…but now the gallery always freezes and shut down when rendering the image and i cant have that super cool effect of google street view like

  10. tom says:

    Im a noob to flashing. So far ive rooted my phone just to super user with the steps max had posted. Ive done a cwm backup, and a titanium backup. Is there anything else i should do before i try and do my first flash? What is this gapps im reading about?

    • DMillz says:

      No, that’s all you need to do. Now make sure you do step-by-step that it says to install/flash a new ROM on your phone.

      gapps – Stands for Google Apps (Google/gmail/play store). Which is required to be installed or once you flash the ROM you will not be able too add your Google account or access the Play store. You need to install this before rebooting your phone.

      After you flash the ROM it tells you at the end to do the following; under max’s steps..
      Go Back > Reboot system now.

      Which is the normal steps but for ROMs like liquid smooth, its in two parts so instead of selecting reboot after going back at the end, select install zip from sdcard and select where you saved it… internal or external and install it the same way you did with the ROM itself. Then afterwards go back and do a system reboot. If you do not, you will not have any Google based apps or accounts linked at all and be unable to even use or have the play store.

      Not all ROMs are required to do this and some require more… its basically I’m two zips and for you the above way will be the easit as I explained. I’m currently running this rom and have no problems. The only thing I do suggest is downloading a battery saver after flashing because with the extra mods and tweaks comes more battery usage and less battery time.. I am a big fan of liquid smooth and it is a open source project that I actually have added some of my own modifcations and got rid of some junk I don’t need and customized my phone more then what it allows you by default. I wouldn’t recommend editing or touching the code unless you know what your doing though. I’ve been doing this for years ever sense I got my T-Mobile G1 when andriod first hit the market and now its much easier.

      Have fun, and happy rooting. Be sure to check out the developers home page too after installing some good stuff there once they complete the redesign of their website. I’m actually good friends with many of the devs

      Howdy Max!

  11. jeff h says:

    Has anyone had it where it aborts the installation and says status 7. i am wiping data and everything properly but the installation will not go finish. i even got the later version of it from the xda forums and it wont finish installation, it just keeps aborting. has anyone else had this problem because i cant even find anyone writing about it here or on other forums either. PLEASE HELP because this looks way better than the other JB builds.

  12. jeff h says:

    also i have the latest CWM installed as well

  13. jeff h says:

    do i need to not use touch CWM, I have the 6.15 version

  14. HR says:

    Hey guys,
    This is already uprated to Liquid_JB_V2.0_RC9.

  15. Harman Badwal says:

    I cant get any incoming calls but i can call people i did darkside wipe and data reset

  16. Eivis says:

    I do not get the USB Storage why is that?

  17. tommy says:

    Try this ROM twice. Both times never got pass the boot screen with the liquidsmooth artwork.
    p.s. jedimindtrick works just fine. Any suggestions?

    • Tommy says:

      ROM loads up now, but the music widget force closes the launcher… As does the analog clock widget, and the torch widget.

      • Tommy says:

        …And ever since I checked the 180Β° option for the auto-rotate, the whole settings menu force closes when I try to enter the display section.

      • tommy says:

        ….NO Widgets, even ones I get from gapps, won’t load up on screen
        It keeps force closing. And the display section, in the settings menu, makes the settings menu force close. Anyone having that problem. I reset and flashed it again… same result. Back to jmtx3 for now. Really liked the camera, though, and the rest of the jelly bean perks. Help please.

  18. Cory says:

    Okay, I’m having a little trouble with my S2. I just got a refurbished phone from tmobile. I rooted it and installed Clockwordmod using the instructions on this site. I then tried to install the latest AOKP rom which I was running in my previous S2. I ran darksidewipe beforehand and the install was succesfull but I couldnt get past the boot screen. Then i tried again with the CM10 rom. I was able to load Android but the tom kept locking up or crashing. Now im having the same problem with this rom. I have to keep removing the battery and rebooting it. Ive even tried updating to version 6 of Clockwordmod with no success. What is making my roms crash? Have I missed a step? Should I try something else? Ive installed several roms on my last S2 without problems. Im thinking I might have gotten a bad phone. Any thoughts?!

