Tuesday ROM Blu-Shade Edition for T-Mobile Galaxy S2 SGH-T989!

The next Tuesday ROM is here! The Tuesday ROM Blu-Shade edition for T-Mobile Galaxy S2 SGH-T989 brings you the same performance upped with even better battery life with 1.2Ghz underclocking. If you don’t use any overclocking programs like SetCPU, the new version should give you much better battery life (near 15-30%). Also, the new Blu edition comes with blue theme and more AOSP apps.

If you like purple (a lot) and you have no problems on the previous ROM, you can stay on that OR if you are flashaholic like me and must try the latest and the best, give the new Tuesday ROM a try, you will surely like it. And let me know what you think of this ROM!

Download ROM:

Download Tuesday ROM Blu-Shade Edition

Credits – XDA

Don’t know how to install ROM? See How to Install ROM on Galaxy S2!

Also refer to T-Mobile Galaxy S2 FAQ.

*NOTE – Please only install this ROM on T-Mobile Galaxy S2, not compatible with other Galaxy S2 phones.

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46 Responses

  1. RON says:

    is it worth upgrading from BeastMOD II v4.2? or should i stay the way i am, and just wait for the ics release ?
    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated , Thanks

    • Ondawire says:

      Dude stay with BeastMod II v4.2. I am running it to and it is the best out there. You can under clock Beastmod to run at 1.2GHz yourself like i did and get amazing battery life. I average 15 hours of battery with BeastMod and play music all day, browse the web, text and talk. I’m a flash a holic and BeastMod hands down is the best. I’m waiting for Melvin to make another rom or a 4.5 version of Beast.

      • Ondawire says:

        Oh and the performance on BeastMod v4.2 is super fluid and fast

      • daddyhall says:

        After underclocking how is the speed?

        • OndaWire says:

          the speed is still awesome, but really when I’m using my phone to play pandora or just useless stuff like that i really don’t need to have it running at 1.8GHz, thats just killing battery for nothing. I realized today that when i turn off my sync and data (when i’m not using it) and switch my phone to edge (instead of keeping it on 4G) while running the wifi I got 3.5 extra hours out of my battery. I really use my phone a lot. I now only turn on sync when i turn on my phone to use it instead of just having sync run all day in the background and was blown away that after 4 hours of having my phone off the charger I was only down to 86%. Set your profiles in SetCPU to run at min (max & min) when screen is off and when on a call and that really help to. Believe me i flash every freaking rom that comes out and BeastMod II v4.2 is hands down the fastest and smoothest out there. I will say that Melvin and the dude that remastered 4.2 are some beast.

      • Ondawire says:

        WOW it is amazing… Melvin just released BeastMod Extreme v5.0…………….. It is the bomb. Melvin is the best out there when it comes to writing these roms.. BeastMod Extreme 5.0 is hands down the best out there..

  2. Ken says:

    The zip file is not working! Just restored my previous ROM.

  3. Sophanna Troeung says:

    This Rom is beautiful. Man this is nice. Haven’t played with it much yet but from what i can see, it looks great, feels great (very snappy). Thanks for posting it.

  4. kris says:

    What i dont like about this rom is that there is no time at the top of the screen. i have the drag that drop screen down to see the time. i use my phone like a clock so if its not readily availible its an inconvenience. Also what i dont like about about this rom is that fact there is no “clear” buttons for notifications so stuff just sits there and collects unless i can change this to make it all stock and without the use of a widget. Im a phone newb so i cant use hightech words but hopefully you can get my idea. However it seems to run fast and good enough at the moment.

    • kris says:

      the time thing im talking about on the top bar is visible on the photo above for the phone the guy is reviewing. if you see the grey or white bar there is no time at the top. and why is there no clear function for the notifications on that drop down top bar? can they add the feature and remake this thing?? and call it a new version. Im sorry im being picky about free stuff but I feel alot of people would agree with me.

      • daddyhall says:

        You know what it’s people like you that can help people create new ideas so don’t thing you are too picky some people may totally agree with you.

        • kris says:

          Well i think for the clock at the top it is a MUST for any respectable rom unless the people behind the development intentionally didnt put it in to save some processing power but i really could use that clock! Also the lack of clear fuction is getting annoying. im thinking about another rom now. however if you restart your phone all those notifications might go away aslong as its not a text message you didnt read. So maybe they were thinking you should reboot your phone often?
          and if i may add one more thing.
          I think the three standard buttons are not enough! you get Phone , contacts and app menu. However since texting is almost or if not more popular than calling these days we should have texting in the stationary button selection.. or an option to add another button for all those other people who need other things such as Kakao Talk standard or calculator or what ever it may be…

          • Kevv says:

            Yeah I agree kris. I wish there was a clock up top and a clear button for notification..any apps that fixes this?

