MIUI ROM V5 for T-Mobile Galaxy S2 SGH-T989!

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For this week’s T-Mobile S2 ROM of the week, check out latest MIUI ROM V5.

Similar to the GT-i9100/SGH-i777 version, MIUI ROM V5 brings you the latest MIUI features to your SGH-T989 with great stability and speed.

For this version, MIUI is built off CyanogenMod base so you will lose TouchWiz camera and use an AOSP camera instead. Not too bad though, I do really like how MIUI has evolved lately, the revamped UI makes it much cleaner and faster with less bugs.

Although my favorite ROM is still JediMindTrick ROM, give this ROM a try if you are looking for a fresh UI change and do let me know what you think!


Download MIUI ROM for V5
Download Gapps
Download Darkside SuperWipe

To install, reboot into recovery, install Darkside SuperWipe, install MIUI ROM, install Gapps, and reboot.

Credits – XDA <--- Please donate to the developer of this ROM of hit Thanks button on XDA if you like it, thx!

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24 Responses

  1. Joseph says:

    Definitely I will try this one! Love it.! Let we see.

  2. Brandon Aybar says:

    This ROM sucks!

  3. Joseph says:

    I love this ROM but I have problem with browser (Can’t Open) and Google Play crash, I can’t install any apps =/ any solution?

  4. Joseph says:

    Problem Fixed Just Follow This Instrutions :

    Download Rom
    Reboot Recovery
    Wipe Data, Wipe Cache(Do Not Dirty Flash NO MATTER WHAT!!!)
    Flash Rom
    Reboot Phone – Fill the Welcome Screen till you se the Homescreen
    Reboot Recovery
    Flash Gapps – Do Not Wipe

    – Download Google Play.apk and READY

    • maxwell369 says:

      Sorry to bother you joseph but when you mean download the Google play apk. In the instruccions do you mean download it or just do the instruccions and you are good to go????

      • Tommy says:

        The gapps from this site didn’t work for me. Kept FC. Had to go to xda and hunt down 20121011. As with every ROM, you have to tinker and fiddle…

  5. joel says:

    always the clasic problem with the miui roms for the t989 the noise on phone calls any one having this problems?..

  6. Joseph says:

    after been exploring, the GooglePlay Stop Working for me and i cant get root access i don’t know why… waiting for solutions 🙁

  7. nandezR says:

    does anyone know how to disable the pop up when downloading something , that ask you to use wifi because the app is too big ??

  8. brian says:

    Well,idk but this ROM messed up with my done, now I’m trying to restart it but it doesn’t even turn off, any help?

  9. Caio xD says:

    this rom have Portuguese BR language??

  10. brian says:

    lol… i had to to re-install cmw again to restore my phone and so it could work good again… yeah!

  11. Tommy says:

    This ROM is great. Nice to get a fresh look at something besides aosp and touchwiz. You need to flash a 4.1.x gapps, and I just replaced the default browser with chrome (or whichever you prefer from gapps). Having fun playing with this one. Eats the battery pretty quick though. Anybody know a good kernel that is compatible with miui?

  12. kevin Tejada says:

    can you do a video on how to install this rom?

  13. time says:

    hey guys. whats the difference between backing up rom and having its original zip file(aka installation). Is it the same thing?

    also could someone tell me please if i root my phone and stay with the stock software do i still get updates or no?

  14. Muhammad Naeem says:

    Dear Sir,

    Can i install this rom in my mobile SGH-T989D its rooted and running stock rom 4.0.4

    I need you, help,
    Please reply,
    Muhammad Naeem

  15. John says:

    I did the proper installation order and it appeared to work. But after everything is loaded, I can’t even use settings cuz it crashes after I activate it. And Miui Home constantly crashes. The keyboard doesn’t pop up either. I can’t get into recovery mode at all. And I can’t turn it off unless I take off the battery. Help would be appreciated, what do I do???

  16. Mena says:

    Guys if u experience any problems go to xda and download the latest update for miui ROM v5 , it has a lot of bug fixes and better performance. I love that Rom ! Its the best !
    *don’t forget to follow the instructions from Joseph or else get problems*

    • samprocat says:

      I have running this rom from very early stages and to really start like this flavor you will need to learn many things. ..
      If you take some time and explore you will be,hooked for life. …..

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