Paradox ROM for Rooted T-Mobile Galaxy S2! [SGH-T989]

If you are looking for a fast ROM with good battery life, here’s Paradox ROM you can try out for the T-Mobile Galaxy S2 SGH-T989.  Although Paradox ROM supports overclocking, it feels super-fast even at default 1.5Ghz speeds, I think this is one of the fastest ROMs without overclocking.  Which means you can get great battery life and performance.

I will have an update on this ROM in the near future but in the meanwhile try out this ROM and let me know how it works for you.

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29 Responses

  1. william says:

    can you do the domination v 2.0 i know you did v 1.5 but 2.0 seems a lot different but harder to install i want to know is it worth all the trouble and what are the improvements / differences.

  2. sky says:

    Do you have any Rom can switch to Chinese Language?

  3. Felix says:

    hi, this ROM is pretty good. i noticed though as i was using it i wasnt able to attach any pictures for MMS.
    Also the market gave me an error on downloading apps. Error 492, on some of the other ROM’s theres a fix but after i tried them it still doesnt work……

    • william says:

      this happened to me too with other roms and what ive figured out is to wipe the catche before and after the flash so first you factory reset the wipe catche the flash then wipe catche then reboot and thee market error 492 went away

  4. Felix says:

    Good news! i reinstalled the ROM and that got the Market app going, was able to install GOsMs and all’s good 🙂

  5. RANDY says:


  6. Kaleo says:

    I can’t seem to download the rom from the link you provided! Any suggestions?

  7. B says:

    Hi All,

    Last night I flashed my SG2 and replaced the factory ROM with ParaDox so far everything seem to be good, but I have 2 issues. One was installing ” Titanium PRO”, what happened was you need to install the Free version first then upgrade it to PRO, if you were installed the PRO version directly and it installed in the system, but the Icon will not appeared at the home and app screen. The second issue is how do you disable the “ROBOT voice”? In the middle of last night I got some emails came in and the “SIRENT” went off and wasn’t sure what it was and finally figured out how to turn it off by wiped down the top left hand panel. If anyone knows how disable this feature it would be great appericiate.

    Share and Enjoy!

  8. kelvin says:

    Great rom. baterry life is great if you use the power saving mode on. Now the bugs are if you receive a msg when your phone was off it would not be able to receive it. It’s really anoying since you get confuse with whether they txted you or not…

  9. Richeurth says:

    thanx bro for the great instructions, real easy and simple to follow.

  10. Funkshun says:

    Lock screen doesn’t function for me using a PIN. I can set the PIN but the phone won’t accept my PIN when trying to unlock it. Other than that great ROM.

  11. jman says:

    takes swype away, and u cant make folders in the main menu

  12. chadd says:

    I flashed this rom over and tryed to overclock but i cant even over clock past stock with out is shutting down tryed the jug rom and same thing any idea what is going on i would love to find out so any advise would b great thank u

  13. mrrje says:

    flashed rom but failed to back up original os. Have zipped roms on sdcard but can’t get to them. PC recogonized my phone and Odin works but cant find a original os to download direct. Recovery tar file passes in odin reboots and device stays on first screen saying Samsung Galaxy S II T-Mobile nothing else happens. can anyone help with the original os tar file to downoad from Odin. Thanks

  14. crs says:

    I have been using this Rom with no issues ,great battery life and very fast without over clocking.

  15. Keith Henry says:

    I downloaded this rom and for some reason when i go to get an app it says ” could not be downloaded due to an error” (492) what dose this mean? how can i fix it cause i love this rom?

  16. chadd says:

    I installed this rom and switched to another but I can not get that power down robot voice off…plz help

  17. Danny says:

    I have gotten the market error too. Reinstalled it and it worked fine. The MAJOR thing that is bugging me and that I would like to see fixed as soon as possible is my Body Glove earphones mic does not work. The earphones work just fine but its like it doesn’t want to read the driver .Please fix this soon!

  18. ray says:

    Great ROM! first one ive ever installed on my gs2 n so far so good One thing id like to point out is that you should BACKUP your contacts to your sd card before installing rom. and USE ROM MANAGER! to install ROM because it allows you to keep all the apps you already have. Doesnt allow for TMOBILE backup either…

    ROBOT voice is cool though

  19. Dante says:

    Quick question to anyone who has this rom. Does this come with over clocking ability?

  20. Dante says:

    This rom has the android market error 424! What did i do wrong ?!

    • michael says:

      Hey dante did you clear ur cache and factory reset your phone before flashing ur rom.. if not that can csue the issue ur having. When flashing a rom it is always a good idea to clear cache and factory reset, I even clear the delvak cashe as well. You can also try clearing the cache on the market app itself. Good luck.

  21. Joey says:

    Hey I installed Paradox rom about two days ago, and it’s running just fine. The only issue I have is that both SetCPU and Quadrant Standard are telling me I only have one core. Is this a glitch, intentional by the developer, or is it something that will be updated later?

  22. S2Freak says:

    i flashed this rom and now my navigation loads but cant find a gps signal…? any help?

  23. sam says:

    hey man what should i click to download ROM on this page ????

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