  19. Connor says:

    I’m getting extremely poor call quality with this ROM.Any clue why?

  20. Campos says:

    I love everything about this ROM (Liquid Smooth) but the only thing not working for me is video camera. Can I flash a file to fix this, or wait until next few updates? If anyone has the same issue, I’d appreciate the help. Thanks for your time. Hope to hear from you soon.
    Kind Regards,
    T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S2 (T-989)

  21. Campos says:

    This app worked magnificent! Everything is fully functional now, including camcorder. Thanks for the quick reply, much appreciated.

    • Anish says:

      does it really work….i mean camera jb+….i am also having d same problem as u are…but in cm10…please reply…thanks in advance…. !!!!

  22. Campos says:

    The only feature this ROM is missing now is the multi window bar. It’s already one hell of a fast ROM, but it’ll make any phone the ultimate task phone with that feature. Great job to the entire Liquid Smooth Dev Team.

  23. Juan says:

    i downloaded liquidsmooth and did the darksidewipe and the gapps 4.2 and everything but it wont go past the liquidsmooth artwork. its been like that for about 20 minutes

  24. Lily says:

    Tried it and it does have camera problems. after i take a pic the phone would restart. Tmobile Samsung Galaxy S 2. previous rom was Darkside evolution v7 – awesome rom-

  25. lefdawg says:

    hey, does anyone have a gps problem once this rom is installed??? if so, please help if there is a fix. thnx in advance. btw, great rom.

  26. lefdawg says:

    all my location tics are checked. gps not working with this rom, any help?????? ty

  27. lefdawg says:

    plllllease, need gps, is there a fix. works with every other rom.

  28. TomThom says:

    What baseband is your phone using? May have to flash a different radio.

    • lefdawg says:

      wow, i guess i am a noob, dude if you could explain just a bit it would be greatly appeciated. thnx in advance. i have no idea about a baseband. the gps works fine with any other rom.

    • lefdawg says:

      found it, it says baseband unknow. how can i fix. i will bow down man, please. lol

  29. TomThom says:

    Go to about phone and scroll down until you see “baseband version”. Also what gapps are u using?

  30. lefdawg says:

    says unknown, and gapps are the ones in the zip that came separate with this rom. the 4.2 google. i downloaded both zips. cleared all with darkside super wipe, installed rom, installed gapps and rebooted. everything is perfect except the gps. HELP!!!

  31. Ayush says:

    How can i flash a different radio to my phone?? I’m using it in India with a local sim (my phone is unlocked) and getting a lot of call drops and switches between 3g/h/h+.. Pls HELP!!!!

  32. UOgba says:

    I am a total noob and I think I may have bricked my phone. I am getting an error code when I want to restore my normal OS. It says “MD5 Mismatch”. What do I do pls?

    • UOgba says:

      Phone Status: Does not load up due to no OS on device.

      Is there anyway to load an OS or just fix it in recovery mode. I am stuck and may be freaking out.

      • lefdawg says:

        very easy UOgba, 1.take your micro card out. 2.plug it into your pc with an adapter. your desired rom onto your micro card. 4.put back your microcard into your phone. 5. if you do not have already, download odin onto your pc. 6. plug your phone into your pc and load phone into download mode. start your odin program and put rom into the pda section and start. reboot. done.

  33. TomThom says:

    If you go to the xda forums you can find the stock ROM, rooted or unrooted, for this device. @lefdawg did you get your issues resolved? I didn’t know your geo-location so maybe that could have been an issue with your radio.

    • lefdawg says:

      hey, thnx for a response tom thom. no, my baseband is still unknown. any help would be so greatly appreciated dude.

  34. TomThom says:

    What have you tried flashing a radio? If all else fails I would relash the ROM using the step in the previous posting. You flash a radio the same way you do a ROM, its a zip file you install from your phones memory.

  35. TomThom says:

    I listed the link in my previous post. Try that out.

  36. Daniel says:

    Hey does anyone have a fix for the video recorder? I changed the resolution to 1080p and that managed to save the videos. However when I try to play them I get a green/purple flicker screen. Anyone know how to fix this?

    Thanks in advance.

