XtremePeria ICS ROM for T-Mobile Galaxy S2! [Sony Xperia ROM]

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For this week’s ROM of the week, give your T-Mobile Galaxy S2 a “Sony Xperia” total-makeover with the XtremePeria ICS ROM.

Built on top of CM9 Android 4.0.4, this ROM brings you Sony Xperia modded launcher, lots of Sony stuff like Sony live wallpaper, Xperia keyboard, and even Sony Walkman app to go along with it.

I know some of you may get tired of the same ol’ TouchWiz or even vanilla Ice Cream Sandwich/Jelly Bean. This XtremePeria should let you survive the rest of the Back-To-School week cramming by letting you try something fresh and new.

Give it a twirl and let me know how it works for your T-mo Galaxy S2!


Download XtremePeria ICS ROM for T-Mobile Galaxy S2 SGH-T989
Credits – XDA <----- Donate to Developer if you like this ROM!

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39 Responses

  1. Dennis says:

    Flash this rom last night is Just Fast and Smooth.

  2. Robin P. says:


    You devil. I promised myself I would never root my Android when I “bought” (actually a freebie from Tmo) my SGS II, then you came along and I rooted. Then I promised myself I would stick to the stock ROM and here you come with this intriguing ROM. Where do I find your ROM installation instructions for noobs please?

    Also, before installing, I would like to do a perfect clone backup of my phone with the stock ROM and all settings, apps, etc. So if I want to go back to the phone as it is I can do that. I love my SGS II just the way it is but you make tinkering very intoxicating. I only want to switch ROMs if I can be sure that I can get back to my current setup without a lot of work.

    Thanks again for all your great info/videos and enthusiasm for Android. Being in LA it’s hard for me to say this but congrats on your SF Giants, they are doing well. Maybe next year for the Dodgers.

  3. Miguel.A says:

    The Rom is really good but I have one problem I cant download any app on the androidmarket so what can I do???? Please help

  4. Mac says:

    New to root, got unlocked tmobile Samsung S2, now how to removed all tmobile reference apps, shortcut, etc. on my phone, not longer with tmobile (suck in my area) now using straighttalk and can not use the wifi call capabilities, plase help?
    New to unlocking and or root!!!

    • Jeremie says:

      Straight Talk does not offer WiFi calling. You can download something from ghe Android Marketplace, but you will have a different number for WiFi calls.

      • Mark says:

        I know you posted this ages ago, but what are some good wifi calling apps? I use straight talk so definitely something I’d like to look into. Thanks!!

  5. Chris says:

    Hiya Max yep that has some nice icandy 😉 Awesome looks, very fast rom and feels smooth, but has very loud echo callers have the echo, I tested using my land line Hella Loud echo MMS not working try sending a few pic’s didnt work, try transfering my contacts from sims card to ph, Ph came back with sim card empty WTF, Nice rom needs a little work to be a DD and Dev says he’s not going to updating much…..

  6. Furqan Mirza says:

    Hey there, I just installed this Rom on my t-mobile galaxy s2, and found out that several of the apps are not working. Like the play store app and the gmail app and couple other apps are not working. Just wanted to update you on that

  7. Steven says:

    This Rom is smooth and fast on my SGH-T989. Most of the apps are working, including Gmail, Play store. I can’t receive picture messages. The walkman player is awesome (amazing sound with DSPmanager). I hate the fact that the walkman sound pauses without resuming the sound when I receive other notification such as emails. My TWC app does not work anymore – I tried renaming superuser, hoping TWC would work; but not successful. Overall the rom is good – needs some work. Thank you.

  8. Travis Wright says:

    Why doesn’t my phone play my music now? When I try to play something it says ” sorry your phone doesn’t support this audio file.” please help.

  9. sergio says:

    Foe those of you Who are having trouble with the play store go to applications and click uninstall updates it fixes those issues

  10. Italo says:

    I flashed this Rom the day max released it to us for viewing. I am running the Rom flawlessly. No problems encountered or any bug in any apps. If you follow directions exactly as they are explained to you should all come out with the same result as me. I am a flashaholic and love to try new roms, and this one has by far been my favorite! Sony really stepped it up with the Xperia! Amazing job!

