SlickMod ROM for T-Mobile Galaxy S2 SGH-T989!

I know many of you on the T-Mobile Galaxy S2 SGH-T989 are waiting for a stable ICS ROM but while we wait for that, you can try out some of the better Gingerbread ROMs as this SlickMod ROM, which probably is the “fastest” ROM right now. I think this ROM, Tuesday ROM, and Juggernaut are far by the best ROMs for the SGH-T989 series right now.

If you are looking for “raw” speed, try out this ROM and let me know what you think.

Download ROM:

Download SlickMod ROM

Credits – XDA

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46 Responses

  1. Huy says:

    Going to be testing out this ROM. Looks awesome! Thanks!

  2. FilthyFresh says:

    Anyone know how the battery life is?

    • ondawire says:

      battery life is great. I play music, use the phone and stay on internet all day and it last about 16 hours. If i didn’t use all that i could safely say over a day

  3. antonio hernandez says:

    Like the rom but cant download anything from market. Keeps giving me an error. Any fix??

  4. Tom says:

    Not a bad ROM, but does not run as smooth as the Tuesday ROM at lower clocking, if you are interested in trying to save battery. Also, comes with a lot of junk apps that I haven’t been able to remove. But, so far seems decent. I’ll probably stick with it because I can’t stand the look of the Tuesday ROM and the apps are harder to differentiate in all purple.

    • Alexander Rose says:

      I love the purple theme but I hate when they change icons and things to a point where you can’t tell what everything is. Only reason I didn’t keep using Tuesday ROM is coz I had no clue what all the different bars at the top meant (ie. data, 4G, wifi) .. many looked the same.

      For junk apps, get Root uninstaller and go to system apps.. You can uninstall them.

      Hey Max, you say here that you have a mailing list specific to phone.. I can’t find it on the site anywhere. Thanks.

      • Tom says:

        Could have tolerated the burple, but I basically left for the same reason. Just too hard to look at. Thanks for the info on the uninstaller . . . wasn’t looking in the right place for those. Still can’t get rid of some of the t-mob apps though.

        Slickmod seems to be running a little cooler and with better battery life than Tuesday so far. Very happy.

        Same here Max . . . couldn’t fine your mailing list anywhere.

  5. Alexander Rose says:

    This rom is AWESOME!!!! I love it. I’m using it with ADW Launcher.. very close to speed of traditional Android launcher w/Launcher Pro like dock.

    One question about this theme.. Has anyone else noticed that the wallpaper that is active when you install the ROM isn’t in the Wallpaper gallery, and then if you change the wallpaper you can’t seem to get it back?

    When I restored all my settings with TitaniumBackup it restored my wallpaper and then the beautiful droplets wallpaper was gone. Anyone know where it’s stored on the phone, if it’s stored somewhere? where to get it?

    • Alexander Rose says:

      I found out how to get it. If you download Zedge (it’s a wallpaper / ringtones manager) they have the wallpaper as a part of it and you can download it. Just search for drops.

  6. nathan says:

    how the battery life compare to beastmod

    • ondawire says:

      I have to honestly admit that I was using BeastMOD before switching to SlickMod and BeastMOD does give a bit more battery life but SlickMOD is definitely a much better rom. Plus SlickMOD is 2.3.6 which gives me more gingerbread functionality. Ex. Wifi calling ect…. I will stick with SlickMod until something better comes out.

  7. Alexander Rose says:

    I’ve noticed some glitches on my phone with this ROM. Not sure if it’s something I’m doing or not.

    * I use SwiftKey X. Occasionally I’ve noticed that it goes back to Samsung Keyboard. When I go into settings it shows Samsung Keyboard as being selected.

    possible cause: I froze Swype in Titanium backup because I don’t use it

    * At one point the phone was constantly unsleeping itself every few minutes. I killed all running apps with Task Manager (clear memory) and now it has stopped. I’ve noticed though that it started happening after I installed Go Locker, and I have frozen both Go Locker and Go Launcher EX (I use ADW) and it kept happening but when I killed running apps like I said, that’s when it stopped. It could have been a remaining service..

    Battery life is not as good as BeastMod.. Anyone have BeastMod II 4.2? Multiupload is down (where it was hosted) and can’t seem to find it anywhere.

    • tushar bulsara says:

      I have the opposite problem. It keeps going back to swipe.
      I dont use it and prefer Samsung keyboard.
      Im going to try freezing swipe to see if it fixes it.

      Another issue. The volume is really loud. Even if I turn it down to one notch before silent. It is still really loud.

      • ondawire says:

        I haven’t had any issues that you all are talking about. I did find that Booting into Recovery through CWM and then resetting battery stats, clearing all cache, then clearing Dalvik cache before intstalling a new rom worked wonders. Then after installing the new rom I let my phone sit for about 10 min then rebooted into recovery through CWM again then fixed permissions and then rebooted cleared every issue that i ever had before with other roms. Try it next time and see.

      • Alexander Rose says:

        I have the same issue with the volume being loud on the ringer despite the setting. It doesn’t affect the music.

        I always clear all caches and install ROM from ROM Manager.

  8. droidnew says:

    how can you mod the battery to show percentage like on foxstar rom?

  9. Peter says:

    Max, slickmod 3.0 just came out. Can you do a review? 2.4 is the first rom I ever flashed on my T989 but I read lots of review (including this site) before flashing. I’m waiting for your v3.0 review. Thanks!

