Paradox 2 Paradise ROM on T-Mobile Galaxy S2 SGH-T989!

For those of you who want to try a different “flavor” of Tuesday ROM, the developer of Tuesday ROM has another variety out, the Paradox 2 Paradise ROM for your T-Mobile Galaxy S2 SGH-T989.

This ROM is pretty flawless also coming with XloudBeats on DSP Manager, ext4 tweaks, wifi tweaks, and Darkside kernel overclockable up to 1.782Ghz. And indeed with overclocking, runs just fine on my T-Mobile Galaxy S2.

Try it out and let me know what you think!

Installation Video:

Download ROM:

Download Paradox 2 Paradise ROM

Credits – XDA

Also refer to T-Mobile Galaxy S2 FAQ.

*NOTE – Please only install this ROM on T-Mobile Galaxy S2, not compatible with other Galaxy S2 phones.

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27 Responses

  1. marquez B says:

    Hi Max. I just wanted to say Thank you for your great videos , you make things ease

  2. nallely says:

    installed it and now i can’t download anything from the market :/ Idk how to solve this either

    • nallely says:

      nevermind ^.^ just had to wipe cache

    • daddyhall2010 says:

      Clear that cache in your rom manager before and after your flash your rom, please watch his video when he shows you how to apply a rom to the SGH-T989 T-mobile Samsung Galaxy S2.

  3. S2Freak says:

    my navigation loads but stays stuck on “searching for gps…” any help?

  4. alvin says:

    how is the battery life with this rom i just put it on its pretty good just wondering about the battery life

  5. daddyhall2010 says:

    Hey love this man that burnt orange is my favorite, the rom is smooth but I would like to overclock but I can’t find the app that will let me do this. I saw the extra tweaks but I didn’t notice that one. Can you help me out with that please?

  6. Migdizz says:

    Its a pretty cool ROM. Almost perfect but, the widgets don’t work. they make the phone crash when active. atleast the calendar ones.

  7. Paul says:

    You should do a review on the new version of Tuesday|Blu|Shade. Released 3/15. See XDA dev. forum…
    0.Be interested to see what it is like before switching from this ROM.

  8. ondawire says:

    This is an okay rom compared to BeastMod. I tried SlickMod and it was nice also but without a doubt BeastMod II V 4.0 is the best. I use my phone to play music all day, play on the net, download apps like crazy and talk on my phone and get every bit of 16 hours battery life with BeastMod. Speed is ridiculously fast also with BeastMod. Not down playing Parodox. Its an awesome rom but I like BeastMod II V4.0

    • Nyal says:

      I agree with you 100%. I too went back to Beastmod II v4.0. Here are a list of things that need improvement for this ROM to work.

      1. Autorotation works sometimes
      2. Low call volume on both regular and speaker; static clicks heard while on call.
      3. Themes do not work like they claim too. (boot logo theme)
      4. Many apps I had before do not work on this ROM. I wouldn’t care if they were free apps. But some paid apps that I use on the daily prior did not work. So I switched back.
      5. Gallery does not pull pictures from SDCard. You will have to navigate through a file explorer app to find those pictures.
      6. MP3’s do not get pulled by the player. Like the picture issue, you will have to navigate to find them.

      Fix these issues and other known issues and I’ll go back to this ROM.

  9. paul says:

    hey does anyone know if there is a way to download xloud beats on dsp manager for any rom?

  10. Mars says:

    I’ve just noticed my usb mass storage is not poppin up when i connect it to pc i have the paradox 2 rom paradise what good?????? (t989)

  11. donflowers says:

    Love this rom, but how do I get the screenshot to work by holding the power button? The option is there but nothing happens when I press it. Thanks.

  12. jaaren says:

    This rom seems to suck the life out of my battery, not sure why. Just running out to wal mart while txting and making like 2 calls can bring my phone down to 70% within like 15 minutes of on and off use. I’ve used beast mod, slickmod, and juggernaut but for some reason this mod seems to have the weakest battery life for me. I really like this rom so I’ve kinda been putting up with it for like a week, but i’m starting to get annoyed of my phone dying while im out. I’ve checked the usage, display eats up my battery more than all of my other services put together, i’ve tried turning brightness all the way down and still, no dice. Even left it off the charger over night fully charged and I woke up to 34% does anybody have any suggestions?

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