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D4 ICS ROM for Galaxy S2 i9100! [Android 4.0.4]

For those of you flasholics out there, here’s another great Android 4.0.4 ICS ROM, based off the IMM76D. The D4 ICS ROM comes with a ton of nifty features like its own D4 settings that let you customize stuff like camera and UI sounds (turn them off or on, or change them), video recording in 3GP or MP4 file format, YouTube HD mode, and a whole lot more with UI customizations.


Resurrection Remix PRO ICS ROM on Galaxy S2 i9100! [Android 4.0.4/AOKP][Best ROM]

XDA user WestCrip does it again! One of the best ICS ROMs out when ICS was first available was without a doubt the Resurrection Remix ICS ROM (v.9.6 I think). Well starting with PRO version 1.2, the Resurrection Remix PRO ICS ROM comes with Android 4.0.4 and AOKP features like ROM Control (which I love using on my other phones with AOKP ROMs), allowing you to control every bit of your UI and even overclock to stable 1.6Ghz.


Resurrection Remix PRO ICS ROM v.1.1 on Galaxy S2 i9100! [Best ROM]

Resurrection Remix PRO ICS ROM version 1.1 is here folks for the Galaxy S2 i9100. The new version has LOTS of new updates, mostly behind the scenes to give you much better performance, battery life, and perfect deep sleep mode. I know some of you were having trouble on 1.0 but give the new version a try, it should be “flawless”.


Batista ICS ROM with Overclocking for Galaxy S2 i9100!

Want overclocking (up to 1.6Ghz) with ICS on your Galaxy S2 i9100? You can now get overclocking with the Batista ICS ROM. I couldn’t really get stable overclocking at 1.6Ghz (nor 1.5Ghz) but I did get pretty good stable OC at 1.4Ghz.

Performance? Seems pretty good on this ROM, if you want overclocking now with ICS, give this ROM a try and let me know how it goes for you!


Batista70 ICS ROM on Galaxy S2 i9100!

Batista Gingerbread ROM was probably my favorite Gingerbread ROM of all time for the Galaxy S2 i9100. Well, Batista70 ICS ROM is now available. Based off the latest official ICS XXLPQ, the Batista70 ICS ROM is surely good news for all of us with a Galaxy S2 i9100.

UPDATE: There’s a newer version of this ROM!!! Although this is still one of the earlier builds, you can expect some very good battery life and performance with lots of tweaks.


Samsung Official OTA ICS ROM + Root for Galaxy S2 GT-i9100! [XXLPQ]

Folks, the long wait is over for ICS on the Galaxy S2 GT-i9100, Samsung has released their “official” ICS update as of last night. For those of you who can’t wait, you can install a rooted version of the XXLPQ update so you don’t have to lose root. And this is our recommended way of updating to the official ICS update so if you don’t like it, you can always go back to another ROM like the Resurection Remix ICS ROM.


Resurrection Remix ICS ROM for Galaxy S2 i9100! [Best ICS ROM]

For those of you on Galaxy S2 i9100, I HIGHLY suggest you to try the Resurrection Remix ICS ROM. I really think this is the “best” ICS ROM available out right now, everything works great with also long battery life. I was having some problems with other ICS ROMs but the Resurrection Remix ICS ROM seems pretty darn solid and most of people I’ve talked to who are using this ROM say the same thing.