RootBox ROM for T-Mobile Galaxy S2 SGH-T989! [Android 4.2.2]

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If you are looking for a good Android 4.2.2 on the T-Mobile Galaxy S2 SGH-T989, certainly give the latest Rootbox ROM a try.

Based off Android 4.2.2, the RootBox ROM brings you the best of AOKP, Per-DPI Xposed App Settings (run apps in Phone/Tablet mode), and also additional RootBox settings that complement the AOKP ROM Control settings.

Even though this is a “ported” version, it’s a still very solid build in my opinion and one of the best Android 4.2.2 ROMs you can run on your T-Mobile GS2.

So, if you want the latest Android 4.2.2, give it a go this weekend and let me know what you think!


Download RootBox ROM for T-Mobile Galaxy S2

Download Gapps

To install, reboot into recovery, wipe data/factory reset (most likely needed unless coming from another AOSP ROM),install ROM, wipe cache, and reboot.
Once booted, if missing Play Store, reboot into recovery and install Gapps and reboot.

Credits – XDA <--- Please donate to the developer of this ROM if you like it, thanks!

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62 Responses

  1. Caleb says:

    Most important question from me will be how’s the battery life, I have yet to find one that will last as good as stock rom 🙁

    • RJ says:

      I second this question – I haven’t tried this ROM yet but all the others have degraded the battery life so much I’ve had to switch back. I’ve also had call quality issues with the last ROM I tried so would be interesting to know how that looks with this ROM as well.

    • Edwin says:

      I try this but there is one problem when you call its noisy on the other part , I don’t know how to solve it, I can’t find the noise reduction.

    • royjr says:

      Have you tried calibrating your phones battery?

      • Caleb says:

        Yeah I calibrate battery every rom I try, great rom this time only problem was wouldn’t send mms messages

        • royjr says:

          Hmm, i was able to send an mms message to another phone. Is there a perfect rom that has the best of everything in a stable state?

          What I mean is that it has all the aopk features but also without any limitations, like wifi calling (even though im not too crazy about it) music player, video..etc.

          Im new to all this beautiful side of android, and I just want to know if theres a perfect rom out there. Anyone?

    • Steven Pickett says:

      This is one of the best roms that I have tried, but their are two problems that need to be fixed. When you connect the device to a computer it freezes up, and you cannot transfer anything to it. Also when phone is in standby mode the soft keys flash.

  2. Big Dawg says:

    Does it have Wi-Fi calling

  3. the_great_ganesh says:

    Stock will always get better battery life because less things are running. Like there is no Google now search.

  4. Josh cornelio says:

    I cant install this rom from recovery! Help pleaseeeee. Greetings from Guatemala

  5. Jorgie P says:

    I LOVE THIS ROM!!! I had cyanogenmod 10.1 Nightly and that rom was ok but when i installed this 1 it blew my mind like everything IS PERFECT, ITS FASTER, AND THE BATTERY IS GREAT AND I LOVE IT!!! BEST ROM I HAD SO FAR!

  6. BoBo says:

    video camera does not work

  7. Edwin says:

    Do you check the quality of calling its the problem its echoing or noise.

  8. Edwin says:

    Noise reduction problem.

  9. Jorgie P says:

    Ok the video cam dont work and i cant play my music at all! Thats the 2 problems i have so far so im going back to CyanogenMod nightly until the bugs are fixed because this ROM IS AMAZING and i need my music and video recording lol Thank You!

    • royjr says:

      same here. video is blurry and messed up and there is no music player. This was my first time rooting and flashing and i love this rom, but if only these two bugs were fixed.

  10. Steven says:

    I guess my phone doesn’t like AOKP based roms. Same random reboot problem with this one just like the last rom of the week. I will mention that most of the reboots occurred while listening to music with Poweramp. Any suggestions?

  11. long says:

    Hey guys, I recommend for you to go there Download the latest nightly 10.1from teamchopstick. I had flashed countless ROM and none seem as stable, complete, and constant as 10.1 from nightly. Batter life is pretty good I manage 2.5 on screen time with 10 plus hour deep sleep, no echo use radio ul4, WiFi hot spot work, and install gsp app for gap improvement.. You guy won’t regret give it a try

  12. long says:

    Constant update*

  13. royjr says:

    Heyy guys, im new to rooting and custom roms. Can someone suggest me a good ROM like this one without its bugs. This ROM really opened up my mind and was wondering if there was a Utopian side to this ROM. Thanks.

  14. Mark Anthony says:

    Damn it. It’s never good enough, is it? Anyone try it with different Gapps?