  37. lefdawg says:

    yeap, camera jb+ is you best replacement for video

  38. Bin says:

    so can I record video with this ROM ?

  39. Daniel says:

    Hey thank you for the camera it works great! However I’m having trouble with the GPS as well, it’s off by a block.Anyone know how to fix this? Thanks!!

  40. Gabby says:

    can someone please post a link to the all-star gapps for this rom?? Thank you.

  41. TomThom says:

    What methods did you use to flash the ROM?

  42. TomThom says:

    Also did you download the ROM of this site?

  43. TomThom says:

    OK I would reflash the ROM. Clear System data, cache and dalvik. Reflash and reflash the gapps.

  44. Twostax says:

    My network keeps switching between 3g/h/h+ constantly, also gps doesnt work.

  45. ben says:

    im a noob at this, so plz pardon my question if it sounds stupidd my frend flashed a rom for me..its for the xperia, it is pretty bad. so two things:
    all i want is to be able to search my fone( i updated to 4.0.4 thru samsung kies air, and since then i couldnt search my fone , only the internet), and get rid of the crappy tmobile built in apps..does this rom fulfill those needs..
    second if yea, how do i change the rom, my fone is already rooted, can someone give me step by step direction…thanks u so muchh..

    • ben says:

      i did some stuff that my frend told me, now i get to the startup screen it says liquid smooth and after it does nothing…plz help lol..did i brick it ?

  46. TomThom says:

    What recovery are u using?

    • ben says:

      CWM , i fixed it back to stock, is there a ROM u would recommend for the s2? i want a rom that allows me to save contacts to the phone not google account(something liquid smooth didnt let me) also i want to be able to search my phone, and when i sync my contacts with facebook, viber, voxer and whatsapp, i want to get one unified contact instead of like 5 contacts of the same thing…

      android version 4.04 is not an option…
      im happy with stock (4.0.3) but i wanna get rid of the useless tmobile apps…so basically contacts to the phone (not sync with google) and search my phone is my top priorities ..
      are there any samsung roms that have jelly bean? i downloaded kodoo, but playstore and the launcher button didnt work..

  47. Oliver says:

    Will this work with a Telus SGH-T989D? I checked the FAQs but couldn’t find any info.


  48. DRWKAB says:

    Phone app FC when I receive calls. Will ring, but has a notice that its not responding. When I press OK it closes and leaves no record of the call so I can’t even call them back. Can make calls though. Everything else works fine. Going back to either JMT or Jedi Jelly

  49. Ryan Jay says:

    does this need to have a certain kernel or baseband?…or can you use the latest stock version…

  50. Kev says:

    How do you add folders to liquid smooth tmo rom?

  51. gabby says:

    nice rom but bluetooth isn’t working. anyone else have this problem?
    i had this problem with the latest aokp as well and its really irritating that i can’t figure out why.

  52. AJ says:

    this rom is draining battery a lot faster. any way to control it?

    • Daniel says:

      I had the same problem.
      Download 2x battery at the Playstore. It’s free and it greatly improves your battery life.

  53. AJ says:

    I use that app helps a little, but phone still dying much faster than when using other roms like jellybean or jedi mind trick. Idk if i am doing anything wrong for it dying so fast. Dies in 6 hours.

  54. Chris says:

    I installed this rom and thought it would be my daily driver. It has all the features I wanted and performance was great! But after a couple weeks of use I had to switch to another rom. I don’t know if anyone else has faced this issue but it completely ruined my call quality. Nobody could hear me and everyone complained that I sounded like I was in water. And speaker phone produced echo on all volume settings for every caller.

    I decided to re-install and got the same result. Then tried the new release RC9 and got the same result again. If anyone has had this issue or knows how to fix it please respond. I REALLY like this rom but it is unusable right now! πŸ™

    (But even as much as I like this rom no android rom or device has ever come close to webos yet. I hope LG brings it back from the dead.)

  55. oBoomYa says:

    I’m having problems with my icons. When I started with the new rom the icons and fonts were normal, now everything isο»Ώ small. How do I get the larger fonts and icons back? I have the SGH T989 with the Liquid Smooth 4.1.2 MOD version Liquid-JB-v2.0-RC8

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