MIUI Jelly Bean ROM for T-Mobile Galaxy S2 SGH-T989!

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Here’s a quick updated overview of the MIUI Jelly Bean ROM for your T-Mobile Galaxy S2 SGH-T989. Not much has changed since MIUI ICS ROM but you do get the latest Android 4.1.2 and additional features like GoogleNow (may be broken on this ROM btw), all of the MIUI main features like homescreen shortcuts, free themes/ringtones, and more.

This is a pretty solid ROM now since Android 4.1.2 has been out for awhile and this ROM is based off CyanogenMod 10. For the future I would probably like to see a MIUI built off TouchWiz sources with multi-window working but for right now, it’s a solid ROM you can run.

You will lose T-Mobile Wifi-calling feature on this ROM however so please do note that if you absolutely need Wifi-calling.

If you haven’t tried this ROM, check it for this week and do leave a feedback on what you think in general of MIUI ROMs.


Download MIUI Jelly Bean ROM

For installation, “install from zip” Darkside SuperWipe (this will erase your settings, apps, etc… not your internal sd/sd card contents), then install ROM normally.
Credits – XDA

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22 Responses

  1. Steven says:

    First of all thanks for everything youve done for the s2. 2nd is that you have posted to use darkside super wipe i have found out the hard way,if you have cwm recovery ( im using the darkside super wipe will corrupt the cwm recovery basically soft bricking the phone. This happen twice to me. Maybe this is old or new problem? Fyi

    • ben says:

      Twrp found in Goo manager is a great recovery, where you can do everything the darkside wipe does manually

    • jah Son says:

      That version of cwm gave me lots of trouble with flashing. I reverted back to the latest 5.x and have been trouble-free since.

  2. Zain Charaniya says:

    PLEASE HELP I flashed into clockwork mod recovery, installed the darkside wipe, then installed the ROM but it gets to The load screen with the miui.us and the little guy with the flag but it just keeps loading forever. If i go back to CWM recovery it does not let me install anything. I have tried to factory reset it, install my backup ROM, and install other ROMs. It just resets and goes back to the same screen. Please help me fix this!!!!

    • Steven says:

      See post below im new to this .

    • Jack says:

      I flashed and did the same thing to me, basically i had to go back to v5 of the CWM in order to perform wipe, v6 is indeed as others mentioned, giving problems, and you want to use Dark Side’s Super Wipe also. So my procedures are with CWM v5:
      -factory reset/wipe data
      -wipe cache partition
      -wipe dalvik cache
      -Dark Side Super Wide
      -Install ROM file from SD card
      Or some people said use 4EXT which a more reliable recovery than CWM.

  3. Steven says:

    Like I stated in post above. If so u need to download a new cwm recovery via ROM manager. Your cwm recovery is corrupt Hope this helps

  4. Zain Charaniya says:

    Thanks, I just unrooted my phone and it works

  5. lethalgorman says:

    Im not crazy about MIUI roms. They are too much like IOS, with no homescreens. But I do like trying new roms so here I go.

  6. lethalgorman says:

    yea, thank you max, I learned so much from you and your site. I get most of my roms from XDA now, but I always come back and check this site for the rom of the week. If i ever mess up I come back here and recover back to stock and reroot with his technics.

  7. LuisEnrikeG says:

    I install this rom, everything is working ok but not the 3g, I live in chile copy the APN but still does not work

  8. davidfelix says:

    hey max i need help i was intalling mui jelly been on mt t mobile s2
    everething was great but when i install it an reboot my system ti got stock on mui.us like forever what i can do help pliss

    • William says:

      A lot of people just unroot with a stock OS, then root again. You need Odin to unroot, flashing the latest firmware available to your device.

  9. vicmax32 says:

    me eh registrado con ustedes en el wed por el interes de actualizar mi samsung galaxy s2 t989 pero cuando estaba haciendo la actualizacion con el MIUI JELLY BEAN ROM el celu cuando termino se apago por completo y no quiere hacer nada ni mi laptop lo reconoce como unidad ni nada digan que debo hacer es urgente tengo todo en mi celu.

    eh I registered with you in the interest wed to update my samsung galaxy s2 T989 but when I was doing the update to MIUI ROM JELLY BEAN cellulose when the term was extinguished completely and not do anything and my laptop recognizes it as drive or anything I have to do is say I have everything in my urgent cellular

  10. vicmax32 says:

    me galaxy no prende ni se conecta usb ayuden lo nececito y porque es que no ponen paso por paso como instalar las ROM mi celu no prende ni nada ayuda

    • Carlos says:

      hay un video de como instalar los roms, es el mismo procedimiento con todos. Yo tambien soy nuevo en esto y hasta ahora todo me ha salido bien.

  11. Patrick Bellamy says:

    Question…. I just installed this ROM but it doesn’t seem to have a dictionary. I use continuous input and I get no words except for the ones I have already typed manually. Anyone else having this issue?

  12. Kevin says:

    If you have use dark side script on the newer version of cwr it will soft brick. If you did use it just go into cwr and factory wipe it and reboot after. You should be fin and should be booting up.

    • krazierokz says:


  13. jah Son says:

    Soooooo, is it me, or is there no app drawer launcher?

    • Cmarison says:

      If you knew what MIUI was, you wouldn’t ask about an app drawer. All apps are displayed on the home screens, just like IOS. Sort apps into folders for those that you don’t use daily. Great rom, simple and clean.

  14. lami says:

    ok…….. had tons of problems but i finally worked it out……… have one more problem tho my phone is stuck in safe mode dnt know what to do help somebody…. anybody ……..

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