  11. ritesh patel says:

    i flashed this rom and it gets stuck on sony boot logo everytime i turn on my phone…please advice…thanx

  12. Sp1ke says:

    Love this rom!!!! But does anyone have any problem with Facebook app that would not sync with contacts list?. I need help!!!

  13. sperboy says:

    i need help this rom seems to not read my sd card rite and i cant recover anything because it dont read my card also i cant even get my contacts back from my sd, sim, or email…

  14. sperboy says:

    i need help this rom seems to not read my sd card rite and i cant recover anything because it dont read my card also i cant even get my contacts back from my sd, sim, or email…

  15. Dareal says:

    my ringer our notifacation doesnt work has anybody ran into that problem love the rom thats the onlything thats not working

  16. Antonio says:

    Anyone having problems with the flash player? can’t see videos or listen to music from the web.

  17. pakaroach says:

    I have flashed all 3 versions of this Rom and did not have any problems @ all. I even have v3 saved as a restore.
    All 3 version gave me no FCs. playstore,web.mail,txt,gps blah blah blah all worked..even tried the sony remote feature on v3 that worked great on my bravia. Follow the flash instructions and it should work just fine:)


  18. Puchepu says:

    I’m using my unlock samsung galaxy (tmobile) with straight talk, I can not use the wifi calling feature and I read in your web site,,,just go to tmobile and upgrade your sim card!! but how to do that???? where ones you are in the Tmobile web site?
    Also cuould you help me, I turn off some running sofware on my phone and now I can no go to the internet from the phone in a mobile network, it work over wifi.

  19. Hermann says:

    Like the rom but bad sound quality on call

  20. Will says:

    Hey I absolutely love this ROM but my only issue is Ppl say I sound funny when I talk on the phone but when I use my Bluetooth it’s fine any suggestions ??? Pls help me

  21. Keith says:

    This ROM is by far the best GS2 rom that I’ve used to date. The only issues that I have are as follows:

    Can’t wifi tether, still haven’t figured out how to do it through bluetooth
    Call log extension stops working

    And its like most of the music on my phone that I was able to play on all other roms are coming up as errors. Not sure what that is, but I hope they can look at that for the next update.

  22. Arthur says:

    Great smooth and fast ROM but the quality of the camera is really poor both camcorder and cam. I had to install ICS :Camera from Play Store and that works better. ANOTHER BIG BUS IS THE PHONE CALL QUALITY. I can hear the person fine but I have to talk loudly for them to hear clearly. I know this because I reverted back to the stock ROM and the person can hear me absolutely fine without having to talk louder. ALSO ANOTHER BUG WOULD BE THE MUSIC PLAYER. It won’t let me create any playlist. If these bugs were fixed this would be the perfect excellent ROM.

  23. Michael says:

    How do I root my T-Mobile SGH-T989 ICS-4.0.4? I want to be able to use the BLN control to make my buttons light up when I recieve a notification, but I am so confused between all these ROM’s and different models etc.

  24. suhail says:

    hi max, great rom … any that i can install it on s2 i9100 and can you let me know of any rom that changes s2 with htc sense like here with sony (looking for s2 i9100)

  25. vinicius says:

    this rom is really beautiful…but i notice a bad perfomance on 3D games (asphalt 7 and modern combat 3)
    and i just hated the contacts app, wish i could change to the old one
    also there are no task mananger
    came with nice widgets, the wallpaper is amazin, nice keyboard
    also> the camera does not have panoramic shot

    if i could keep the wallpaper, the weather widget, google now, walkman , messaging program and the xperia keyboard on the clone drones rom…it would be awesome!

  26. vinicius says:

    i saw a great problem with this rom
    flash is not working on any browser…already instaled adobe air and i still have the problem

  27. Marous says:

    Eh instalado la ROM y es muy buena..

    Mi problema es no logro encontrar mis contactos de la targeta SIM ayuda…gracias

  28. John Andrey says:

    is this rom working on SGS2 that is not T-Mobile?

  29. nandez says:

    Why does the keyboard wont work ???

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