  15. long says:

    The room from teamchopstick, have all the basic feature working, but no wifi calling and aopk feature. But if you want aopk setting they also have their own 4.2.2 rom. Aopk and teamchopstick uses the same rom which is cyanogenmod 10.1 nightly hercules. If you like aopk addon then go with aopk stuff, i tried aopk rom but it don’t feel complete and i did not have a lock screen wallpaper separate from home wall paper but that was their first 10.1 built maybe by now they might. But i prefer teamchopstick since, its the seem more complete, stable and basic. search xda in google and under search for device type t989 and you will find all the rom for t989.

  16. g says:

    I download this rom and it keeps saying abort. I did a factory rest and darkside wipe. Why is this happening?

  17. Cristian Gómez says:

    Great ROM, I intalled it yesterday and at first I have no signal, flash the radio and it gets fixed, the only real issue was video recording but I take Gallery from CM10.1 build and it works well. I only miss MHL-HDMI output right now

  18. Andray says:

    Does this Rom support 4G?

  19. gordo says:

    Thanks for all your help bru this is the best site for the Samsung galaxy s2 in terms of getting the most out of this awesome phone. I think the s2 will be remembered until the dirty person sings. I’m just surprised you haven’t mentioned slim bean ROM for the S2. I’ve tried many of your suggested ROMs and many from other reviews. Slim bean must be the best in terms of battery life and great user experience? That’s my two cents but thanks for the awesome work!

  20. gordo says:

    And I’ve tried rootbox for the i9100 and its similar but not as good. Pacman was really good on features and battery life but downloading slim bean at 80 mb seems just makes sense

    • Steven says:

      Is there seriously no one else suffering from random reboots with 4.2.2 roms? Slim Bean is a great rom! After filing around with 4.2.2 roms I switched back to Slim. Works the best.

      • royjr says:

        I occasionally get reboots (so far 3 times since the 24th). Im going to try the Slim Bean Rom. I carry my charger to school. Thats a shame. =(

  21. long says:

    So far the nightly 0226 is the must stable, just remember to wipe system before flashing the rom. I flash the radio ul4, rom and then gapp. I had tried slim bean rom before but doesn’t feel complete. Install greenify app to help maintain the annoying apps that run in the background. Good luck. dont flash the nightly 3/01/2013 and 3/02/2013 for there are no sound when in phone call.

  22. long says:

    You are getting aboard because the rom you download is not complete, download it again.

  23. Anthony says:

    Is NFC missing?

  24. g says:

    Can somebody please tell me what I am doing wrong ? Everytime I go to load this and sbean it aborts. I can runmind trick and jelly with no problem.

  25. long says:

    Sorry for the bad advice. But I think you can try to use a different version of cwm to resolve the a birds issue. I recomandand cwm 6012 touch, I used this version to installed agps when cwm2027 abord and cwm5067. Hope that help.

  26. martini says:

    i installed ROOTBOX ROM on my hercules..but i cant connect to my WIFI!!! it says searching but then nothing happens…help! i really need my wifi to work on my phone and tried installing a few wifi fix app and no luck…Anyone with this problem too? please hlp! =)

  27. brandi kelly says:

    im pretty new to all this and i have ran into a snag. i have a galaxy s2 t989 and i put the jeti mind trick v4 rom on it using darkside super whipe first. i followed the video and it worked just fine but small things like my screen wouldn’t time out to black, and my bottom buttons (home, back, search, option) wouldn’t work. I was worried so i restored back to my old stock rom. I would like to try jeti jelly but when i try to use the darkside it wont install this time. anyone know how to install this rom?

    • Mike says:

      Which recovery are you using? This ROM is 4.2.2. If you’re using cwm you’ll need at least 6.0.x.x. I always Darkside Superwipe every time before I install a new ROM or restore a backup of another ROM I’m using.

      Hope this helps!

  28. Long says:

    Sure thing. When I first start flashing room I was hekka frustrated and anxious on what to do. I find the site xda is really informative and helpfull. Just Google xda ams search for t989 on the device search engine on that site. I recommend 10.1 from TeamChopStick, they list instruction and link to DL all that you need.

  29. alberto says:

    funciona el 3G? soy de chile y uso VTR como compañia. saludos. !!

  30. ghost says:

    how long does it take for rootbox to be installed???

  31. Lumpy says:

    Hey love this ROM. No problems flashing at all. One thing. How do I use the NFC? I use it quite a bit. Even planning in getting them nfc chips. So please help!

  32. fad says:

    I have a problem with calls, my voice sound like robot in any jb rom

  33. Sally says:

    Pleaseeeeeeee pleaseeeeeeee fix video camera .. oh come on you can do it.. 😉 I loveeee this rom but im so sad for the video camera not work 🙁

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