    • Jeff says:

      I have the 2.4 version and love it. I changed the Lock Screen and Wallpaper to NASA Space Shuttle… just my own preference and my own WP’s… but Max has like 27 phones… so doing updates takes some time! LOL By the time he updates the new SlickMod ROM, there will be a newer SM ROM out… Not his fault… too many phones/devices and too many ROM’s!!!

  10. Victor says:

    Does it have DSP Manager or battery percentage. These are essential to any rom.

  11. Tmac says:

    hey guys. can anyone of you guys answer my question. im trying to root my phone, but im affraid of the carrier IQ thing…will they track verything i do?

    • Jeff says:

      You obviously have the T-Mobile version of this phone – since you’re posting in the T-Mobile section, so unless I am way off base, no T-Mobile does not use the Carrier IQ thing. After I Rooted my phone I called T-Mobile to ask some questions… basically finding out IF they would know I Rooted it… and they went through all their stuff and answered questions and the guy never said one word about my phone being Rooted. So I believe you will be safe.

  12. KC says:

    Hey Max……Where did you get that wallpaper your using with this ROM? Looks like raindrops or something. Looks cool, can’t find it under wallpapers.

    • Jeff says:

      Go to Market and D/L Zedge… they have a ton of already made wall papers, including the ones Max has on his phone in the video above. It’s free too.

      • OndaWire says:

        Its the iphone wall paper in Zedge. Download zedge from the market and once installed open zedge and when it loads type in iphone wallpapers in the search bar. You will get a bunch to choose from,

  13. John says:

    Hey Max…Thanks for doing all of this BTW…have you heard of CyanogenMod 7.1? can we use that on T-mobile S2?

  14. KC says:

    Thanks Jeff 🙂 Found it….

  15. Alexander Rose says:

    Hey Max,

    There’s a SlickROM 3.4 out now, check it out:

  16. OndaWire says:

    okay so i have played with slickmod for over a week since its been out and I have to admit that I now have to go back to BeastMod Rom….. It is faster and the battery life does last longer. It just doesn’t run 2.3.6 🙁 it is still on 2.3.5. That only downfall is 2.3.6 has wifi calling, but hey I don’t ever use that anyway. lol lol. lol Now i just need to find links to download BeastMod version 3.5 or 4.3. Can anyone helppppp!!!!!!!!

    • Alexander Rose says:

      Seriously. I can’t believe no one on XDA has posted this.

      The official thread at XDA has an URL to multiupload which I think is down due to copyright infringement shutdown.

  17. jeff says:

    how do you adjust the clock speed on SlickMod. i can’t find it anywhere. Do i need to load an app?


    • Rob says:

      SlickMod sucks balls bro, you need to use setCPU or another program the dev was too damned stupid to put settings in there & set your min & max freq to full speed, I think dev is on crack…

  18. Rob says:

    What is wrong with these people, the ROM is defaulted to 1.7 Min & Max Freq, what the hell is wrong with these people, isn’t 1.5 fast enough? My God setting your Min Freq to 1.7 Ghz is this guy on crack or what? BTW, this ROM sucks crap, they didn’t even remove Vlingo which is a serious flaw in the stock ROM, you would think the dev would have removed that crapware. This ROM managed to stay on my phone for a total of 3 minutes which was the time it took to check the CPU & try my BT headset only to find Vlingo still there. Don’t bother to download… I wish the reviews of these ROMs were a bit more informative. I tried the Port ICS only to find out you can’t turn your phone off, it freezes. Thanks a hell of a lot for not bothering to say anything about that amongst a thousand other errors.

    • MyGalaxyIsTheBest says:

      Obviously you’re not looking to improve your galaxy’s performance. “This Guy”, created this custom ROM with speed in mind, and he did a great job, too. 1.782GHz is just the right speed to keep the phone stable. I would have to say that this ROM is by far the fastest, and easiest to work with.

      • Rob says:

        Obviously I am smart enough to know that a 1.5 Ghz dual core processor is plenty fast as it is. My stock ROM gives me a 3496 on quadrant. You don’t think 3496 is fast enough or what? The min freq on this ROM is 1.782Ghz do you have any idea what that does to your CPU? Do you realize that your telling your CPU to never go below 1.782Ghz which causes it to build heat which causes it to damage the processor. I would be willing to bet money you will never see 3496 on your stock ROM because you have caused permanent damage to your processor. I think the engineers at Samsung know a hell of a lot more about the phones hardware limits then some dev that clocks min & max freq to 1.782Ghz & says look at me I am fast duh… Also why do you think the phone does not have Xlouad? The reason is to prevent the speaker from blowing. Take a look at the XDA threads on blown speakers & fried processors for the GS2 before you make anymore foolish statements. If you think I am full of crap then load your stock ROM and run a quadrant and like I said you will not get a 3496 because you have already damaged your CPU. A ROM should never exceed the hardware limits of a phone, if it does there will be damage and that is a fact. I have a degree in this area so I know what I am talking about. I wish the devs would set the ROM at default min & max and let you change it only if you wanted to. If you want to fry your phone and blow your speakers feel free. All I am looking for is a good ROM that does not have Vlingo & other bloatware. I guess I will have to make my own ROM, I just don’t have a lot of time to do this but it looks like I have no choice.

  19. Will says:

    I flashed the ROM and restored my apps with Titanium, following all your instructions. Worked great, looked great. Found out later that day that GMail (after installing from the maket) was crashing constantly. Google Music didn’t work either.

    Any thoughts?

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