    • Ondawire says:

      The “Clear” button is invisible. All you do is when you pull down the notifications just click on the time or to the very left of it and it clears everything. Simple. I love that

  5. romeo says:

    Can you please record a video on the with the new update of CyanogenMod for this device??

  6. Alpa says:

    Perform the steps in the tutorial for t mobile samsung T989 galaxy s2 but did not get a good result does not indicate failure to load, I just listed two new logos at the beginning, one load bar and one more flashing, after the latter only the screen is suspended, I left for a little over 10 minutes and still the same, turn it off and this gives two short vibrations, and depues shows the status of battery charging when connected to cable.

    I tried to enter recovery mode but the usual procedure does not work (power and volume buttons) any help please?

  7. Rob says:

    Hi Guys, I have a problem with my Tmobile Samsung Galaxy S II SGH T989.
    I “wiped cache partition” instead of “wiping data/factory reset” by mistake while installing TUESDAY ROM BLUE-Shade and now my phone doesn’t want to pass the DARKSIDEX logo after I reboot it. What can I do to fix this problem?

    Thank you.

  8. GS says:

    I had to go back to the Passion ROM. This one kept crashing on my T-Mobile GS2. I installed it three times, and every time I tried to turn on my phone it got stuck doing force closes….

    I was lucky to have a app backup with Titanium Backup because now I can’t get the Play store to update or download anything.

    I’ll just wait for ICS…

  9. jeff says:

    Love the blueberry and kush. This roms smokin. Minus clear and clock.

  10. RON says:

    Guys please make sure you’re following all the steps closely. I’ve tried this rom for a few days, and havent had a problem with it. I’ll be going back to BeastMOD anyways, but overall this rom is very snappy.
    1. Download TUESDAY and place it on your external sdcard
    3. Boot into clockwork recovery
    4. Flash TDJs Super Wipe
    5. Flash The Kernel Cleanser
    6. Flash TUESDAY
    7. Fix permissions & Reboot
    8. Let the phone sit for 10 minutes and reboot again

  11. gabe says:

    The is a clear notification button but it is invisible click when u pull ur pull down screen click a little left of where it says the time and I got this rom to flash right by factory data wipe the cache wipe then install rom after that wipe cache and then advance and dilvik cache wipe and reboot system now I didn’t fix permissions I guess it does it for u and this rom. Is alsome one of the best next to pardox paradise rom which I like the best hope I helped

    • kris says:

      GABE! how did you figure out the clear fuction?
      this helps. its really annoying seeing messages buildup

      • gabe says:

        It is very rare for a rom not to have a clear notifation and most of the time it is causr they are in alpha or beta but other than that most if not all have one some u swipe them away some u shake ur phone and then those like this one are invisible if anyone elae needs help with this rom or anoyher one reply and ill get back to u

  12. carlos G says:

    How did you get the touchwiz launcher???

  13. Johnny bananas says:

    I have a sgsii tmobile, someone could tell me ,when im tethering the internet speed is too low :(, but when im using the phone is fast

  14. Rob says:

    I tried to upgrade my Galaxy S2 from T-Mobile to ice cream sandwich and after followed instruction and do all the process, now my phone wont start. The phone the guy used in the tutorial wasn’t like mine so maybe I think this is the problem. Are you know how to fix this? or how to get back to the point when I started?

  15. Ray says:

    Can you PO TWLauncher that u use it…,tks~

  16. Thuan Nguyen says:

    If I add APK file to the rom (zip file) using winzip and flash the rom, will it still work? Thanks for your reply.

  17. Mrchris100 says:

    I like this roms runs smooth. That ICS Port from the Skyrocket sucks .

  18. john says:

    Its runnign great the only thing I don’t like the toggles when I drag the top they are all messed up the icons and the words are cross crossed
    Is there a fix for that or is that how its suppose to be?

  19. Freaking out says:

    Hi I just flashed the rom..however with the darkside it won’t let me boot the phone past that darkside kernel screen and I can’t get into the recovery mode phone keeps vibrating. Help!

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